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Sit Stand Converters VS. Complete Standing Desks

The emancipation of office desk workers from the confines of the sitting workstation has been achieved to a great extent by the revolution of standing desks. Most people sit through the day at work as well as at home which has an adverse impact on health. So, there are Converters and Standing Desks. Here you can know about Converters Vs. Full Standing Desks from below sections.

Converters vs. Full Standing Desks

The standing desk and height adjustable desk converter give people a chance to stand up and take a break without having to cut through their workflow. Now that we have established the two types of standing desks, we should also understand the pros and cons of both the models to make an informed choice.

What to Choose: Standing Desk vs. Sit-Stand Converter?

Fixed height or a standing desk is that you can only stand at that, but most of us prefer a height adjustable, sit-stand desk. Also known as sit to stand and stand up desks, these allow you to comfortably stand while you work and then adjust the height of the desk to sit. Having that flexibility is very important so you can easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Converters vs Full Standing Desks image
Converters vs Full Standing Desks image

Before we deal with the pros and cons of both types of desks, let us understand the factors that determine the choice of a standing desk.

Choose the right height

If you are going to want a standing desk, it is better to choose one with a sufficient height range, sufficient width and built-in keyboard tray for the best ergonomics, style, and comfort. Whether it is a standing desk or a converter, it is better to make sure that you stand up and check for the ideal height before choosing the desk.

Check for desk with a larger surface area

It is always better to choose a larger work surface area for your standing desk since you might need to place your monitor, keyboard, mouse and in addition to your papers.  If you’re standing, you don’t want to reach down from afar to grab papers.

Choose a stable desk

If you are building an ergonomic work station, you might add a monitor arm and you need to ensure the standing desk remains stable even when there are vibrations. So stability is king and you will have to choose the most solid desk in your price range.

Standing Desk vs. Sit-stand Converter

When we try to analyze the sit-stand converter vs. complete standing desk, there are many factors to consider.

While the sit-stand converters give those people who sit and work a chance to stand and move around the workplace, it also provides them with an option to sit by adjusting the height. The point of a standing desk is to make hard-working individuals go from sitting to standing. However, no person can work straight for eight hours in standing position. This is where a complete standing desk falls short.

If you are using a standing desk without a converter, you have to take frequent breaks from standing also. A converter desk might help this situation. Also, a standing desk can take up a larger area which means, you will end up with lesser real estate for your other office equipment.

While using a standing desk for longer periods of time you might feel pain in your wrists as there is not full support for your hands. However in a height adjustable converter, since the desktop surface itself is raised or lowered, you can comfortably seat your arms when you need some rest, by lowering the platform or providing a slant.

While the sit-stand converter desks are better ergonomically, sometimes a simple standing desk might suit your situation at the office, especially when you are unable to upgrade your office equipment for some reason.

More Differences

Reiterating the earlier point, sit to stand desk provides an option for individuals to sit, it might also have a negative reaction. When there is an option to sit, any employee might be tempted to do so, and it might take really long to break from the mold. If one of the leading studies of sit and stand desks are to be believed, most people on an average spend only two hours standing in lieu of sitting. That doesn’t amount to much difference.

Women in general, find it difficult to use a standing desk. Women employees who generally use high heeled office shoes have a tough time standing and working for longer hours. While the male employees might enjoy the option of a complete standing desk, it would most definitely not suit female employees.

Buyer’s choice: Sit-stand converters vs. Standing Desks

We all spend far too many hours in front of our computers working, that it only makes sense to invest in proper ergonomics and comfort. While sit to stand converters is the better choice, it would be good to invest in at least a standing desk at the workplace if there are budgetary constraints.

As a big-time bonus for employers, a standing desk has been proven to give better comfort for employees, better productivity and work quality improvement. The bottom line is the betterment of the business. If you’re ready to take a stand for your health or for the health of those employees that work hard to support your business, invest in a good standing desk right away. For more useful stuff on Converters Vs. Full Standing Desks, visit our Standing Desk portal frequently.

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