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Here you are going to know complete info on Calories Burned Standing vs Sitting. The simple way of standing instead of sitting will help you to burn around 20 to 50 calories per hour depending on the size of the body. Although it may not appear like a lot in 2000 calorie per day, standing for at least 4 hours per day by standing adjustment can burn an extra of 80 to 200 calories which helps you to lose around 8 to 20 pounds per year. Standing for more time also contributes to overall health and well being.

Calories Burned Standing vs Sitting

Burning of calories depends on age, sex, height, and weight. Replacing little hours of hours at our workplaces with standing can guide to many significant health benefits over time. In addition to the cardiovascular and muscle benefits, there is a difference in calories burned also.

Calories Burned Standing vs Sitting image
Calories Burned Standing vs Sitting image

Does Standing burn more Calories than Sitting?

Since the extended time of sitting not only linked to the problems with blood glucose control but also there is a reduction in the production of an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, which helps for breaking down the blood fats and make them available like fuel to muscles. This reduction of enzymes will lead to a raised level of fat in the blood, in turn, the risk of heart disease.

Calories burned Sitting

Calories burned Sitting image

Generally, a 130-pound woman burns around 78 calories per hour while quietly sitting. If you sit for 8 hours a day then that burns around 624 calories throughout the day. In addition to this sedentary lifestyle leads to health complications and obesity. Even the people who go for gym regularly for 30 minutes on the treadmill are also at risk if they spend the majority of their in sitting.


Calories burned Standing

Calories burned Standing image

Same considering 130-pound women burn around 99 calories per hour by standing quietly, which implies around 792 calories for eight hours. Even though standing quietly is a non-exercise activity which is known as NEAT, will help to burn the calories and even assists in weight loss. Standing leads to some movement such as walking to copier and pacing while on phone, these small movements also will help to burn more calories in a day.

There is no exact answer for how many calories do you burn standing vs sitting.  But according to the National Institute of Health on an average, a person burns around 170lb per hour. Below are some example calorie burned in females and males based on their weight which gives an answer to ‘Does standing burns more calories than sitting ?’ and clear explanation of how many calories do you burn standing vs sitting.

Calories burned for a male with an average height of 5’10”

Eight hours of sitting compared with 4 hours of sitting and 4 hours standing on and off.

Calories burned image
Calories burned image
WeightOnly sittingSitting and standingCalories burned extra
140 lb568865297
180 lb 655998343
220 lb7421131389
260 lb8291264435
300 lb9171397480

Calories burned for a female with an average height of 5’5”

Eight hours of sitting compared to 4 hours of sitting and 4 hours of standing on and off

Weight Only sittingSitting and standingCalories burned extra
100 lb439668229
140 lb499761262
180 lb560854294
220 lb621947326
260 lb6821040358

From the above table, it is clear that standing burns more calories than sitting. If you stand at a desk at least for some time as a part of your day, and by dance, stretching, shifting a lot burns more than just by standing.

Is standing better than sitting?

Even though there are many health benefits by standing like reducing the risk of type2 diabetes, a certain type of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neck and back pain, most of the experts do not recommend standing all the day. Even one should find their own ratio of sit and stand, but many types of research show that a prolonged period of sitting is very dangerous just like smoking. Standing at one all day is not for health. While standing still burns some calories because our heart works harder to circulate the blood upward, it also puts the more strain on backs, joints, veins and especially when the person is overweight.

But many of the studies reported that people with more standing has 33% lower the risk of dying compared to those who stood the least. Overall sit for 20 minutes and stand at a position not more than eight minutes and take 2 minutes of moving break at least for twice an hour that is stretch or walks around said the scientist “Hedge”. Standing completely for a whole day doesn’t work, until you have some physical activities like sitting on balance, stretching your hands, moving the body parts, walking for some time.

Standing sitting desk

A standing sitting desk or sit/stand desk allows the consumer to change between sitting and standing by raising and lowering the desk platform. Standing sitting desk reduces the risk of sitting for a prolonged time. With the help standing sitting desk users can even vary the position of the body more often. One of the disadvantages is a little expensive. If you prefer standing sitting desk then remember that correct ergonomic setting is most important. Make sure that it meets all your essentials while sitting and standing.

How to set-up your position at standing sitting desk?

  • Wrists, hands, and forearms are set straight, in line and parallel to the floor.
  • Head should be level or bent slightly forward and be balanced.
  • Upright or erect the spine
  • Shoulders should be in a relaxed position and upper arms are hanged normally on the sides of the body.
  • Stay elbows close to the body and bent around 90 and 120 degrees
  • Don’t twist the upper torso
  • When screening the monitor, the monitor should be either at eye level or slightly below the eye level.

The person sitting for 1 hour and standing for about 5 minutes may vary to switch between standing sitting for 20, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. The key factor is to alter your position when needed. Continue and adjust to the position on standing sitting to achieve the benefits.

Keep in mind that it is also important to take a break away from the computer to help lighten the eye strain and even to vary the positions of the upper body, head, hands, and arms. Keep visiting our Standing Desk website for more useful information on Calories Burned Standing vs Sitting.

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