9 Energizing ApexDesk Standing Desks that are designed considering your Entire Family

9 Energizing ApexDesk Standing Desks that are designed considering your Entire Family

Best Selling ApexDesk Standing Desks of 2020

Sitting is the most underrated health threat nowadays. A global survey reveals that inactivity is more hazardous to one’s health than smoking and drinking. Most of us, spend more on time sitting rather than standing or walking. In olden days people sit only at the time of morning i.e. to have coffee or to read the newspaper. But now, we sit not only at home but also in the office to our job. Moreover, Sitting is unavoidable for many people. Hence, we need to plan our day to stand for some period of time. Hence comes the standing desks. Some people used to stand in the meetings, but only for some time. Standing desks makes you feel pleasure during the work instead of pressure. I’m presenting you the new ApexDesk Standing Desk Reviews now. This is the best standing desk right now. Let us go through the entire article.

ApexDesk Standing Desk Reviews

After many years of research, we have tested more than ten adjustable standing desks, we prefer the Apex Standing Desk, which starts at about $450, with great quality and looks better than most of the desks that cost more than $1,000. Unlike all other expensive adjustable desks, it’s suitable for even tall people, and its motors move smoothly and quickly. Even though ApexDesk standing desk is a reliable and sturdy top rating desk, it sells for half the price and comes with the best warranty than any other stand up desks.

Apex standing desk offers a large variety of standing desks to all of us. The Desks are more efficient, eco-friendly and very easy to use. Among all, we are presenting the top 9 standing desks by ApexDesk. Let us have a look at all the best standing desk reviews.

Top 9 Best ApexDesk Standing Desk for Sale

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX 43″ Adjustable Study Desk

ApexDesk ALSD2128 Little Soleil DX 43 inches Children s Height Adjustable Study Desk image
  • Easily adjustable
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for Kids

ApexDesk Gx 36 inches Desk Riser

ApexDesk EDR-3612-BLACK ZT Series Height Adjustable 36x24-inches Sit to Stand Electric Desk Converter image
  • Large Work Surface
  • Can easily adjustable heights
  • Most Economical

ApexDesk 71″ W E Height Adjustable Standing Desk

ApexDesk AX7133AW Elite Series 71 inches Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk image
  • Quick adjustment speed
  • Low price point
  • Vast Desktop

Little Soleil Height Adjustable desk by ApexDesk is designed purely for the children. This adjustable kids desk has come up with a drawer and a desk shelf as a part of this desk. Height adjustment range of this Apexdesk Standing desk is allowing the little children to raise or lower from 21 inches to 31 inches. The top of this Apex Standing desk can tilt up to 75 degrees. Moreover, the top is made of anti scuff, anti scratch and easy to clean laminate surface. This best Sit Stand desk has built in individual leg levers that ensures a firm footing regardless of the surface. 

  • Easy to clean

  • Anti-scuff

  • Anti Scratch

  • Anti-swivel lock

The rounded corners of this Apexdesk Little Soleil Children’s Adjustable Study Desk have rubber bumpers on the surface edges which are designed to minimize bumps and bruises while the desk is in use. Overall dimensions of this best adjustable children’s desk are 44 inches Width, 27.6 inches Depth, and 28 inches Height. And, weighing capacity is 63 lbs to this Apexdesk standing desk. 

One more thing is, it comes with an Adjustable chair, which is designed mainly for the children. The Apexdesk Little Soleil’s Seat height, depth, and backrest can be adjusted independently with ease by twist n lock knobs. The chair of this Apex Little Soleil desk is from 12 inches to 21 inches. The backrest can also be adjustable up to 32 inches from 21 inches. Finally, the chair that comes along with this Apex Standing desk can swivel 15 degrees Right and Left when casters are locked.




  • Easily adjustable
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for Kids
  • The package comes with the chair
  • The split top can only be tilted easily


  • No Shelfs
  • Metal Book Holder

Convert your present traditional desk into a Sit Stand Desk with this Apex Desk GX 36 inches Desk Riser. This best Apexdesk adjustable standing desk is far better than all other electric Standing desks, which are three times costlier than this. You can have more health benefits by standing rather than sitting. The Apex GX 36″ standing desk uses Dual gas Spring lifting mechanism which does not need any power and hence can lift it by yourself easily. Weighing capacity of this Adjustable Desk Apex is 40 lbs.

  • Two-tier Design

  • Fully assembled

  • Up and Down Movement

  • Easy Height Adjustment

  • Retractable Keyboard Tray

You can just squeeze the handles on both sides of the desk to raise or lower your desk from 6.5 inches to 16.5 inches high without any difficulty. The upper and lower decks of this Apex Adjustable Desk is manufactured with high pressure, scratch resistant laminate with high density MDF.  The upper surface of this Apex Stand Up Desk is 36 inches * 22 inches, which is sufficient enough to hold two 22 inches monitors. Apex Standing desk lower surface area is 24.5 inches * 9 inches and hence can provide enough space for full size keyboard.




  • Large Work Surface
  • Can easily adjust to different heights
  • No installation need
  • Most Economical
  • Great Spring lift mechanism
  • Sturdy and Stable even at highest positions


  • Low Weighing capacity
  • No additional space for Mouse

The Apexdesk Elite Series Standing desks makes you transform easily from sitting position to standing in just a matter of seconds. This best Apex Standing desk is provided with a dual lifting mechanism which allows you to get better height range and great weight capacity. The table tops of this Apexdesk Standing Desk 71 inches adjustable desk is made of solid and dense laminated MDF. One piece Centre beam and Steel Constructed Apex Desk Adjustable Height Frames gives greater stability.

  • LED Memory Control

  • Easy Assembly

  • Electric Height Adjustable Lift System

  • MDF Desktop

The height adjustable range of this apexdesk elite series 71-in wide adjustable standing desk is from 29 inches to 48 inches. This best Apex Standing desk comes with 1.35 inches height adjustment speed. Weighing capacity Apex 71 ” Adjustable Standing desk is 225 lbs. Its Desktop size is 71 inches wide and 33 inches deep. The complete warranty period of this Apex Desk eliteHeight Adjustable Standing Desk is 5 years on frame and 2 years on motor.




  • Ease of changing positions from sitting to standing
  • Quick adjustment speed
  • Low price point
  • Vast Desktop
  • Sturdy


  • Less warranty on electronics
  • Low-end electronics

You can make your own desk by customizing the Apexdesk Flex Pro Electric standing desk and can pair it with your desk. What you have to do is just assembling the frame. It takes just 15 minutes to assemble the frame. this Apex Standing desk of Flex Series comes with an expandable crossbar that can accommodate your tabletop from 44 inches to 71 inches.

  • LED Memory Control

  • Electric height adjustable lift system

  • Easy Assembly

  • Superb Height Adjustment Range

  • LED digital readout

Apex flex Pro Standing desk comes with a sturdy frame that can raise and lowers from 27.5 inches to 47 inches without the top. The Frame of this Apexdesk standing desk can expand its width from 45.6 inches to 63 inches. Hence, it can fit a tabletop of 47 inches to 78 inches wide. Weighing capacity of this best standing desk is 235 lbs. Apex Flex Pro Adjustable standing desk comes with a 6 button digital handset and 4 memory preset options. it can also assemble easily within less than 15 minutes. the complete warranty period of this best apex standing desk is 2 years on frame.




  • Easy to assemble
  • Very Sturdy
  • Great expansion of frame
  • 4 preset height settings


  • Less Warranty period
  • A bit pricey

Apexdesk vortex review will surely clear all your doubts. Vortex Sit Stand Desk is the top rating standing desk in the market. The Apexdesk Vortex series is designed with a two-toned frame of aluminum. The grade of this apex standing desk is one-inch with high-pressure laminate. This best Apexdesk standing desk can adjust smoothly with a slight push of a button from 27.5 inches to 45.5 inches which makes you stand, sit and also can do exercise while you work.

  • Superior stability

  • Standard 2-button controller

  • Height adjustable

The Apex desk Vortex Stand up desk is provided with a crossbar-free, which gives you ample clearance for you to add slow moving Treadmill desk or a stationary bike. The top of this Vortex Apexdesk Adjustable desk comes with one-inch thickness and a top of 60 inches * 30 inches with Scratch resistant and high pressure laminate. This height adjustable standing desk comes with 80 mm grommets and adjustable leveling studs.

 The assembly process of this Apex desk Vortex Height adjustable standing desk takes less than 30 minutes. Weighing capacity of this Apexdesk Vortex Series 60 inches Wide 2 Button Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk is 170 lbs. It comes with a complete warranty of 5 years on structure and 2 years on motor.




  • Sturdy
  • More Stable
  • Easy Assembling
  • Anti Collision stop
  • Great Loading capacity
  • Superior stability
  • Adjustable foot leveling studs for an uneven floor


  • Pricey
  • No preset buttons
  • Lowest height range

Airdesk Apex standing desk is a Pneumatic Height Adjustable standing desk that allows you to simply slide your desk up and down without any glitch. you can pull the liver of this ApexDesk Standing desk and can adjust the height of the desk. This best Standing desk comes with a steel frame and is reinforced with inner tube bearings. 

  • pneumatic Height adjustment


  • Smooth edges

  • Scratch resistant

Apexdesk Airdesk Standing desk is provided with a height adjustment range of 29 inches to 48 inches. Rolling casters of this Apex Desk Sit Stand desk makes you move the desk easily across the floor. The best Apexdesk vortex desk is giving you an easy one-touch hand liver for raising and lowering of the desk. Assembling of this Airdesk series from Apexdesk is also easy as you just need to fix 6 screws on the top and 14 from base. 

One more interesting thing is you don’t need any drilling machine, the Apex standing desk holes are pre-drilled. It comes with a large work surface of 1-inch thickness with dimensions of 47 inches * 27 inches. Apexdesk Airdesk Series Movable Standing Desk comes with one cable grommet.




  • Minimal Assembly
  • Easy Adjustment
  • Good for tall people too
  • Movable and Adjustable feet
  • Large Work Surface
  • Doesn’t rely on a motor
  • Good quality materials


  • Without cross bar it is difficult to raise and lower the desk
  • Desk Legs
  • Lack of options

Apexdesk Vortex series is the top rated standing desk among all the desk risers by Apex Desk. The best part of this Apexdesk Standing desk is its 6 button memory controller with 4 presets and LED Display. This best standing desk comes with 1 inch thick top which is scratch resistant high pressure laminate. The height adjustable range of this ApexDesk Vortex Sit Stand Desk is 27.5 inches to 45.5 inches, without the top. 

  • LED Display

  • Adjustable Leaving Studs

  • Comfort and Flexibility

This Apex movable stand up desk is provided with two cable grommets each of 80 mm, for cable management and also have adjustable leveling studs. This best Apex Standing desk can support two monitors. The distance between the legs of this Apex Vortex 60″ 6 Button Electric standing desk is 42 inches. Overall height and width of this Adjustable Stand Up desk are 46.5 inches and 60 inches respectively. The depth of this Apex Sit Stand Workstation is 30 inches. 

Apex Vortex standing Desk’s base material is metal and wood tone is Redwood. Finally, the weight of this best Sit Stand Desk is 89 lbs. And Of course, the assembly is required for this Apex Vortex desk. Lift capacity of this Apexdesk Standing desk is 225 lbs and takes 1.3 inches per second to move the desk.




  • Easily programmable heights
  • Good LED Display
  • Good stability
  • Four Spaces to save heights
  • Tall enough for 6’5″ height


  • Monitor shakes, when the desk is in standing position
  • Makes noise, while moving up and down

Apexdesk Vortex 48 inches Wide Electric Sit Stand Desk comes with a sturdy aluminium. It can adjust smoothly with a single press of a button which makes you sit or stand. This Apexdesk Standing desk does not have a crossbar and hence provides sufficient space to add a stationary bike to your desk. The top of this Apex Sit Stand desk is 48 inches * 30 inches dimensions and one inch thick laminate top.

  • Height adjustable

  • Stable and Sturdy

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Crossbar Free Design

Hence, it provides sufficient work surface and provides a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The maximum table load of this Apex Adjustable Desk is 154 lbs. Height adjustable range of this Stand Up Desk is from 27.5 inches to 45.5 inches. This best Adjustable standing desk comes with one 80mm cable grommet and two button controllers. Complete item weight of this Apexdesk Standing desk is 75 pounds.




  • Best Height adjustable
  • Can Adjust quickly and smoothly
  • Scratch resistant top
  • Superior stability
  • Very Sturdy
  • Aluminium Underframe


  • Only one Grommet
  • Sliding it around has limits

This is the top rated standing desk by Apexdesk which is the best standing desk for office, home, and classroom with unlimited applications. Apexdesk Airdesk series can also be used as notebook cart, podium, additional desk, student desk and a display stand. This best adjustable stand up desk is constructed of the aluminium base and the top is scratch-resistant MDF core laminate.

  • Scratch Resistant

  • MDF Core

  • Lockable Sit

Height adjustment of ApexDesk Airdesk Movable and Lockable Sit and Stand desk is Pneumatic and hence no need for any electricity and no cable clusters. The range is from 32 inches to 49.5 inches height. The total work surface of ApexDesk Height adjustable standing desk is 24 inches * 24 inches. Moreover, this best Apexdesk Standing desk can be moved around and locked anywhere into a particular position. you can easily squeeze lever for raising and lowering this Sit-Stand Desk.




  • No assembly required
  • Versatile
  • Movable and lockable
  • Can Be Locked in any desired position
  • Easy adjustment
  • Air Lift
  • Best desk for art projects


  • Top quality is poor
  • Not suitable for Dual Monitors

According to a recent survey, 85% of employees experience discomfort while doing their job. Hence, Sit Stand Desks or Height adjustable standing desks are becoming more popular day by day. But, many questions are raising in many of us like, are height adjustable desk suits for us? how to evaluate the best standing desk? Moreover, it is clear that standing all day is as harmful as sitting all day. Hence, the best option is to change the positions from sitting to standing throughout the day.

The ideal candidate for this stand up desk is generally someone who sits continuously in front of a computer or a phone at a desk. Some people cannot easily get up and change their postures. Hence choose a standing desk which makes your work more fun and comfort. But, while choosing a Sit to Stand Desk it is important to consider that it should give you all your desired options. You should thoughtfully evaluate how you are going to use it. Hence, here are 10 things to remember while choosing a Stand Up Desk.

An adjustable standing desk must have an optimal range being 22.6 inches to 48.7 inches. Of course, it completely depends on the need of the individual who is actually using the desk. If you are sharing your sit stand desk than it is better to find a desk that comes with a greater height range.

A minimum depth of 30 inches is advisable, but it is mainly advisable for the people who spread out their work in a large space area.  If it is not an issue for you can go for smaller footprints. But keep in mind that there are often many numbers of options depending on the shape of your work surface.

When the desk is moved up and down. i.e. while changing the postures, the desk makes noise. That varies depending on the mechanism. Some may make more noise and some give out less noise which is audible enough for every one. Hence, noise is also one of the major factors, because we often have the fear of disturbing others colleagues.

The Stand up desks can be raised or lowered in many ways. Some of the ways are hand cranks, electric or pneumatic lifts. The latter one is being the most efficient, quiet and easy to handle. Many suggest electric standing desks, but not suitable for most of the cases.

The speed of the Sit Stand Desk is nothing but the how quickly you can raise or lower your desk. Of course the quicker the speed, the more you can adjust your work surface through out the day.

If you are choosing a Height Adjustable Standing Desk than it requires power so that you can have easy access to electricity.

One major complaint from people having Sit Stand desks is that they get tired standing continuously. But, they use some strategies like wearing supportive shoes, adding a riser that supports their foot when they stand. Some people often add a gel mat and slowly build up their tolerance to stand.

Each Sit and stand desk has its own weighing capacity. Before choosing the best standing desk, make sure the desk can handle your equipment at least.

Some Standing desks are designed in such a way that they can be programmed easily to different settings and hence making them very easy to set the proper eco friendly every time.

The Main factor is that whether your Sit to Stand Desk can fit your office environment. You should also consider whether the desk can accommodate privacy settings, lighting or tool raise as it highly impacts usability.

Of course, lastly, the price is the main factor in choosing the best standing desk. The stand up desk price varies according to the category of the desk you choose.

Among all the Stand Up Desks, ApexDesk is one of the top rated standing desks and is one of the best adjustable desks that are available under $300. Apex standing desk appears to be pretty good for value, while others are not as impressive as Apexdesk for this value. Apex Adjustable Desk was launched in April 2015. The first products of ApexDesk include ApexDesk Vortex, Elite and Soleil the desk for kids. Every Apex desk comes with the minimum height range of 29 inches to 48 inches, travel speed of 1.3 inches per second. The maximum weighing capacity of the Apexdesk adjustable stand up desk is 225 lbs, which is great than most of the standing desks.

Most of the Sit Stand desks from Apexdesk consists of Dual monitor lifting mechanism. Steel construction frame is the best feature of this best Apexdesk Standing Desk. All the standing desks from Apexdesk are almost easy to assemble, and probably can be done individually. The warranty period of this Apex Adjustable Dual Monitor desk is good and different for Frame and the electronics. ApexDesk is the only standing desk brand I have seen which can provide a 71 inches wide top FedEx Ground.

Compared to many other desks I have tested, Apex Standing desk is the adjustable standing desk. Everything that comes with this Stand up Desk is heavy, so you feel like, you are getting a lot for your money.  Unlike all other height adjustable standing desks, the ApexDesk didn’t skimp on the connection of the glide to the foot. They had nice threaded rivet nuts with five lines of threading and hence provides a good connection. The legs of this Apex Standing Desk were solid as well. The feet and columns of this top rated standing desk come with a high gloss paint finish. The cross support used for Apex desks are one piece and I could tell it is really meant to support a large desktop.


How to reset an Apex standing desk?

Follow the steps below to reset your Apex standing desk:

  1. Unplug and replug the Apex standing desk
  2. Click and hold both UP and DOWN buttons for a while
  3. When 000 flashes release them
  4. Desk will move up and down 
  5. Stops at Mid-height
  6. Reset completed
How to program the Apex standing desk?

To program Apex standing desk

  1. For upper limit press the Setting Button and UpButton for one second
  2. HCF is displayed
  3. Upper limit is set
  4. To cancel upper limit repeat clicking of same buttons as above
  5. HCL displayed
  6. Upper limit canceled
  7. For lower limit Press Setting Button and Down Button for a while
  8. LCF is displayed
  9. Lower limit is set
  10. To cancel Lower limit Repeat same process
  11. LCL displayed
  12. Lower limit canceled
  13. Click Up and Down buttons to use the desk at your desired position
  14. For setting speed Press setting button sp2 the default speed is displayed
  15. Press up and down buttons to increase and decrease speed
Where to buy the Apex standing desk?

You can buy an Apex standing desk from Amazon, and local furniture stores.

What is the best Apex Desk standing desk?

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX 43″ Adjustable Study Desk is the Best Apex standing desk.

What is the average height of Apex Desk Standing Desk?

The height of Apex Standing Desks ranges from 28.5 inches to 48 inches.

Do you have an adjustable ApexDesk Standing Desk for adults?

Yes, ApexDesk does have a Standing Desk for adults. ApexDesk Elite Series 71" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a good choice.

ApexDesk standing desk is one of the best adjustable standing desks that is available on Amazon. The main thing about Apex standing desk its roomy work surface. This standing desk price is cheaper than any other sit stand desk that is available on the market. Apex adjustable desk is made of fiberboard instead of bamboo. Hence the Apex desk looks more utilitarian and does not provide customization beyond a handful of desktop colours. Most attractive things about Apex Stand Up Desk is it is steady, quiet and very easy to adjust. I hope the given Apex Desk reviews are helpful to us. Go through the complete article, to know more about Apex Standing Desk Review. Thank you!!

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