Maintain Good Posture with these Best Standing Desks of 2020 - Ideal for Home, Office, Classroom, Lecture Hall

Top Rated Sit Stand Desk for Sale

Standing Desk is basically a desk that allows you to stand up and work without straining your hands and legs. It improves body posture and mood to derive the best from the office workers. There are many versions of standing desks such as adjustable standing desks and sit-stand desks.

Sitting for long hours is not good for our health. Those who spend more time sitting have increased risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and weight gain. Along with this, sitting burns only a few calories and is linked with obesity. Since office workers cannot avoid sitting down most of the day, the use of best standing desk Converters are must recommended.Now let us discuss the highlights, why you should buy a best stand up desk and points to remember while purchasing each one.

Top 10 Best Standing Desk Reviews 2020

Seville Classics OFF65806 Standing Desk

Seville Classics OFF65806 Airlift 36inch Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk image

VIVO Black Height Stand up Desk (DESK-V000V)

VIVO-DESK-V000V Black Height Adjustable 36-inch Stand up Desk Converter image

VARIDESK – Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

VARIDESK 34563 Pro Plus 36 Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter image

Seville Classics OFF65806 Airlift Adjustable standing desk is a large 35.4 “ desktop designed for workstations of dual –monitors. We can adjust the desk smoothly to any height from 6.1 “ to 18.9”. The workstation can be lifted quickly and quietly and can hold 33 lbs of weight on it. There is a smartphone display slot in which you can keep a smartphone or tablet based on your convenience. Cable management is easy with this device as they have many ties and wire clips.

  • Easy to assemble

  • Heavy-duty steel frame

  • USB charging port

  • Slot for tablet and smartphone

  • Keyboard and mouse tray

  • Electric motor lifts to support 33 lbs

The keyboard tray of this best stand up desks  is removable for cleaning and can be assembled easily. This motorized Sit stand desk is made of the heavy-duty steel frame. There are USB charging points in this office workstation. This is one of the best standing desk converter available in the market.





VIVO-VOOOV is a best sit stand desk that has a dual-tiered platform to give the benefit of sitting and standing position. You can transit easily between sitting and standing positions during your day-long work. The health benefits of a sit-stand desk are increased blood flow, reduced pain, and aches.

  • Unlimited height adjustments

  • 36” workspace holds dual monitor with space for a tablet

  • Removable keyboard tray

  • Height adjustment from 6.5” – 17”

  • Dual gas spring force adjustment

This best standing desk is an excellent workspace of 36”, large enough to accommodate two large monitors, a tablet port to hold your tablet and smartphone, there is anti-skid padding to keep your desk at the position. There is a dual gas spring force to adjust the height in a few seconds. 

This best stand up desk is an innovative simple touch design to raise the table from 6.5” – 17”.  The second tray can hold your standard keyboard and a mouse and is synchronized with the top surface. The maximum capacity of the desk is 33 pounds. The Vivo Computer work station also comes with 3 years of limited warranty.





VARIDESK is unbeatable on standing desk Amazon sales. This is a ProPlus 36 model with space for dual monitors. This black ergonomic design can fit two monitors, notebook, laptop and there is a lower-tier to keep your keyboard and mouse. You can even keep papers and a calculator. As we mentioned in varidesk pro plus 36 review this is one of the top 10 standing desks available in market.

  • Sitting and standing positions are available

  • Rowing lift mechanism does not hurt your back

  • There is more room for two big monitors

  • 11 height settings

 There is more space to fit all your needs. VARIDESK has a special rowing – lift mechanism for up and down movement. The movement requires less energy and does not hurt your back and leaves it in a healthy posture. This Best Sit to Stand desk is made with good quality and heavy metal frame to remain strong in its 11 height settings.

 This standing desk with drawers will collapse fully if you need to work in a sitting position. The lift mechanism is patented and designed for safety and better use. This best standing desk converter for home office from Varidesk is an assembled model, which you can take from the box and use. The product comes with 5 years of limited warranty.





FEZIBO (FZ- SD07B – H) convertible standing desk top provide a healthier work environment for office workers. Standing Computer Desk makes you stand and feel energetic to work with as it burns more calories than the sitting position. Enhanced posture reduces back pain and makes them more productive at work. This best standing desk for office can be fully collapsed as low as half-inch from the existing desk. 

  • It is a fully collapsible sit to stand desk

  • Dual tier design

  • Gas spring hover system for easy adjustment

  • Maximum weight capacity is 28.6 lbs

  • 10 year warranty with the product

  • Two tier system to hold 2 monitors and a standard keyboard

This is a dual-tier design with an upper deck for your monitors and lower desk for keyboard and mouse. By pressing the handles, we can adjust the height and is more convenient. It is 32 inches wide and has more space for two monitors and a lower deck for a standard keyboard. You can increase the height from 4.5” – 19.3”.

It can hold weight up to 28.6 lbs. Black – stylish and sleek design improves the décor of the workspace. There are no particular height positions but you can lock the desk at any level. This is one of the ergonomic standing desks. Amazon sale has found it as the best choice for stand up desk converters.





VIVO height adjustable standing desk is a 36” long desk with removable keyboard tray. The ergonomic design of vivo height adjustable stand up desk converter desk with more creativity and quality helps to convert your workspace more interesting, enjoyable and energetic. DESK – VOOOB is one of the Best selling convertible standing workstation in the market. There are dual gas springs to increase or decrease the height and to move from sitting to standing position. 

  • 36 “ desk with more space for 2 monitors

  • 3 years of the limited warranty

  • The lower tier has more space for mouse and keyboard

  • Monitor mounting capacity

  • Maximum weight capacity is 37.5 lbs

  • 6.5” – 16” height adjustment

  • Dual gas spring force for height adjustment

  • You can remove the keyboard and install it easily

As per sit stand desk reviews, height of the desk can be adjusted from 6.5 “to 16”. The desk has a lot of space to keep two large monitors and a tablet. The lower deck can hold a keyboard and mouse and will raise along with the desk. It can hold a maximum of 37.5 lbs of weight. A little assembly is required for this desk. 

There are 8 height adjustment points with counterbalance tension for easy upward movement. There is convertable standing desk monitor mounting compatibility in the desk to mount the monitor with a C- clamp and grommet mounting option. This Office Work Station Desk comes with 3 years of limited warranty.





This convertible standing desk top provides good work experience in both standing and sitting positions. You can keep a monitor, laptop; tablet on the table with more space. The keyboard tray can be removed for easy cleaning and improvement. There is more space for keeping your mouse pad and mouse. By transitioning between standing and sitting positions, we can improve the health benefits like good blood flow, decreased pain and aches.

  • Easy to operate

  • Good height- adjustment

  • There is a device slot

  • Maximum weight is 33 lbs

  • Double gas lift

  • Removable Keyboard for cleaning

  • Easy to assemble in less than 3 minutes

This Computer Work Station can be adjusted from 6” – 13” from the surface. There is a gas spring lift for easy height adjustment and smooth operation. Using this handle, you can instantly move from sitting to standing position. This convertible standing workstation comes in a pre-assembled way and you can assemble it in less than three minutes. It is easy and quiet in operation. This standing desk converter will definitely enhance your working experience.





SHW table converter is a rolling cart height adjustable standing desk. This product has wheels for mobility. It works on the airlift mechanism so you will not have difficulties in adjusting the height. All you need to do is to press the button and adjust the height after the desired height is reached. Stop the button. 

  • Height adjustable from 28” – 33”

  • Rolling cart with four wheels

  • Two locking wheels

  • 26” wide desktop

  • Easy assembly

  • Airlift mechanism for easy pull up

You can move the desk to any place you want and lock the wheels and the dimensions of the shw height adjustable standing desk sit to stand riser converter workstation are 25.9 “ W x 15.75 “ L x 33” H. Amazon has rated this product as the best choice for laptop cart.

It is very economical as you can get one under $35. This Portable Standing Desk has 26 “workspace, which is not present among its competitors. It is much suitable for presentations and busy office works where mobility is required along with the workspace. It can be assembled quickly as all the hardware tools are included in the kit.





SHW height adjustable sit-to-stand desk is one of the most trusted product among standing desks. The budget-friendly, sturdy and simple use standing desk has never received negative reviews at the Amazon site. The package contains Desk riser, keyboard train, and a small hardware pack, and instruction manual.

  • Tab holder option

  • Holds two 19 “monitors

  • Ergonomic design and black in color

  • Sturdy and easy to assemble

  • Height adjustment from 4” – 16”

 It is easy to follow the instructions and set the desk. By pressing the desk riser button on both sides, we can raise it to the maximum height. By adding the four screws to the keyboard stand using the wrench, you sit to stand desk is ready to use. By applying a little force, you can adjust the height. The maximum weight capacity is 30 lbs and you can comfortably place two monitors and a tablet or smartphone on the desk and work. The height can be adjusted from 4 “– 16”. The desk is made with engineered wood and comes in Black color.





Flexispot M2B is one of the space-saving workstations within our footprint. It folds and rises vertically and can be handled with a single hand to adjust the height. It provides more space to keep your laptop, desktop, tablet, and some paperwork. There is a full-sized keyboard tray to keep a larger keyboard and a mouse.

  • 36 “ workspace station

  • Holds a laptop and a large monitor with more space for a tablet and some paperwork

  • Retractable keyboard tray with slide in and out options

  • One-step assembly

  • 12 height adjustment levels

  • It is available in three sizes and two colors

  • Compatible for ergonomic monitor mounts

The keyboard tray is retractable and at the same time easy to slide in and out. This ergonomic design has excellent height adjustments with 12 different height levels suitable for people from 5.1” – 6.1”. The maximum weight limit is 35 lbs and works on dual gas spring motion. As mentioned in standing desk converter reviews, it is one of the best standing up office desks in the market with more working space and depth area design. The dimensions of this product are 19.7 “ (H) x 35” (W) x 31.5” (D).





TechOrbits Rise- X Pro Sit to Stand Desk converter is a large two-tiered height-adjustable workstation to fit dual monitors. The width is 37 “large enough to hold two large monitors and a laptop. There is more space to keep tablets and smartphones on the large deck and the second tier can hold keyboard, mouse and small notebooks. The table works on a dual gas lift mechanism to raise the height from 4.2” to 19.7”. The installation is very fast and simple and the keyboard is easy to remove and fit.

  • Dual gas spring lift mechanism

  • Supports up to 33 lbs of weight

  • Silicone pads to keep the desk at one position

  • Can increase the height up to 20”

  • Two-tiered sit-stand desk

  • Made with premium quality wood

This Best Standing Desk comes with a lifetime warranty, which is not generally promised by other manufacturers. The desk withstands 35 lbs of weight and there are silicone pads to keep the desktop in its position. This sit-stand workstation is ideal for all offices, workstations, and home. The sliding keyboard tray provides more comfort for you to position it and fix it. This computer workstation is made with Medium density wood, with ergonomic design to last long.





  • It reduces the risks of heart diseases.
  • Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity risks are low.
  • It improves your mood and increases positive energy inside your body.
  • 1000 calories are burned every week in addition to the regular activities by standing during the work instead of sitting on the desk.
  • Alternating between sitting and standing position controls the blood sugar level.
  • It reduces the sedentary time and increases the work output.
  • It reduces back pain which is very common among office workers. Especially lower back pain problems are reduced among them.

Desktop Converter is a Sit-stand desk product that will rest directly on your existing desk and there is no need for you to throw away your existing desk. There are multiple hinge points in this converter and you can increase or decrease the height of the tiers according to your requirement. You can either sit or stand and complete your work. It is very easy to assemble, less cost and occupies the smaller area and you can use it on your current desk.

Full standing desks are complete desks which you can use it to work on standing position only. These desks are much useful for those who are frequently moving around and have less time to sit and work. You can customize your working space and move your workspace to any part of the office or house with all your requirements next to your hand. Height adjustment can be done quickly in just 15 seconds. 

Both the desks are used for a different purpose and they cannot be compared.

The sit-stand desk should be easily adjustable any height. If two or more people use the desk, then care must be taken to ensure that it fits all their height and enables the best posture to work on.

These Best Rated standing desks have adjustable heights and they may have two-tier or three-tier shelves. The second tier is generally used for keeping the keyboard and mouse. This layer should actually touch the desk and not far away from the desk.

The desks must have an option or cable management with trips.

 The standing desks must fall within the budget.

Desks must be made of high-quality materials with a professional look.

Desks with retractable tray must slide out and in with good distance between the desktop surface and keyboard tray.

All workstations are not the same and each workstation has a different need. We must choose the size of the converter desk based on the size of the workspace.

The leading brands among the standing desks are Varidesk, Ergotron, and VIVO. These brands have so many things in common like, adjustable heights, retractable tray, cable management, multilevel surfaces and are made with high-quality material. Standing Desks of all these brands are covered here. Check the best standing desk reviews to choose the right one based on your requirements and budget. A single product will not satisfy the needs of all customers. So, we have reviewed 10 Top Rated standing desks of best brands and different price levels.

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