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Best Standing Desk Reviews

In general, Sitting all day is really a very bad idea.  Most of us are doing desk jobs which involve sitting down for at least six hours per day. Numerous studies have illustrated the health risks of sitting all day. However, one should know that human body is not designed to sit all day for hours. Moreover, nowadays, people spending more time sitting than even sleeping. Sometimes we feel tired and feel irritation by the end of the day, this is also because of continuous sitting. Hence comes the standing desks. However, some standing desks are undoubtedly better than other desks. There are some desks, namely dual monitor standing desks, which can hold two monitors at a time. This allows you to work smartly in very less amount of time. A Dual Monitor Standing Desk increases the work productivity and hence makes your work easier.

 Top 10 Best dual Monitor Standing Desk 2019

Standing desk dual monitor is just an advanced desk of a single monitor standing desk. A dual monitor standing desk helps you to complete your work in a very less of time. Let us know the best Dual monitor standing desk converters.

  1. Varidesk Cube Corner 48 standing desk.
  2. Varidesk Pro plus 36 stand up desk.
  3. FlexiSpot standing desk 35 inches.
  4. Ergotron Workfit S standing desk
  5. Ergo Desktop kangaroo Elite sit Stand desk.
  6. Apexdesk GX standing desk
  7. Kangaroo Elite Stand up Desk
  8. Ergotron Workfit A standing desk.
  9. Versadesk Power Pro 30 inches Sit Stand desk.
  10. Vivo Standing desk.

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1.Varidesk Cube Corner 48 Standing Desk Dual Monitor

The Cube corner 48 was specially designed to into corners. Varidesk Corner cube 48 sit and stand desk occupies very less amount of space compared to all other Varidesk standing desks. The triangular work surface of this Varidesk Cube corner measures a 33 inches depth x 48 inches width, giving you a lot of room to work with. This is the best space to fit multiple monitors. Hence you can place either dual monitors or a single monitor plus a laptop. Just like Varidesk Cube corner 36, the corner cube 48 sit stand desk comes with a drop-down keyboard tier. The keyboard level was added to give you proper position while typing.

varidesk cube corner 48 image

The Varidesk cube corner 48 sit stand desk comes with spring loaded height adjustable mechanism. All you need to do is to just squeeze the levers underneath either side of the desk and just raise or lower desk. This best standing desk come with eleven height adjustable settings. The Varidesk Dual Monitor standing desk can hold up to 35 lbs (20 kgs). All Varidesk standing desks comes fully assembled and hence ready to use. What you need to do is just place it on the top of your existing desk and can start your work!!


  • Sturdy.
  • Effective.
  • Great for beginners.
  • No-assembly required.
  • Promotes productivity, fun, and well-being.
  • Decreases back pain and pain caused by poor posture.
  • An adequate amount of workspace.


  • Only 11 different height adjustment settings.
  • Arcing height-adjustment motion causes desk to protrude out into a workspace.
  • Always makes noise when locking the desk to a specific height.
  • Pricey.
  • One must buy a monitor arm to ensure proper ergonomics.

Varidesk Pro plus 36″ Sit Stand Desk

This VARIDESK allows you to move your body throughout the day and hence you are no more locked into one position. Varidesk Pro Plus 36 inches standing desk allows dual monitor set up. Hence, you can place more than one monitor on the top of your desk. So, the Varidesk pro plus stand up desk accommodates a larger work area that we all actually needs. The two tier design of this Varidesk Dual monitor standing desk gives you an upper display surface for your monitor. This best Varidesk Sit Stand Workstation comes with a spacious lower keyboard deck and mouse deck.

varidesk pro plus 36

The height adjustable range of this dual monitor standing desk is up to 11 different positions which give you an ergonomic comfort. Hence, the Standing desk remains sturdy and stable even the desk was fully extended. This Varidesk Pro Plus 36 inches desk can easily lift up to 35 lbs in just three seconds. The dual monitor standing desk from Varidesk comes with spring-loaded boost mechanism make raising your monitors and gear almost effortless. Moreover, with the help of this Varidesk Adjustable standing desk, you can easily Stand up and sit down without breaking your work. Finally, Varidesk Pro Plus series is the best standing desk for users looking for more workspace that too in two tires design.


  • Absolutely no worries about installation or assembling.
  • High quality and sturdy.
  • Affordable Price Point, especially for those who lack the budget to buy an entirely new standing desk.
  • Dual Handles and Patented Spring-Loaded Height Adjustment is amazingly comfortable.
  • The 36 inches surface width enables placement of dual monitors and input devices.


  • Highest setting is still a little low for tall users.
  • The distance between lower tier (keyboard area) and upper tier (screen area) is fixed.

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FlexiSpot Standing Desk Dual Monitor

The FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Stand Up desk converts your desk into a much healthier sit stand workstation. What makes Flexispot different from other standing desks is its desk frame. The sturdy frame on this adjustable stand up desk comes with steel material with 1/8 inches thickness. Even when the desk is fully loaded and extended it’s highly rigid with negligible movement, at the top. One more interesting thing about this Flexispot Dual Monitor Standing Desk is its removable keyboard tray. You can just loosen the two knobs on each side of the Sit Stand desk and then unhook it.

Flexispot dual monitor standing desk

Lifting the adjustment lever on each side of the Sit and Stand Desk allows smooth release and hence you can raise and lower the desktop rapidly. The Flexispot Standing Desk Dual Monitor can handle a good range of alternative configurations including dual screens, monitor and laptop or even separately. The front edge of the top has a slot which is used for placing tablets and phones and hence can be held vertically while being used. Flexispot’s top is 35 inches wide and 23.2 inches deep. You can choose from 12 height levels while your transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. Finally, the Flexispot dual monitor standing desk can support 35 lbs weighing capacity.


  • Best posture.
  • FlexiSpot riser comes mostly assembled.
  • Can be easily adjusted to multiple heights.
  • Space is sufficient enough to place your lappy and a desktop.
  • Product frame is composed of high quality material. Hence more eco friendly.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Works well for desk surfaces and large tables.


  • A little bit bulky.
  • TThe surface area becomes small when we stand and doing work.
  • You have to have a separate keyboard when sitting.

Ergotron 33-349-200 WorkFit S Standing Desk

this best Dual Monitor standing desk can easily transform any surface into a stand up desk. Ergotron WorkFit S sit stand desk moves your keyboard and two monitors in one simple motion. This standing desk comes with an integrated work surface and an extra large keyboard tray. Hence, you can easily place your two monitors side by side which results in a productive dual-display workstation. The Ergotron 33*349-200 dual monitor standing desk comes with counterbalanced adjustment points which instantaneous allows repositioning without using any tools while you work. Hence, the Ergotron Workfit-S can easily and simultaneously lift your keyboard and monitors to your desired height.Ergotron workfit s

 This Ergotron Workfit S uses Patented Constant Force lift technology, that comes with fluid and hence gives you one-touch adjustments to the keyboard and monitor positions. You can easily rotate you monitors up to 360 degrees using this Ergotron Workfit S dual monitor standing desk. The Maximum outside width of display is 21.25 inches when displays are 2 inches thick. Maximum load capacity of this Ergotron Workfit-S sit stand desk is 25 lbs, that is almost 11.4 kgs. You can also a hinged bow accessory to this Ergotron Standing desk to share your screen with others. The worksurface dimension of this Ergotron Workfit Standing Desk dual monitor is 0.25 inches height x 23 inches wide x 15 inches deep and that of the keyboard are 0.25 inches height x 27 inches wide x 9 inches deep.


  • Easy installation.
  • Best standing desk for dual monitors.
  • Maximum LCD Height Adjustment.
  • Easily and simultaneously lifts keyboard and LCD screens to a proper height.
  • Creates a productive dual-display workstation.


  • Minor monitor jiggling when typing.
  • Adjusting or tilting the screens are a bit cumbersome.
  • Small mouse pad.

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Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Elite Standing Desk

The shape of this Ergo Desktop Kangaroo is specially optimized for cubicles and corner desks. Both the base and the work surface of this Ergo desktop dual monitor standing desk are trapezoidal in shape and hence easily fit into a corner. This best standing desk is provided with steel base frame and has a smaller footprint as the work surface. Its central adjustment column, positioned in the back, won’t get in the way during use. The Ergo Desktop Kangaroo standing desk dual monitor comes with 16 inches adjustment range which allows us of nearly any height to work comfortably between sitting and standing.

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo

With its 28 inches x 24 inches work surface, the Kangaroo Standing desk provides plenty of work surface. Moreover, Ergo Desktop Kangaroo standing desk comes with an impressive lift capacity of 34 lbs, which is more than enough for every sit stand desk. This Ergo desktop can hold your Monitors or Laptops on 2 different shelves that measure 10 inches deep x 14 inches wide. However,  the Monitor shelves provide 6.5 inches of adjustment and that too independent from the work surface. The base plates of this Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Sit stand desk measures 17.5 inches wide by 16 inches deep. All the units of Kangaroo Standing desks come with one stabilization leg. This Ergodesktop dual monitor standing desk by Kangaroo is mostly available in Black, Maple, Cherry and Putty colours.


  • No installation necessary.
  • Can simply sit on top of an existing desk.
  • Independent monitor and keyboard platform adjustment.
  • Very Sturdy.
  • Great reliability.
  • Very ergonomic.
  • Remarkable lifting strength.
  • The transition from sitting to standing is very smooth and easy.


  • The stabilizing removable leg is a bit irritating.
  • Cannot pivot the screen up and down without using a tool.

ApexDesk GX 36 inches Dual Monitor Standing Desk

You can easily convert your desk into Sit stand desk with this Apexdesk Standing desk raiser in less than a minute. Apexdesk standing desk is definitely the most economical alternative to an electric adjustable desk that can easily cost three times more than this. This Apexdesk GX 36 inches sit stand desk uses dual gas spring lifting system to raise or lower the desk. This best standing desk can hold up to 40 lbs of weight. You can easily raise platform from 6.5 inches to 16.5 inches high by squeezing the handle that is on the both sides, effortlessly. Both upper and lower decks of this Apexdesk Sit stand workstation are made with scratch-resistant, high-pressure, Melamine laminate MDF core. Hence this sit stand desk is very stable and maintenance free.

ApexDesk GX

The upper surface area of this Apexdesk dual monitor standing desk measures 36 inches x 22 inches, which is sufficient enough to handle two 22 inches monitors. Apexdesk standing desk comes with a lower surface area of 24.5 inches wide and 9 inches deep and hence gives enough space to place a full sized keyboard. There are total eight height adjustment levels provided for this Apexdesk sit and stand desk. Hence you can find the ideal height for an optimal comfort. Moreover, no installation is required for this Apexdesk adjustable desk and is ready to use just right of the box.


  • Large Work Surface.
  • Great Spring lift mechanism.
  • No installation required.
  • Very Economical.
  • Can easily adjust to different heights.
  • Sturdy and Stable even at highest positions.


  • No additional space for mouse.
  • Low Weighing capacity.

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Ergotron WorkFit A adjustable Standing Desk Dual Monitor

The WorkFit A from Ergotron modifies existing office spaces or cubes by simply clamping the arm to the back or side of an existing surface. Hence, you don’t need any expensive professional installers. If you don’t want to use it, you can simply hold fold up the WorkFit’s keyboard tray and swing the arm out of the way and so you can free your desktop surface. This best standing desk allows the keyboard tray to be positioned less than 4 inches below the desktop level which gives you more comfort. It can also tilt up to 3 degrees that help wrists remain in a neutral position during the data entry. The weighing capacity of this Ergotron Workfit A dual monitor standing desk is less than 25 lbs.Ergotron workfit A

WorkFit A operates without using any cranks, levers, or motors and hence you need not interrupt your workflow whenever you want to move the desk. The counter-balancing adjustment mechanism used by this Workfit A standing desk makes positioning simple, using patented CF technology. This best standing desk features 20-inch height adjustment which allows working when sitting or standing. The Ergotron Workfit A holds two monitors side by side to create a productive dual display workstation. Displays of this Standing desk can be moved independently of the arm with the help of a 5-inch vertical range to customize viewing.  A supplementary worksurface is also integrated into this Ergotron Workfit A dual monitor standing desk for convenient placement of a tablet or notepad.


  • Easy installation.
  • Keyboard tray installs in 3 positions.
  • Safe and neat routing of cables.
  • Lots of adjustment points.
  • Easily switching from sitting or standing.
  • Effortless operation.
  • Fold keyboard up and swing arm.


  • Heavily weighted standing desk.
  • Typing causes the stand to jiggle.

Kangaroo Elite Standing desk Dual Monitor

The Kangaroo Elite Sit stand desk is very popular amongst all the other desktop-risers. Assembly of this Elite Kangaroo Standing desk is fairly quick and simple. If at all you want to avoid the process of installation, you can opt to get the desk fully assembled during delivery itself. Kangaroo standing desks are mainly designed for cubicles. The Kangaroo Elite Dual monitor standing desk converter comes with 28 inches x 24 inches workspace and hence gives you an adequate amount of space to work with. The steel frame of this desk makes it more sturdy and provides the desk with extra stability.

Kangaroo elite dual monitor

The base of this Kangaroo Elite standing desk converter is made out of non-scratch material and hence you can easily move it around at your desired place. Kangaroo Elite dual monitor standing desk comes with 16 inches height adjustment range which allows users to fix at any height and hence work comfortably while either standing or sitting. Also, the adjustment column of this Kangaroo Elite Standing desk dual monitor, which is at the back of the unit is not at all a nuisance when you are operating the desk. The 34 lbs lifting capacity of the Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk is quite impressive. Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk provides an optional adjustable stabilization leg so that you can prop underneath the front of the work-surface.


  • Sturdy.
  • Stable.
  • Increase activity.
  • Promotes proper ergonomic positioning.
  • Easily switch between sitting and standing.
  • Increases productivity, overall well-being and fun.
  • Affordable.
  • Accommodates people of all heights.
  • Decreases back pain.
  • Customizable.


  •  Adjusting the stabilizer leg can be a nuisance.
  •  Not the best-looking desk.
  • Pricey.

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Versadesk Power Pro 30 inches Standing Desk

This Versadesk Power Pro 30 is an electric standing desk which can hold dual monitors. It is the original, BIFMA rated, patent pending electrically powered standing desk converter that is available at a lower price. To convert your position from sitting to standing, in this Versadesk power Pro 30 standing desk dual monitor, what you need to do is simply push the button. The Versadesk standing desk comes with 2 inches grommets holes. Multiple Monitor setups are also possible with this Versadesk Power dual monitor standing by adding an optional monitor mounting post and VESA bracket.  The three grommet holes allow you to manage cables of your phone, mouse keyboard and any other electronic gadget.

Versadesk Power Pro

Lifting capacity of this Versadesk standing desk is its great boon. This best standing desk can easily lift 80 pounds of office equipment. The motors of this Versadesk Power pro Sit and Stand desk is very powerful. Hence, the desk can easily lift you monitors and much more. You can elevate up to 20 inches with an electrically powered push of a button. Hence, you need not manually lift your converter in order to work while standing. The two-tier design of this Versadesk Sit Stand workstation gives you an upper display surface for your monitor and a lower spacious deck for your keyboard and mouse. VERSADESK Power Pro Dual Monitor standing desk is constructed with a carbon steel frame.


  • Electric Lift Push Button Adjustment.
  • Scratch and Dirt Resistant.
  • Reinforced Steel Frame.
  • Great lifting capacity of 80 lbs.
  • High-Density Fiberboard Surface.
  • Advanced desktop system.


  • Minor Assembly Required.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Vivo standing Desk Dual Monitor

This is the best adjustable dual monitor standing desk from Vivo. The sit to stand desk can change height in seconds by using an innovative height lock mechanism, that is activated by a single pressure handle. Vivo standing Desk comes with an expansive surface that provides great space for single or dual monitor setup. However, the lower deck of this Vivo Standing desk dual monitor holds both keyboard and mouse side by side,  and hence creating a comfortable work area. It also provided with a plus wrist pad that sits on the lower deck of this standing desk.

vivo dual monitor standing desk

The height of the surface can be adjusted from 6 inches and can be locked at different intervals, allowing you to find your perfect comfort level. Vivo Sit Stand desk comes with a Gas spring mechanism that creates smooth and quick transitions and its sturdy base offers great stability at every height level. This Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk sits directly on top of your current desk. The bottom of the base provided with non-slip pads that protect surfaces from scratches and scuffs. Top surface dimensions of this Vivo Dual monitor standing desk are 36 inches height and 22 inches weight, providing enough space for dual monitor and laptop plus desktop set ups. Finally, the overall weighing capacity of this best Vivo standing desk dual monitor is 37.5 lbs.


  • Electric Lift.
  • Large room for two monitors.
  • Good for posture.
  • Quick and esy to set up.
  • Steel frame construction.
  • Great stability at all heights.


  • Short warranty.
  • Limited adjustment range.
  • Small keyboard tray.

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How to choose the best standing desk?


A Standing desk is not a new idea. In the 19 th century, people used to work on the tall wooden desk that is the major norm of many types of workers. Perhaps most famously, many of the writing legends used standing desks for years, and hence increased focus and productivity. By using these standing desks, they used to receive a boost in energy and hence reduce the risk of obesity. Later on, people forgot these sit stand desks for many years. Now, these sit stand workstations are gaining importance again.

Employees work with more energy, with more satisfaction and also committed to their jobs when they are provided with the ergonomic comforts they need. So, many of the companies are providing these standing desks to their employees to improve productivity. You will experience a higher ability to socialize and converse with co-workers, which leads to a more cohesive team. But, the question raised now is, how to choose the best standing desk? Let us know the features that are to be observed in a standing desk before buying.

Best Features

Dual Ergonomics

dual monitor standing desk image

This is the foremost important feature of a standing desk. If a standing desk supports a monitor and provided with a keyboard tray that can be adjusted separately of each other, then it is considered dual ergonomic. This feature allows you to create a proper amount of space between your monitor and keyboard. Hence you can have correct monitor viewing angle and proper typing height. Some desktop converters are having this built-in feature. and some may come dual ergonomic and hence can be converted into dual ergonomic with the addition of a monitor arm. Moreover, some units cannot be dual ergonomic, even with the addition of accessories.

Lot of desk surface area

large work surface image

The space and depth of a standing desk that are usable are two things that come under the size of the work surface. A larger task space allows us to place more objects including a keyboard and a mouse. Hence, this helps us to limit the number of times you need to get up for something to grab that is not in your converter. The depth of s dual monitor standing desk is also very important as this will determine how close your eyes are to your monitor. Hence, you should be cautious of desktop converters that put you too close to the monitor, as this can cause more eye strain.

Range of Adjustment

height adjustmnet range image

The adjustment range of a standing desk is very important while before considering a dual monitor standing desk. You should make sure that the keyboard tray will go high enough for a standing position and low enough for a seated position. It is also important to make sure the monitor can go high enough while you stand to get the correct viewing angle, as we discussed above. Making sure the keyboard tray goes low enough is an important feature for the users that prefer to have their keyboard lower than their normal work surface. This can be achieved with a keyboard drawer or keyboard tray. Moreover, most standing desk converters will sit on top of your existing desk and hence increasing the height of it slightly. There are very some standing desks that allow the keyboard tray to go below the surface of the desk it is attached to.


While not without their flaws, dual monitor standing desk converters are solidly built with user-friendly tools. Hence we find it greatly beneficial both in terms of productivity and health. However, most of the standing desk dual monitors come equipped with utilities to track calories. The biggest sticking points surrounding these Sit and stand desks are issues surrounding sometimes questionable ergonomics. The bottom line is that an average user should have no problem simply taking any standing desk converter out of the box and change your work position leading to the increment in the productivity.  Hope you all satisfied with the above provided standing desk reviews. Stay in touch with us @ to get all the latest updates regarding standing desks. Happy Shopping!!

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