10 Perfect Standing Desk Converters of 2020 – Make any of your Desk into a Stand-up Desk!

10 Perfect Standing Desk Converters of 2020 - Make any of your Desk into a Stand-up Desk!

Want to convert your desk into Standing Desk?

Moving and changing positions is key to better personal health, enabling the user to burn more calories and improve circulation throughout the workday.  Standing desk converters are also known as desktop risers or toppers. They are adjustable units that helps to place on top of the existing desk. Standing desk converter enables the user to stand without getting rid or moving the desk. The standing desk converter has a keyboard tray along with a desktop surface. There are varied range of standing desk converters available be it in size, budget and designs. Standing desk converter is a great option to consider anyone who wants to stand while working or someone who does not have enough space in the room. 

Best Standing Desk Converter Reviews

Good height adjustable standing desk converter are hard to find because of the mechanism that is used in them. Usually, the mechanism they use isn’t stable or sturdy. Here, we have listed the best five desk converters for you which don’t have such a problem. These are from the best brands and are considerably affordable as well. 

Top 10 Standing Desk Converters in 2020

No one knows the pain of sitting at a desk all day than someone who has to work from nine to five. The condition of our back after that is difficult to describe with all the pain that comes with it. If only there was a solution to all this. Actually, there is a solution in the form of and adjustable standing desk converter. These desks can be converted from a sitting posture compatible furniture to a standing posture compatible desk with just a lift of the top. Such desks are highly popular with people who have back issues and have to be on a desk all day. You can use them to put out the strain on your back and work while standing as well. 

Most full standing desks are just used for standing posture, you can’t really turn them down when you need to sit. This is why electric standing desk converter are much better and the conversion is the basic difference between the two. Many prefer full standing desks also but that depends on the kind of work they would be doing. A converter is still better any day because you have the ease of operating it for both functions. You can easily find a converter desk for $100 and that is not as much of an investment.

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

VIVO DESK-V000B 36-inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk image

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter M2B

FlexiSpot M2B 35inch wide Standing Desk image

Fancierstudio Riser Desk Standing Desk

Fancierstudio RD-01 BLK Riser Desk Extra Wide 38-inch Fits Two Monitor Standing Desk image

VIVO standing desk is created as affordable ergonomic solutions designed with creativity and quality to help transform to unique workspace. The standing desk converter enables to go from sitting to standing in one easy smooth motion with dual gas spring force. This standard desk size measures 36” x 22”, providing plenty of space for single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop + computer monitor setups.

  • Simple Assembly

  • Quick Transition

  • Sturdy Steel Frame

  • Monitor Mounting

  • Cable Management

The lower deck holds keyboard and mouse side by side and raises in sync with the top surface creating a comfortable work space. Weight capacity for the entire desk is 37.5 lbs. The standing desk converter requires minimal assembly. The top platform rests 6.5″ from your desk’s surface in sitting position and 16″ when at maximum height. 





FlexiSpot M2B standing desk features a double shaped X base. The biggest thing separating the M2 from its closest competitors is its massive monitor platform and keyboard tray. The platform is large enough to fit dual 24” monitors with plenty of space left over for tasking. The keyboard is also very large, which allows you to use oversized keyboards and mouse without feeling restricted. The user can comfortably shift from sitting to standing with 12 different height levels.

  • Smooth and Easy Adjustments

  • Quick Release Keyboard Tray

  • Straight Up and Down Movement

  • Simple One Step Assembly

This Flexispot standing desk converter is stable at all heights. The adjustment requires very less efforts and requires less time. The product has groove-free, extra-deep desktop, the user will have plenty of space to accommodate a laptop, computer monitor, paperwork and more. Our space-saving workstation rises and folds vertically, within its own footprint. There’s no need to make the spatial accommodations that may be required with comparable products.





Riser Desk are adjustable, so that the user can change the height of the desk and alternate between sitting and standing. Riser Desk sits on top of the existing desk. It ships fully assembled. Switch from sitting to standing in seconds with this popular riserdesk.

  • Adjustable Height Standing Desk

  • Uses simple hand levers

  • Heavy Duty

  • High Quality

It comes fully assembled and has 8 different adjustable height settings. Adjustable Height Standing Desk or Monitor Stand from 5 to 17.7-Inch Height. Very easy to adjust heights up and down, User need to use simple hand levers, pull two handles to side and lift.





This tech orbits sitting to standing desk converter is as premium as it looks and is made from the finest possible material for such a product. If you are one for the fine details of construction of furniture like this, then this desk is the one for you.

  • Premium matte wood construction

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Universal fit for monitors

  • Pre-assembled

  • 33lbs weight capacity

Made from premium matte wood and a nice smooth material, you will love the fine details of this sitting to standing desk converter. Most brands use a cheap quality material but that is not the case with this one. Because of the sturdy construction it can hold your entire workstation and a weight of up-to 33lbs which is a lot for a normal desk like this. The base frame is heavy duty aluminium which made for heavy task just in case and for a larger weight capacity. You even get lifetime warranty for the material to assure you about the durability and stability of the desk. The good thing is that you don’t even need to assemble it like most converter desks because it comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is get it out of the box and open it up for use. All kinds of monitors will fit onto it with ease and if needed, a dual monitor workstation can also be built with it. A pre-set hole allows for an external monitor to be added like this. Your entire workstation will modernized entirely by adding this table. 





The Rise X sitting to standing desk converter has made it easier for everyone to live in comfort. Its easily adjustable design can be raised up to a height of 20” which is ideal for anyone. Its durability has been checked under various tests and severe conditions which makes it one of the best converters you can find. 

  • Holds 35lbs of weight with non-slip pads

  • Pre-set grommet hole

  • Gas springs for easy set up

  • Free Lifetime Warranty

  • Adequate for dual monitor and speakers

Despite being a basic model of a sit to stand convertible desk, this has been the best adjustable standing desk converter for the company. The non-slip pads are way too beneficial as they restrict the greasing away of even heavy desktops and the strong durable fibre design has the capacity to hold multiple systems without any hindrance. When you sit and work for longer hours, all you need is a comfortable posture and the gas springs attached to the desk are the solution to this issue. It can raise up the height of desk up to 20” which is the comfortable height for any person of 6”4 to 7”. The pre-drilled hole on the table top has made it easy for the customers to set up their system along with the desk top face. Life time free warranty of the desk and its material is a plus point for the customers because many other companies use invaluable material for such desks but Tech Orbit assures you with the quality they provide. 





The standing desk converter allows the user to quickly and comfortably work while standing or sitting. It is freestanding which means it doesn’t require any complicated installation or drilling. This desk riser comes with a wide base for increased stability. Height adjustable monitor arm allows the user to install a monitor with additional height adjustment and full motion functionality. Oversized surface area gives the user plenty of working space for laptop, monitor, work, notes, documents, etc. It has a 24 inch wide by 16 inch deep flat riser top to support any laptop or computer monitor on the market.

  • Quick Height Adjustment

  • Dual Monitor Standing Desk

  • Simple Setup

  • Built-in Keyboard Tray

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Spring-assisted Lift Mechanism

 The secondary surface has enough space to fit a keyboard and a mouse. Gas spring arms on the workstation and the monitor mount allow the user to adjust your position in seconds easily and comfortably.





FEZIBO helps you create a healthier work environment by flexible movement throughout a work day. Height adjustable standing desk allows the user to stand from to sit with a little squeeze on the handles in a matter of seconds. The standing desk converter is easy to fit dual monitors with enough space for customize the work area and create the workflow you need.

  • Removable Keyboard Tray

  • Sturdy Structure

  • Dual Tier Design

  • Easy Operation

  • Reliable Quality

The easy release keyboard tray gives the user the option to use the desk riser with or without the keyboard tray. Ergonomic design standing desk. The solid structure keeps your riser steady and the maximum weight hold up to 33 lbs.





Everyone likes it when the things they use get updated to make working more comfortable and suitable. This L-shaped steady adjustable standing desk converter has been launched just to let the customers have an experience of comfortable life even when workload is piling up. It’s sleek design along with durable material justifies the value that’s been asked

  • Hydraulic Pump for super easy lift

  • Sleek design with strong base

  • Two level corner desk

  • Increased height up to 20.5”

This stand steady standing desk converter is a developed version of the basic model with installation of a hydraulic press. This has made it easy for you to lift up the desk along with adjustable height of flap top. This feature is more important for the ones who want to relieve their back pain. Being an ergonomic design setup, it can easily top the rest as the top shelf of the desk takes a height of 20.5” which is suitable to a person who is as tall as 6.3”. An add on of 7.16 sq. ft area on the side has widened up the space for all gadgets you want to install on the top face. The comfort level has been raised by making the keyboard level a flexible level, if you don’t need it just remove it from there and you get more cubicle space to work freely.  A sleek design and a more durable desk base are definitely its highlighting feature. Moreover, it has the capacity to hold a weight of 35 lbs and you can easily keep 2 to 3 monitors and even an iMac. The sleek side and curved edges have made it a more usable furniture.  





Opportunity to convert your seating into a more comfortable one is presented with the brand-new Ergotron Workfit-TL height adjustable standing desk converter. You need to just slide it out of the box and that’s it, it is ready to be used as your workplace. It is a modified version of Workfit-T which had a limited use but this model serves the purpose of your workplace as well as sit-stand place to work your legs a bit.

  • Long lasting design

  • Carries a weight of 40 lbs

  • Easy body movements

  • 20 height settings

  • Additional 317.5 cm2 area

This is one of the best height adjustable standing desk converter till now and its features reveal the same. Its installation can be done without any fuss, all you need to do is slide it out of the box and it regains the shape of the desk that it is supposed to be. It has been tested by the Ergonomic experts and has been verified that it can withstand 4 times more weight than its capacity. It is more comfortable because of the dual Monitor Kit and fatigue-busting Floor Mat built alongside. The L-shaped design makes it more of an office workspace rather than just a place to sit and work. It has been especially made to maintain the gravity level between various devices to be kept on the flat top which has a non-slide surface to prevent the surface from being scratchy. You can even trust this desk blindly because of its weight carrying capacity up to lbs as it can handle the weight of 2 monitors along with keyboard and various other additional devices. Plus, WorkFit-TL is certified in compliance indoor air quality standards for VOC emissions and is protected by a 5-Year Warranty to keep you comfortable and productive all day, every day.





This Leve standing desk converter has been made out of wood and a laminate covering on top and all this has made it heavier to even shift to the other corner of the room you are sitting in. But no doubt it is the most durable product you will ever find for long term use or as a proper table. 

  • Gas strut and Ergonomic design

  • Dual monitor standing desk

  • Sturdy Construction

  • 25.4”x 16.4” wide working space

With this cheap standing desk converter with you, you can easily place two monitors on the top without feeling suffocated. The 25.4” inches wide and 16.4” deep work desk is enough for 14” raised platform where you place dual monitors, keyboard and additional devices. Moreover, it is the first product which involves both Gas strut design along with a very Ergonomic design. Earlier you had to look for working desks to get such comfort and features. The gas struts help to lower or raise the level of working desk and the monitor platform, that too independently if you wish to do so. On the other hand, the ergonomic design benefits its users to easily transform sitting platform into a stand-up desk at any point. Thus, both the features are beneficial for costumer’s comfort. This is not it with this working desk, you even get the benefit of large workspace along with dual monitor holding capacity of the desk.  The mounting bracket of desk has the capacity to hold at least two 24’’ monitors of 11lbs each. This is all because of the wood and steel used for its base. 





Even when mentioned, converter desks don’t stand up to their names because their conversion function fails. So, how do you buy the best possible converter desk. The answer to this is to look for good warranty and a good movement system. Any desk that comes with lifetime warranty for its parts especially, is the one you should be looking at. Features like this will tell you if your desk is the right one or not. 

The stand steady hero desk has a basic design but it still the best adjustable standing desk converter we have out of all we have reviewed. The reason is the durability that it has and the weight capacity. It is considerably costlier than a few we have seen but the price is worth paying. It is the only desk that can accommodate even three monitors and has the weight capacity to handle that. The hydraulic used for movement of the tops is built for heavy lifting and gives the desk a very strong built. The quality of this converter desk is unmatchable by any other you will ever see. 

Its hard to find good brands for sit stand desk converter but there are a few that really give you good quality products. The features their products have are the ones that give away the reason the particular brands are good. 

Ergotron is an expensive brand but the quality that you will get by buying one of their desks is not close to be compared by any other. The movement system in their converter desks is the best and lasts you for a lifetime and you have a warranty to back it up.

The reason this brand makes the cut is the assurance that it gives to their customers with the lifetime warranty attached to all its adjustable standing desk converter. A lifetime warranty means you have the back up for its systems failing and your money won’t go waste at all. 

The maximum height offered by any desk is important because that is the height which will be accessible to the maximum. This will show you how flexible the desk is for different users. Maximum height of 20 inches is good enough for even tall people so try looking for that. 

No matter good your converter desk is, its of no use if not made from good material. Like any other furniture piece, your desk should of the premium quality which is offered by premium quality wood and laminate. 

The amount of weight that the top of the table will be able to hold is its weight capacity. If its going to have two monitors then its weight capacity should be good. It clearly indicates how sturdy is the construction of that particular sitting to standing desk converter.

Below are the factors which needs to be considered while opting for a standing desk converter:

If budget is a concern, then the user must consider the option of standing desk converter. A standing desk converter is comparatively reasonable or affordable than a full desk. There is no additional cost involved for disposing, removing or donating the current desk. The standing desk converter can be shipped within the normal courier charges due to it’s compact size. 

Assembling is a task and the user would not like to undertake it and spend their time on it. Most of them are ready to go right out of the box, with maybe one or two small tasks like clipping on the keyboard tray. Most converters do not require any tools with assembly.

Ergonomics is our most important criteria, as this is why many users are using standing desks. If the user’s monitor, mouse, or keyboard aren’t in the right position, user can end up with back, neck, or wrist pain. Although the objectives of all the standing desk converters out there are the same, there is a lot of variety in design, keyboard tray size and shape, usable space, and comfort.

The range of adjustment offered is important as if the user cannot easily change the height of the converter from sitting to standing, the user tend to sit way longer than one should. Transitioning from sitting to standing should be effortless and repeatable to find the desired height. 

Laminates are widely used now and a matte finish will give you anti-slip function as well. It is durable and lasts long enough. 

Yes, most electric standing desk converter feature a tilting function but try not putting too much weight on them because they have a limited weight capacity. 

Most converter desks come pre-assembled no but otherwise it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes. 


What is the best Standing Desk Converter?

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Flexispot Standing Desk Converter M2B are some of the best Standing Desk Converters.

Where to buy a Standing Desk Converter?

You can buy a Standing Desk Converter from Amazon, or any local stores.

What is the best Inexpensive Standing Desk Converter?

Depending upon the ease of use and price, the Ergotron Workfit-S and VertDesk Converter are the two most preferred affordable Standing Desk Converters.

Does the keyboard tray move in and out?

Yes, most of the keyboard trays are movable. Also, you can switch the levels of the keyboard tray.

How easy is it to remove the keyboard tray Standing Desk Converter?

It is pretty easy to remove or add a keyboard tray of Standing Desk Converter and can be done in a few simple steps. Locate two metal grooves with small plastic clamps. If you remove the plastic clamps it is easy to remove the keyboard tray.

Given the abundance of options, it’s increasingly easy to get stuck with a unit that’s suboptimal for one’s needs. More variation means more complexity. There’s no denying that these are the best standing desk converters out there. They are truly worth checking out considering how stressful and strenuous working can be.

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