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What are Standing Desk Drawers? Types of Standing Desks with Drawer

You may hear the name Standing Desk with Drawers. Now, we are going to learn all about Standing Desk Drawers from here. With the recent boom in usage of standing desks, people are becoming more fit and improving performances at work. The advent of sit-stand desks or fully standing desks has been creating a revolution in recent times, and most workers who use the desks are feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of the workday.

However, all these benefits do not come, without a compromise. One of the major disadvantages of these desks is the loss of drawers. The lacks of drawers lead to messy tables, as all office supplies need to be piled up on the desktop surface.

The solution to this disadvantage is a desk drawer. The addition of a desk drawer to a standing desk is a big boon, for there will be a lot of free space on the surface.

All about Standing Desk Drawers

While we use our search engine to search for sit to stand solutions, we end up with so many standing desk options. However, none of them deal with the important aspect, which is storage.

All about Standing Desk Drawers image
All about Standing Desk Drawers image

Standing desks are a considerable investment and it is only wise to go for a desk with a storage solution, rather than considering storage solution as an afterthought.

Standing desk drawers – available solutions

Types of Standing desk drawer are very few in number. Standing desk drawers are broadly classified into four categories.

  • Trays and drawers
  • Hanging drawers
  • Floor storage
  • Mountable storage drawers

Trays and Drawers

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There are several varieties of trays and drawers available in the market. These can be fitted right below the keyboard surface of your standing desk. They are very light and are available in so many models. They also come with a lot of options like a tape dispenser, trays, and sticky notes keeper.

Certain disadvantages of these standing desk drawers are that they are tiny and have no lock attached to them. They are also mostly made of plastic and may not last long.

Hanging drawers

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Standing desks can be fitted with a hanging drawer, in which the storage area slips over the edge of a desk and hangs underneath. These hanging drawers can be moved with the desk. They have a larger storage area to hold files and folders. They are also versatile in that, it can be removed and fitted into another desk.

The major disadvantage of this type is that it occupies considerable space of your work surface also. This is not a very attractive option. It is usually made of a wire mesh and all files and folders are accessible to everyone. They might also cause scratches on the work surface. Also, there are weight limitations since they hang without support at the bottom. Despite all the cons, if you are looking for an inexpensive and simple storage solution, hanging drawers are the right place to start.

Floor storage

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This is one of the most popular storage solutions for a standing desk. The floor drawer pedestal has multiple drawers with one of them being fitted. The major advantage is the amount of storage it provides. The floor pedestals have almost the same room as a traditional desk drawer. They also have locks to keep things safe.

The floor storage solution is mobile and can be shifted to any desk without much effort. One of the major downside to this type is that they lie on the floor and are difficult to reach.

Mountable drawers

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Drawers are synonymous with desks. A mountable drawer is one which looks similar to a hanging drawer but is fitted to the desk. This desk doesn’t occupy the space on the desktop surface. However, this desk provides a larger storage space right below the surface of the desk. It is also advantageous as all your supplies and files are easily accessible.

When you go for mountable drawers with locks, then it is all safer. Some versions of these drawers also have USB charging ports, separate storage options for holding office supplies, etc.

Choosing the best one

The major goal of a standing desk is to make people healthier and improve productivity. If there is a disadvantage to it, we may soon become tired of using it and end up going back to sitting and working.

It is only wise to make things easier by adding drawers to your standing desks. This way we can have all the facilities of a traditional desk without compromising on our health. This guide can help you choose the right type of drawers that will serve your purpose. Having the ability to lock the drawers will also keep confidential documents protected. To know the details about the Best Standing Desk, keep visiting this portal regularly.

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