Ergotron Standing Desk Reviews 2019

Standing desks are new trend that has been sweeping the industry like a storm across the globe. These are gaining popularity because of the fact that during work, it is better to stand than sit for a long duration of time. Standing keeps your bold level at a healthy level and hence helps you to be active and keeps the brain more alert. If you sit for a longer period of time, the brain gets bored and hence you tend to feel sleepy. Moreover, if you are in a standing position, it’s hard you to get sleepy as the brain is constantly reminding you to get the job done. Hence comes the Standing Desks. Ergotron Sit Stand Desk is one of the best standing desks in the market now.  The different standing desks from Ergotron are reviewed below. Let us have a look!!

Ergotron Sit Stand Desk Reviews 2019

Ergotron Standing Desk

The Name Ergotron is derived from two words ergonomics and electronics. It is founded in 1982 and has been improving the human interface with digital displays for three decades. Ergotron Sit Stand Desks 2019 are beautifully designed mobility and mounting products for notebooks, tablets, computer monitors and other devices. The mounting solutions from Ergotron include desk, wall and ceiling mounts, desk stands, sit-stand workstations, vertical lifts, device charger stations. Best products from Ergotron are Workfit Dual Monitor, LX Wall Mount, DS 100, Neo-Flex etc.

Top 10 Best Standing Desks by Ergotron 2019

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A wide range of products coming from Ergotron. Among all, standing desks are the best as far as I concern. There are too many adjustable standing desks delivered by Ergotron. We are here presenting you the Top 10 and best  Ergotron standing desks.

  1. LX Desk Mount LCD Arm.
  2. DS 100 Dual Monitor Standing desk.
  3. NEO Flex Dual LCD Stand up desk.
  4. 33-349-200 WorkFit- S Dual Monitor.
  5. Ergotron WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation.
  6. WorkFit – S Single HD Standing Desk.
  7. Ergotron  WorkFit-T Standing Desk.
  8. WorkFit-A Dual Monitor Desktop Raiser.
  9. LX Wall Mount LCD Arm.
  10. WorkFit-D Ergotron Sit Stand Desk.

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Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Ergotron LX Desk Mount

This LX Desk model can be used in a variety of applications. It can accommodate large monitors, mid-sized TVs and computers weighing up to 30 lbs. The LX provides the unparalleled range of motion, being able to provide us sitting or standing posture. The 20inch (51 cm) height range allows us to move between standing and sitting positions. Cable Management system of the Ergotron LX Desk routes cables under the arm, out of the way. The Ergotron Sit Stand Desk can extend up to 25 inches (64 cm) and can push back the display out the way when you are done with your work. The ergonomic adjustment increases viewing comfort and help reduce eye, back and neck strain. Ergotron LX standing desk is provided with patented CF Motion technology which gives you an easy adjustment.

The polished aluminum construction of this best Ergotron LX Sit Stand Desk gives great look and durability. The Clamp and Grommet mount base of this best standing desk from Ergotron ensures the stability of display and arm. It also comes with theft deterrent anchor holes for cable locks. The height range of this Ergotron Sit Stand Desk is 13 inches. The articulating arms feature full tilt/pan capability allows us to sit or stand while computing. Moreover, the tilt keyboard tray ensures wrists remain in a neutral position during data entry.

Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am


  • Very Sturdy.
  • Cable Management.
  • Large range of possible adjustments.
  • Well built monitor arm.
  • Solid construction.
  • Great Look.
  • Extension Arms Available.
  • Easy to setup.


  • Pricey.
  • Table Edge clamp.
  • The base of Ergotronn LX Desk mount sit stand desk is a bit tight.

DS 100 Dual Monitor Standing desk from Ergotron

Ergotron DS 100 Horizontal Standing Desk conserve desk space by suspending two flat panels on a single base. By using that you can easily view multiple screens at a time and hence increases productivity. This best Ergotron Sit Stand Desk comes with modular design which allows customization to fit all your needs. The cable management system of DS 100 Ergotron organizes and routes cables. It can accommodate various LCD Sizes and Maximum Screen Size Supported is 24 inches. The maximum load capacity of Ergotron DS 100 Standing desk is 62 lbs (each monitor 31 lbs). It comes with a maximum height range of 14.3 inches, a width of 28 inches and depth of 12.4 inches. The warranty period of Ergotron DS 100 Standing Desk is 5 years.

Ergotron DS 100 Dual monitor Horizontal

The low profile base of the Ergotron DS 100 Dual Monitor Horizontal Standing desk saves a lot of desk space. The durable aluminum and steel construction of this DS 100 Horizontal model from Ergotron creates an extremely stable platform. The desk can rotate up to 360 degrees. The maximum LCD outside width os this Ergotron Sit Stand desk is 23.25 inches. It can support a screen size of maximum 61 cm that equals to 24 inches. The package comes with two sliding brackets and a paraview bow.


Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am


  • Saves more desk space.
  • Can view Multiple monitors at a time.
  • Great weighing capacity.
  • Best rotation.
  • Very sturdy and adjustable.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Lack of monitor tilt.
  • Pricey.

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Ergotron NEO Flex Dual LCD Stand

The multi Screen revolution of the Ergotron Neo-Flex Dual stand is its best factor. This results in productive dual-display workstation and positions screens perfectly and hence we get maximum ergonomic comfort. The five-inch height adjustability of this Ergotron Neo Flex Standing desk accommodates average dual monitor setup with great height adjustment system. This Ergotron dual monitor stand is one of the most versatile standing desk for sale is available in the Amazon today. you can keep two monitors in either portrait or landscape easily. We can also position one monitor in the landscape and the other one in the portrait position. Maximum outside display width of Ergotron Neo-Flex dual stand desk is 24.5″ (62 cm) when displays are 2″ (5 cm) thick. It can accommodate most displays having screen-size up to 24 inches and in some cases with displays screens as large as 26″.

Ergotron Neo Flex Dual monitor desk

The weighing capacity of Ergotron Neo Flex standing desk is 14-34 lbs, that is equal to 15.4 kgs. It is the best solution for dual monitor users with a small area. The small footprint of this Ergotron Sit Stand Desk frees up your desktop to increase workspace, making the addition of a second display an easy fit. Neo Flex Dual LCD From Ergotron comes with integrated base rollers which enables 360 degrees pan rotation of the stand so that you can share your views with your friends. The Patented Constant Force motion technology of the best Ergotron Neo Flex model enables light-touch adjustments without using any levers or knobs. Its five inches height adjustment accommodates the majority of users ergonomically.

Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am


  • Lets the Monitor Tilt.
  • Can Swivel the monitor.
  • Built Quality is well and good.
  • saves lots of desk space.
  • Great adjustment.


  • Requires large turning circle.
  • Messy Instructions.

33-349-200 WorkFit- S Dual Monitor – Ergotron

Ergotron 33 349 200 Workfit S model converts your desk and hence you can sit or stand while working. The monitors can also be adjusted to up and down positions to provide standing and sitting positions at your desk. The 24 inches screen size of this Ergotron Sit Stand Desk of WorkFit S Dual Monitor model can hold two monitors side by side. It gives maximum outside width of display 24.5 inches if monitor thickness is 2 inches. The maximum weighing capacity of Ergotron Workfit S Dual monitor model is 6 – 12 lbs capacity. Each monitor that is mounted on it could weigh a minimum of 6 lbs and a maximum of 12 lbs. It can give you displays at 3 degrees or 8 degrees upward angle for optimized viewing conditions.

Ergotron 33-349-200 WorkFit-S Dual

Work surface dimensions of this Ergotron 33 349 200 WorkFit model are 23 inches * 15 inches. Maximum total load on the height-adjustment assembly of this Workit S model from Ergotron is 25 lbs. It comes with a keyboard tray of and can adjust up to 18 inches (46cm). The LCD of this Ergotron can adjust up to 4.8 inches independently and the maximum LCD height adjustment is 22.8 inches. The overall height adjustment of this Ergotron Workfit S dual monitor standing desk is 5 inches without worksurface. The warranty period of Ergotron 33 349 200 WorkFit S Dual monitor desk is 5 years.

Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am

  • Easy installation.
  • Maximum LCD Height Adjustment.
  • Can align two monitors.
  • Creates a productive dual-display workstation.
  • Easily and simultaneously lifts keyboard and LCD screens to a proper height.


  • Adjusting or tilting the screens are a bit cumbersome.
  • Minor monitor jiggling when typing.
  • Small mouse pad.

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WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation (black) by Ergotron

Ergotron WorkFit-TL standing desk is an ultra desk which can convert a tabletop into a healthy sit stand workstation. You can place this WorkFit-TL in your open space and you are ready to work now. Ergotron WorkFit TL model comes with a large keyboard tray and hence gives you a wider work surface. It moves straight up and down always staying within the footprint of the desktop. The Workfit TL model form Ergotron comes with 15 inches vertical adjustment. You can simply release the handbrake levers that are on either side of this Ergotron Sit Stand Desk to instantly move the desk in sitting or a standing position.

WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

Ergotron WorkFit TL adjustable standing desk uses Counterbalancing mechanism to facilitate quick height adjustment. This best standing desk works well in corner desk configurations. Th weighing capacity of this Ergotron WorkFit TL standing desk is 10 to 40 lbs. If you add a single monitor kit it will reduce the weight capacity of the WorkFit-TL by 7 lbs and if you add a dual monitor kit will further reduce the weight capacity by 10 lbs. The work surface dimensions of this Ergotron WorkFit TL adjustable standing desk is 37.5 inches * 23 inches. The keyboard tray comes with dimensions of 27.5 inches * 11 inches. The keyboard tray of this WorkFit TL by Ergotron model is positioned 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) below worksurface to maintain ergonomic spacing between keyboard and screen height. It comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am


  • Instantly move to sit or stand as you work.
  • Higher weight capacity.
  • Wider work surface.
  • Ships fully assembled.
  • Extremely stable and solid platform
  • Works well in corner desk configurations.


  • Key board platform is a bit small.
  • The lever locking mechanism is tough.

Ergotron WorkFit – S Single HD Standing Desk

The New Ergotron WorkFit – S Single HD standing desk can convert your present desk into sit-stand workstation easily without any difficulty. Its 22.8  inches height adjustment range enables sitting or standing while you work. The Ergotron Sit Stand Desk WorkFit S model supports single monitor up to 30 inches screen size. The weighing capacity of this best standing is about 29 lbs i.e. it can carry a monitor weighing up to 29 lbs. The work surface dimensions of this Ergotron WorkFit S single Adjustable standing desk is 23 inches * 15 inches. It also provided a keyboard tray of 27 inches * 9 inches. This keyboard tray is large enough to hold a phone, tablet and other writing materials making the workstation self-sufficient.

Ergotron WorkFit S Single

You can easily raise or lower your keyboard and display in one easy motion, by pushing or pulling your hand and yet the system remains stable throughout the work. The keyboard that is placed on this Ergotron Sit stand Desk can adjust up to 18 inches and LCD adjusts 4.8 inches independently. The maximum height adjustment of LCD is 22.8 inches. The Ergotron WorkGit s Single HD adjustable desk comes with a Desk clamp, Height adjustment column, LCD Pivot, Work surface and a large keyboard tray. The Desk Clamp attached to the surface edge provides 47 inches to 2.4 inches thickness. The keyboard tray can tilt and hence ensures wrists remain in a neutral position while typing. The Complete warranty period of Ergotron WorkFit – S Single HD Standing Desk is 5 years.

Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am

  • Independent monitor screen adjustment.
  • Easily and simultaneously lift keyboard and monitor to your height
  • Can lower your keyboard below desktop height when you sit.
  • Install keyboard tray at focal distance that is right for you.


  • Slightly too small to comfortably support two 24 inches screens.
  • Cheap, plastic keyboard tray.

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Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk

The WorkFit T model by Ergotron makes you move up and down fairly effortlessly. You can simply push the paddles on each side of the desk and hence can lift and lower it without much fuss. The desk of this Ergotron WorkFit T can rise up to almost 15 inches from its lowest position, which adds a max height of 20 inches to your present desk. Hence there’s definitely room for a tall person to use it without any problem. The maximum weighing capacity of Ergotron WorkFit T adjustable desk is 35 lbs. This best standing desk also has the ability to adjust the vertical distance between the main desktop surface and the keyboard tray.

Ergotron WorkFit T

The Ergotron Workfit T Stand up desk can fit on a desk surface of 24 inches deep or large. Work surface dimensions of this Ergotron standing desk are  35 inches wide * 23 inches deep. Keyboard tray of this WorkFit T model is 25 inches * wide and 9 inches deep. It moves in tandem with the surface area and can be positioned 4.5 inches below the work surface. There is “ADD” option on this Ergotron Sit Stand Desk which allows you to keep your keyboard below the work surface. The Ergotron WorkFit T model uses Counterbalancing mechanism with  CF technology to facilitate quick height adjustment. This best Adjustable standing desk works well in corner desk configurations. i. e. it can fit on a surface that is as shallow as 18 inches or 46 cms. The overall Warranty period os this Ergotron Sit Stand Desk is 5 years.

Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am


  • Ships fully assembled.
  • Instantly change your position from sitting to standing while you do your work.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Extremely stable.
  • Solid platform.
  • No cranks or motors to engage.
  • Independent screen adjustment.
  • Smaller footprint which fits your budget and space.


  • Keyboard platform may be too small.
  • The Desk will add only an inch or two of height to your current desk

WorkFit-A Dual Monitor Desktop Raiser – Ergotron

The WorkFit-A Ergetron Sit Stand desk comes with a suspended keyboard and supports dual monitors. It is an adjustable workstation mainly designed to minimize the risk of continuous sitting for long hours. The Ergotron Workfit A can easily lift or lowers both the screen and the keyboard. If you need more workspace, you can simply hold the keyboard up and swing the arm completely out of the way. Like all other Ergotron Sit Stand Desks, this Workfit A  standing desk comes with patented Constant Force technology for optimum comfort and ergonomics. In case of Ergotron WorkFit  A desk, you just put a minimal effort to smoothly move and lift the display to tilt and turn your screen in any direction. The keyboard tray can be set up in three different positions i. e. at the centre, or offset left and offset right.

Ergotron WorkFit A

Monitor cables, keyboard cables, mouse cables, etc. can all be tucked neatly into the crevices of the WorkFit-A-arms. The arms of this Ergotron Sit Stand Desk WorkFit A can bend, monitors can slide up and down smoothly, tilt, pan and can even rotate. The Ergotron WorkFit A desktop raiser can accommodate people over 6’3 height. The maximum loading capacity of Ergotron Adjustable desk is 25 lbs. It can hold two LCD monitor up to 14 lbs each. The entire Work surface of this Ergotron WorkFit A Desk can hold up to 5 lbs and Keyboard tray holds up to 2 lbs. LCD and keyboard of this Ergotron Height Adjustable stand up desk can be adjusted up to 20 inches (51 cm) in tandem.

Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am


  • Lots of adjustment points.
  • Easily switching from sitting or standing.
  • Effortless operation.
  • Easy installation.
  • Fold keyboard up and swing arm.
  • Keyboard tray installs in 3 positions.
  • Safe and neat routing of cables.


  • Typing causes the stand to jiggle.
  • Heavily weighted standing desk.

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Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm

The Ergotron LX Wall Mount desk allows great display positioning adjustments for better productivity. Ergotron Wall Mount standing desk is simple to assemble and easy to install. This best standing desk is designed in such a way that you can reposition your display with one simple touch. The sleek and streamlined design of this Ergotron LX Wall Mount allows you to free up space on your desk. This Desktop raiser can extend your LCD up to 27 inches. You can also push back your display out of the way when not in use. The maximum height range of Ergotron LX Wall Mount is 13 inches.

Ergotron LX Wall Mount

LX Wall Mount by Ergotron comes with a great cable management feature that completely conceals and routes cables under the arm, hence keeps your workspace neat and clean. The weighing capacity of this Ergotron Wall Mount LX desktop raiser is 7 to 20 lbs. The monitor that is placed on this LX wall mount desk can tilt 70 degrees up and 50 degrees and can pan up to 360 degrees. This height adjustable desk can attach directly to sturdy vertical surfaces, Wallplate or a Wall track using brackets. The base of this Ergotron Sit stand desk with LX Wall Mount model includes theft deterrent anchor holes for cable locks. It can be configured to hold a laptop instead of an LCD display.



Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am


  • Provides Ergonomic Comfort.
  • Can adjust the display according to our need.
  • Enabling the display to be pushed out of the way, when not in use.
  • This arm reduces shoulder, neck, back and eye stress.
  • Greater Durability.
  • Can install into wood stud.


  • Cable management is a little lacking.
  • Have to zip tie all the cables.

WorkFit-D Ergotron Sit Stand Desk

The Ergotron WorkFit-D standing desk helps you reduce the negative effects of sitting. This best standing desk comes with great height adjustments and hence fit your preferred height. Ergotron Workfit D Desk provides a robust weight capacity of 65 lbs that can hold not only one monitor but also multiple displays. The patented Constant Force Technology allows Ergotron workstations to provide the best comfort through smooth positioning and re-positioning of both display and keyboard.  Ergotron WorkFit D Standing desk comes with a workspace of 23 inches by 48 inches and can be moved up and down up to 20 inches.

WorkFit D Ergotron

The minimum height adjustment of this Ergotron WorkFit D adjustable desk is 30.6 inches whereas the maximum height adjustment is 50.6 inches. It is provided with four (4) levelling glides that can establish a firm footing and is adjusted to install the desk even on uneven floors. The WorkFit-D Ergotron Sit Stand Desk leaves you a roomy space to put all your gadgets and tools, such as books, phones, tablets, and water bottle along with the usual space for keyboard and mouse. This best adjustable standing desk can stand from 29 inches tall to 49 inches tall. Ergotron WorkFit-D desk package includes the steel base, height -adjustable platform, MDF worksurface with Melamine surface, hand-brake system and four (4) glides.

Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:25 am

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  • Efficient design.
  • No cranks or motors.
  • Safe and Easy to use.
  • Great Stability.
  • Spacious work surface.
  • Robust weight capacity.
  • Scalable for future computer equipment.
  • More Flexible.


  • Expensive.
  • Keyboard tray needs a few more inches in height.

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Things to remember before buying a Standing Desk

There are so many things you should consider before buying a Standing Desk. These are sometimes also called Sit Stand desks, Stand up Desks, Sit to Stand Desks etc. There are thousands of different standing desks available now. But there some important factors to remember before buying a stand up desk. Let us have a look!!!

Height Adjustable

Height adjustability is highly recommended if you prefer a flexible workstation that can accommodate all of your work. With the help of Height adjustable standing desk, you can make use of your desk while reading, writing, talking on the phone, when computing and so on. Hence, Standing desk height is an important factor to consider before buying.

A Whole New Desk, or a Unit that Sits on Top of the Existing Desk

This is compulsory a matter of preference. Here you should consider your available space, as well as the surface space you need to work effectively.  If you like to spread all your things out and keep a lot of elbow room, a whole new desk may be a better choice. If you don’t prefer more work surface, then a desktop sit-stand unit may be a perfect choice for you.

Desk Depth

A depth of the desk is nothing but the front to back table distance when you face your desk. In general, the desks are available with at least 30 inches depth, which is suitable enough for all users. If it is less than that, it may impact visual performance leading to eye strain and discomfort.

Desk Width

The Desk Width is nothing but the available space and your work preferences. Nowadays, the adjustable standing desks are available in different sizes and shapes including L-Shapes, hence pick the best Standing desk.

Electric, Pneumatic or Crank Adjustment Mechanisms

In most cases, Electric or pneumatic Standing desks are recommended strongly. People need lots of patience to use these Crank Adjustable Desks. Hence, people prefer Electric standing desk, as they are easy to use and install.

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Weight Capacity

Each adjustable Stand up desk has a different weighing capacity. All most any height adjustable Standing desks have plenty of capacity to provide space for different items. If you want to place heavy items on your desktop, then you should pay attention to weight capacities.

Noise Considerations

Most of the Electric Standing Desk use small electrical motors which makes noise while adjusting the standing desk height. If you use that Stand up desk at your home or at a small office, that noise is not an issue. But, if at all you use the desk in a public or open work area, then you should definitely consider the noise created by it.

Adjustment Speed

Of course, the speed is also a matter of preference. Most electric Stand up desks available today are fast enough to satisfy most of the users. In some cases, some adjust faster than others. Hence, choose the best one, if speed is the main factor for you.

Adjustable Monitor Arm

Monitor arms are not necessary for many users. But it is recommended if you want your desktop to move in all vertical, Horizontal, angular and rotational adjustments. This Adjustable Monitor Arms helps you to set your computer at a certain a height and flexible to orient your monitor. You can easily adjust your own viewing preferences.

Keyboard Tray

Key Board Trays are probably not necessary for case of Height Adjustable Standing Desks. However, if you are a shorter person, then you need an adjustable keyboard tray which can adjust lower than the desk height.

Standing Desk Price

Above all, the price is an important factor. Of course, some standing desks are cheaper when compared to others, but don’t be in hurry to choose the cheapest one. When you are investing in a standing desk, don’t forget that you’re investing in your health and well-being. Also, check for the warranty period. If they provide you with a lifetime warranty, then that will be a great deal for you to buy the best standing desk.

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Why to Chose Ergotron Standing Desk?

Standing Desk converters from Ergotron allows the ability to stand and work. They offer a wide range of tools designed which reduce the stress of employees whose jobs demand to remain standing for long periods of time. Ergotron Standing Desk supports dual/Single monitors. You will definitely like the fact that you have the ability to adjust the height of the monitor and keyboard separately. The best and unique feature of this Ergotron Height adjustable standing desk is, you can push out the monitor away if you are no more using it. The counterbalance system of this Ergotron Sit Stand Desk 2019 raises or lowers your keyboard/desk and their workstation’s display(s) simultaneously.

Ergotron Sit Stand Desk

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As far as I concern, Ergotron is the best standing desk that is available on Amazon. This is one of the finest sit/stand modular workstations. After using these Ergotron Sit Stand Desk, you will notice an immediate improvement in your workplace performance, as well as your overall health and stamina. The Ergotron Standing desk reviews 2019 offered here are a sincere attempt to give you an outline of all standing desks from Ergotron. We also provide you with the relevant pros and cons of each listed model, as well as how each might be used. Hope the reviews are helpful for you. To get more details regarding Standing Desks, keep visiting us @ Thank You!!!

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