10 Easy-to-use Height Adjustable Standing Desks – Shift easily from Sitting to Standing Position

10 Easy-to-use Height Adjustable Standing Desks - Shift easily from Sitting to Standing Position

Adjustable Standing Desk Reviews

Adjustable Standing Desks are the desks that help us to work healthier and happier. This desk will raise up and down to enable you to sit and stand will working in the computer. The desk has height adjustments to fit your height and enable convenient working of the hands and wrist. There are hundreds of adjustable desks in the market and each has their own specification. Adjustable standing desktops provide an opportunity to stand and work. It provides some exercise to the body. They also increase the workspace of the table top with dual tires for dual monitors and separate place for keyboard and mouse. Some desks have a single desk and provide more space than expected in the office with different heights to fit the needs of different people.

Height of the standing desk is adjusted either manually using cranks or automatically using electric switches and pre- programmed devices. We can store up to 4 height positions in the programmed devices. Some desks will have storage desks, two tires, special space for mouse, notebooks and mount to mount the monitors. The frames of the desks are generally made of aluminum or steel and the workspace with wood or medium- density fiberboard. (MDF). 

Top 10 Adjustable Standing Desks in 2020

For a healthier work environment, we need proper tools. Which tools can make an office worker happy and maintain his best posture while working? Well we have adjustable standing desks to help them work at both sitting and standing position, without the need to move all the documents to new table regularly. Sit stand desks allows you to complete your work more energetically and comfortably at your working place with more benefits to the physique.

VARIDESK 49900 - Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

VARIDESK 34563 Pro Plus 36 Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter image

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable

Executive Office Solutions FBA EOS1 Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk image

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk (DESK-V000B)

VIVO DESK-V000B Height Adjustable Standing Desk image

VARIDESK 49900 is a Pro Plus 36 inch black height adjustable standing computer desk that can accommodate two dual monitors or one monitor and laptop. This is a two tier design with separate spacious lower desk for keyboard and mouse. Varidesk Standing Desk is built with high- quality material and remains sturdy to withstand up to 35 lbs of weight to rise and lower on the patented spring- assisted rowing lift mechanism.

  • Simple

  • Quality

  • 2 Spacious Tiers

  • Ergonomic Movement

  • Two Adjustable Design

  • Spring Assisted

We can open the box and start using it as it is shipped to us as a fully assembled model. The desk is completely collapsible and we can use it for floor sitting comfort. There are 11 pre-set fixed height adjustments and are more stable at all angles. The spacious upper desk area and comfortable lower desk space provides solution for a larger workspace.





Executive office solutions Adjustable height standing desk is portable, adjustable laptop/desktop stand with space for mouse pad and CPU fans. This is lightweight ergonomic design that can rotate 360 degrees and lock at various angles. It is made of Aluminum and collapses easily for transport. Apart from laptop desk, we can use it as a TV dinner tray, book tray, writing desk, projector and tablet holder. It has non-slip feet for use in desktops and table tops.

  • Lightweight Aluminium Tray

  • Quiet Cooling Fans

  • Portable

  • Ergonomic Design

There is a USB powered CPU cooling fan to reduce the temperature of the computer. It is a good lap desk for those who love to sit on bed and work. There are three joints where you can adjust and sit comfortably and use it with no neck pain.





Vivo height adjustable standing desk is designed with quality and creativity to increase the joy of working space. DESK- VOOOB can be made to stand on your desk to help you to work either by sitting or standing based on demand. It has dual gas spring force to transform the desk from one position to another. The height is adjustable at a range of 6.5” to 16”. The dimension of the desk is 36” x 22”. This space is huge enough to fit two monitors or a computer and laptop setup.

  • Quick Transition

  • Spacious Work Area

  • Simple Assembly

  • Cable Management

  • Removable Keyboard

The lower deck has the option to hold the keyboard and mouse. The desk rises according to the specifications to create a comfortable workspace. The desk can hold 37.5 lbs of weight. The product comes with three years of manufacturer warranty and good technical support team. Vivo is one of the best adjustable standing desk converter in the market.





Techorbits Sit Stand Desk Workstation Rise- X Light is the latest addition of techorbits with more convenient features than other versions. It has a pre-set hole to mount the monitors and you can use it as a dual monitor system. It is the only standing desk made of premium matte wood and that offers lifetime warranty. These workstations can hold maximum two large monitors with a standard keyboard, mouse and a tablet. The strong aluminium metal body can support 33 lbs of weight and can raise or lower the desk with the help of gas spring lifting mechanisms.

  • Fits 13- 30 inch monitors

  • Can support 33 lbs of weight

  • There is embedded groove for tablet or phone

  • Fits two monitors

  • 32 inch wide workstation

  • Can rise by 20 inches

  • Only product with lifetime warranty

There is an embedded groove to keep the tablet or phone. To prevent the desk from slipping, there are non-skid silicone pads. This desk is compatible for two monitors, with the first one sitting on the desk and the second one being mounted on the pre-set installation hole. It can rise up to 20 inches from the base height of 5 inches. There is no doubt that this is one of the best and cheap adjustable standing desk in the market.





Techorbits standing desk converter is a convertible desk under Rise- X Pro series that improves your comfort level with healthy posture. This convertible desk is 37 inches in width, which is much suitable for keeping two large monitors or a large monitor and a laptop and even can accommodate your phone or tablet in the front groove. The lower tier can hold a standard keyboard, mouse and some papers. The gas spring mechanisms are used for adjusting the height of the desk. If you need to raise or lower the desk, you have to squeeze the handles on the side and the gas spring will change the height according to your specification.

  • Convertible standing desk with 37 inches of width

  • Accommodates two large monitors

  • Works on gas spring mechanism

  • Ergonomic design

  • Can balance up to 33 lbs of weight

  • Can move up to 20 inches height

You can increase the desk height from 4.7 inches to 20 inches from the flat table with the same keyboard convenience. Cord management system is present in this model, so you need not worry about the wires moving on all directions. This desk can hold up to 33 lbs of weight and the non- slip silicone pads protects the desktop from moving.





Techorbits Rise- X Pro is a convertible desk that was designed and built to improve your posture and comfort.  This adjustable standing desk converter works with gas springs. By squeezing the stand handle, you can release the spring and raise the height of the desk by 20 inches. This desk is suitable for persons with height range from 5 feet to 6.4 feet. This adjustable standing desk topper can sit on any flat table top, has integrated cable management system with the removable keyboard tray. Techorbits standing desk is suitable for offices and home where you need to keep two monitors, a laptop and keyboard.

  • Spacious and strong model

  • Customized for comfort

  • Non-skid silicone pads

  • Holds 33 lbs

  • Gas springs for height adjustment

The width of the desk is 38 inches and it can hold two standard size monitors easily. This desk can withstand weight up to 35 lbs and there are non-slip silicone pads to protect the desktop from slipping down.  It is made with premium medium density wood. They provide lifetime warranty to the desk.





Casiii’s best adjustable standing desk with special gas spring converter helps you to increase the height suitable for 5 feet to 6.1 feet person.  STD 32 fits 2 large monitors and other accessories. The upper surface level can be used completely. It is a single desk with smooth motion that alternates between 2.5” to 17” by the press of the lever on the right side of the desk.

  • Sturdy Standing Desk Riser

  • Easy Smooth Motion

  • Adjustable Locking Gas Spring Technology

The riser is very comfortable to use and there is no noise while using it. It is a pre-assembled ready –to- use desk made of MDF and iron. We can comfortably use it for both sitting and standing position. It has 32” x 22” area for keeping your laptops and desktops with accessories.





Readydesk is a standing laptop desk made out of sustainable Birch Wood. This is designed and made in USA. Readydesk is considered to be the first desk to give proper posture while someone is standing up. The shelves can be adjusted independently for the comfort of the user. The shelves are very wide and support a total weight of 75 lbs. you can keep monitors, keyboards, books, calculators and mouse.

  • Wide Shelves

  • Strong

  • Lightweight and Portable

The desk height can be adjusted to fit 5.3 “ to 6.3” height persons. It can support two monitors and requires no tools for assembly and disassembly. The shelves are 31” wide and 11- 111/2 “ deep. There are notches for every two inches from 31/2 “ to 21”.





Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is created to provide more comfort and convenient for the office workers. Everyone needs some solution for long hauls and Pro plus series provides answers to the challenges with two tiers.  Vari Desk Pro plus 48 has a big expanded workspace large enough to keep two large monitors or a big monitor and a laptop on the top tier. Lower tier accommodates mouse, papers and a standard keyboard. This standing adjustable desk can be lifted or lowered using the special rowing lift mechanism.

  • Green- guard gold certified

  • Holds up to 45 pounds of weight

  • Suits two large monitors

  • Rowing – lift mechanism

  • Bestseller in this Pro plus series

The height can be increased by 14 inches from the base. This adjustable standing desk helps you to maintain healthy posture and makes you energized to work more. The entire body is made with high – quality steel and the desk stands sturdy at all the 11 height adjustment settings.  When the desk is fully collapsed, you can sit and work and on increasing the height, you can stand and work with great body posture. Since the desk is 48 inches width, you can keep 2 monitors and a laptop, as the desk can withstand up to 45 pounds of weight.





40” adjustable height standing desk has large shelf and provides ample space for mounting your monitor in the mount and working with your keyboard, mouse, notebooks, calculators and small tablets. This desk is portable with wheels and you can take it to any part of your office or house. The desk is sturdy and is very convenient to adjust the height. It is a solid desk and you can mount a monitor of your choice and use it with more rigidity.

  • Adjustable monitor mount

  • Burn Calories

  • Adjustable-height stand up desk

At amazon, the desk has received 60% positive reviews and 25% negative reviews.  The mount can be removed if not required and used as a simple desk. The desk does not have cranks and you need to adjust the height by pulling off the bolts.





How to Choose the Best Standing Desk?

There are many factors to consider while choosing the best adjustable standing desk. Some of them are:

  • Height adjustment facilities  to fit for 5 ft – 6.5 ft persons.
  • Manual crank or electric adjustable standing desk.
  • Should be light weight and portable to any space in the office or house.
  • Ability to withstand more lbs of load like dual monitors.
  • Capability to provide more space for laptops, notebooks, keyboard, mouse, books and tablets.
  • Price of the desk.
  • Ergonomic groove cuts with more space for leg.
  • Quality of the material used in the construction of the desk.
  • Environmental friendly and sustainable nature of the desk.
  • Smooth motion of the crank while adjusting the height.  The cranks should be coarse with less turns for adjusting to the desired height.
  • Provide proper posture to the person using the desk and avoid neck pain and back pain.

Adjustable standing desks are desks are designed to help the office workers to do work more energetically, reduce the stress, enjoy working in both sitting and standing position and to improve their health level. Adjustable standing desks will help you to sit and do the work and if you are tired of sitting , you can continue your work in standing postion, simply by the press of the side springs of the table. So this desk avoids the need of shifting your papers and files to a new desk if you need to work by standing.

There is no change in the keyboard level as the entire desk rises from the ground. Approximately you can increase the height to 20 inches, which is more convenient for persons form 5 ft to 6.5 ft. They are good for health and  with an average of 20% increase in the work efficiency. There are so many sit stand desks and adjustable standing desks in the market and we have picked the leading brands and desks and reviewed them. The reviews will give you better idea regarding the product.

  • The standing desks have squeeze handles on the both sides of the desk, to simplify the height settings and there is seamless transition is possible between two deck positions.
  • There are numerous benefits of standing while working like improved body posture and better blood circulation. If you use a converter sit stand desk, then you can switch between the sitting and standing positions while working in the computer.
  • It reduces the risk of weight gain in your body.
  • They lower the risk for heart associated diseases.
  • They improve the mood and increase the energy levels.
  • The chances for heart diseases are less among the office workers.

Sitting for long time is not a good for health as it is equivalent to sedentary lifestyle. Following a sedentary lifestyle has high risk of heart disease, which means, the more you sit, the more is your risk for heart disease.

The risks associated with sitting are:

  1. Increases diabetes risk.
  2. Increases cardiovascular diseases.
  3. More chance of early death.
  4. Reduction of blood circulation.
  5. Metabolic syndrome.
  6. Osteoarthritis.
  7. Obesity.
  8. Slower metabolism.
  9. Spine and back injuries.

If we sit for long time, blood circulation decreases and increases fatty acid accumulation in the blood vessels, so the ability to break down the fat in the body decrease. It leads to obesity and reduction of insulin secretion. And at the same time, the insulin resistance increases and lead to diabetes type 2. Thus there are many complications associated with sitting posture.

Bones and skeletal system becomes weaker and they could not support other body systems. It may even affect your brain and lead to more stress. The amount of oxygen received by the brain decreases and the brain is stressed.

So to overcome this, we need to use adjustable standing desk converter at home and office and reduce the stress caused to the body.

Choose the desk that suits your need and keep enjoying in a healthy way.


How much is a Height-Adjustable Standing Desk?

A Height Adjusting Standing Desk may cost you anywhere between $480 to $2000.

What is the best Adjustable Standing Desk?

Seville Classics OFF65806 Standing Desk and VIVO Black Height Stand up Desk (DESK-V000V) are some of best Adjustable Standing Desk

Where can I buy an adjustable standing desk?

You can buy an adjustable standing desk from any local furniture store or you can get from Amazon with great deals.

How do you adjust the height on an adjustable desk?

 To adjust the height on an Adjustable Desk

  • Press the down arrow on the switch.
  • Bring the table all the way down.
  • Release button.
  • Continue holding the down arrow until u get the desired position

If you are looking for a single laptop stand with minimalistic expectations, then Executive office solutions aluminum laptop desk with cooling fan and mouse pad is the best option. It is a very cheap standing laptop desk adjustable for sitting conveniently in bed room, kitchen and tabletops. There is a muse pad to use mouse on the laptop with ease. When you need a break, you can turn on the cooling fan and make your system ready for immediate use. it can rotate 360 degrees to help you hold your computer at any position or angle. The model collapses quickly for transport.

The best standing desk Amazon recommends the customers is the VARIDESK 49900 – Height – Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36 – Black priced moderately and has many versatile functions. This dual monitor  adjustable standing desk has two-tiers for keeping more than laptops, desktops , mouse and keyboard. It is very stable and sturdy that it can withstand 35 lbs of weight and raise and lower easily using the patented spring- assisted rowing lift mechanism. This product has bagged 5 stars from 86% of customers from Amazon.

Thus we conclude that a better and healthier workspace can be provided by the adjustable standing desk and the computer worms and data scientists must have one for their use

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