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Airrise Pro - Standing Desk Converter Review 2020

Airrise pro standing desk converter is a dual-tiered desktop and by lifting manually you can able to adjust the position. Stand up desk store Airrise pro standing desk converter is capable of accommodating two middle-sized screens, or a monitor and a laptop. The Airrise Pro-Standing desk converter has a very simple design and the base of this standing desk looks like an alphabet X. The height of this stand up desk store standing desk converter is adjusted by clutching the handles present on the right side-part, and the desk can be held properly from banging down with the help of spring-loaded buffer when you try to lower the standing desk.

Airrise pro-sit-stand desk converter has a separate tray for mouse and keyboard which helps in resting your wrist while working on the system. When you are in standing position, this additional level provides you an extra ergonomic feeling. 32” level surface of Airrise pro standing desk converter can provide space for placing the keyboard, office supplies, double monitors and many more. To know its features, specs, pros and cons read complete Airrise Pro – Standing Desk Converter Review below.

Stand Up Desk Store Airrise Pro Standing Desk Converter FEATURES

There are two shelves present in this standing desk, one is the top shelf where you can keep desktop, laptop, two screens, and any additional work trappings,  and the other one is a bottom shelf for accommodating mouse and keyboard.

Airrise-pro standing desk converter reviews show that this desk doesn’t require any assemblage, just take out the product from the box and keep it on the desk. This best Standing Computer Desk includes two wires that are connected to the bottom with the help of adhesive pads; this way you can connect these wires to the mouse and keyboard. You can easily and quickly adjust the office or home desk position. The top shelf can be adjusted from 5” to 15.75”; and the bottom shelf can be adjusted from 0.75” to 11.5”.

Airrise pro standing desk is the best sit stand desk which is made of a steel base that has high durability and creative pneumatic technology of air cylinder let you adjust, raise, and lower the desk freely and smoothly within few seconds. Your desktop continues to be steady even at the utmost height that is over the desk of 15.75 inches.

The Airrise Pro-standing desk converter reviews tell that this sit -stand desk helps you with better movement in the body in the whole day and even helps you in enhancing cooperation, progress in focus, optimize your thinking, raise the productivity, and burn the calories. So, for your fitness and wellness, this Airrise Pro Sit Stand Desk Converter will be the best choice.

When the desk is lowered, the bottom of the desk extends and if the desk is lifted up the bottom of the home or work desk contracts. The position of the unit is controlled by holding the handle present at the right bottom of the work desk.  The unit will be unconfined from a locked position by holding the handle that helps in raising and lowering the Airrise pro desk. Leaving the handle free will let the unit back to its place.

The standup desk store standing desk converter has a good range of task space. The product is 32 inches wide and in the frontage of the system platform, there is a cut-off that occupies little space.  The keyboard tray is given with little more space for placing a mouse and a keyboard. This tray is slightly bulkier than the general keyboard. The keyboard tray has incline downward at the frontage edge which is convenient for moving the mouse and avoids much pressure on the wrist.

This unit does not have an inbuilt wire managing system.  It includes 2 clips that are connected with glue tiles to the bottom of the desk surface. it is mentioned in the instruction manual where to position the clips. It has a great feature that is selecting the height of the desk you require. This feature is generally found in high-end models.

Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desk Converter SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Stand Up Desk Store
Item model number
Air-Rise Pro
Product Dimensions
32 x 5.8 x 15.8 inches
Item Weight
37.5 pounds
Material type
Lifetime warranty
Lifting capacity
35 lbs





Does the keyboard tray push in when the Stand Up Desk Store Airrise Pro is down?

The keyboard in the Stand Up Desk Store Airrise Pro is fixed one and can not be adjusted.

Will the base fit on a Stand Up Desk Store Airrise Pro that is 30 inches long (left to right)?

 The base of the Stand Up Desk Store Airrise Pro measures at 32 inches from left to right and so it will fit a base of 30 inches.

Will this unit able to hold two 27” monitors?

No, it is not possible. It is capable of holding a laptop and a monitor but not 2 screens. If you wish to place two monitors on this desk then leave it raised so that it may hold the load and it is very difficult to move the monitors.

Does the method of raising and lowering the unit is easy for many times in one day?

When there is nothing left on the desk, then it can be easily lifted, but when placed with monitors and keyboards it is much difficult for an average person to lift the desk.

Bottom Line

The final verdict based on Airrise Pro – Standing Desk Reviews is that it is not wow product with its features, but it is worth for its price. This standing desk needs little manual effort to alter its positions and its adjustment range is limited that means it will be useful for a petite range of consumers. Overall, this product has an amazing warranty and does not need any installation and useful only for a small range of customers.

Stand up desk store standing desk converter is pretty simple, easy, cost efficient, and height adjustable that is 32 inches wider and it is dual-tier, base is constructed with solid steel that can accommodate many accessories related to your work system. It is available in three colors teak, black, and white.

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