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Excessive Effects of Sittings | What are the proper ways to sit at Desk?

For many of the people, office works involve some extended periods of time at a desk. For some people maybe it can be all day. An extended sitting, such as at a desk, in front of the screen or behind a wheel is very harmful. Let’s see what are the Excessive Sitting Effects.

Excessive Sitting Effects

Sitting too long period of time raises your diabetes, risk of heart diseases, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Moving the whole day will help you more to lower the risk of these health problems than the exercise.

Excessive Sitting Effects image
Excessive Sitting Effects image

Despite the growing availability of ergonomic products and some workplaces offers flexible gym hours, still, scientists believe that many desk employees have already last damage to their bodies as a result of sitting all day.

Effects of sitting too much

There are Excessive Sitting Effects on the body that can occur from sitting for a long period of time at a desk. Below are some of the effects of sitting too much:

  1. Low energy expenditure: Sitting for a period at a desk reduces your non-exercise activity. Also affect your metabolic syndrome, obesity, may increase type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  2. Slower metabolism: With the prolonged and immobile sitting there is a decrease in muscle contractions. This slows down the clearance of fat from the bloodstream and also decreases the effect of insulin.
  3. Compromised posture: Sitting for a long time causes the pelvis to turn backward and puts the stress on lumbar discs. This position will force to put the head forward and cause the shoulder to curve to balance the weight transfer.
  4. Back and spine injuries: Extended and constant loading of tissues over the period of time keep the pressure on low back and stress around the joints and muscles.
  5. Reduced social skills: Sitting and the interaction limited only over the internet causes a decline in social involvement and well being psychological.
  6. Metabolic syndrome: Sitting causes low energy expenditure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.
  7. Chronic pain: Long period of sitting at a desk and inadequate sitting postures will result in an excessive increase of lower back pressure. These pains can become symptoms for chronic disease.
  8. Obesity: Suiting at a desk for work reduces the person’s expenditure. Because the body’s major muscles are not being used and minimizing the calorie burning. Over the prolonged period of time, this will lead to gain in weight and in many cases obesity.
  9. Diabetes: Sitting for a long time at a desk all the day will spoil the body’s ability to handle the blood pressure which causes the reduced sensitivity to the hormone insulin, which helps to carry the glucose from the blood into the cells where it is used to produce energy.
  10. Cancer: Low physical activity has an impact on the increased incidence of cancer. One of the studies found that there are chances of developing breast, ovary cancer and corpus uteri in women who work in sedentary jobs.
  11. Risk of heart diseases: Sedentary behavior increases the risk of cardiovascular disease more in men.
  12. Mortality is adversely affected: One of the studies found that extended sitting time is responsible for 6.9% of deaths. The association between the sitting and mortality is the same for all age groups, men, and women, healthy and physical activity.

And there many more effects of sitting too much on the health of the human body and even reduces the life span.

Side effects of sitting too long on the computer

With the constant rise of digital technology, many people keep on sitting which is the common posture at the workplace. Most of the desk workers on average spend around 10 hours of time sitting in front of the computer, where there is no chance of any physical activity all day. And unfortunately sitting for a long time is actually very dangerous to your health. Many of the people have health issues like poor diet, bad genes, and even the environment. There are many side effects of sitting too long on the computer. Here are some of the side effects of sitting too long on the computer:

Side effects of sitting too long on the computer image
Side effects of sitting too long on the computer image
  • Weight gain: There is no doubt that an inactive lifestyle can definitely lead to an increased gain in weight. Too much sitting is considered as decrease lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity, which shows a negative impact on the ability to burn the body fat. This results in an increase of fat stores and encourages in using the carbohydrates for fuel which results in contumely gain the fat in the body even though while consuming low-calorie fat.
  • Poor blood circulation: Another consequence of immobile sitting is that poor circulation. An extended time of sitting can slow down the circulation and cause the blood to pool in the feet and legs, which will lead to swollen ankles, varicose veins, and even the dangerous blood clots like deep vein thrombosis.
  • Heart disease: When our body has poor blood circulation and less fat burns then there is a chance of increasing fatty acids which blocks the arteries in the heart. This links to elevated cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. In fact, one study has shown that men who spend more time that is 10 hours per week in riding the car and about 23 hours per week watching the television have 82% and 64% great risk in suffering the heart disease when compared to people who spent less time on both the activities.
  • Weak muscles: Sitting all day weakens and loosens the muscles in the body. And without strong glutes and legs, our body becomes unable to hold while sitting down. Even don’t keep stable while jumping or walking, which may lead to risk an injury.
  • Diabetes: There is a high risk of diabetes in people with physically inactive in an extended sitting. This is because of too much-sitting decrease the strength of muscle. This results in lower insulin sensitivity which means the cells respond slower to the insulin. The lower the insulin sensitivity the higher the chance of diabetes.
  • Posture problems: Extended sitting and slouching causes different types of problems for back, neck, shoulder, and the hips. Your spine loses its flexibility due to pressure, your shoulder and neck stiffen and curve, pelvis spin in wrong way if you do not use an ergonomic chair or having bad posture.
  • Chronic body pain: The long period of time you sit and with the bad posture you are likely to experience the chronic pain in the areas like the back, shoulder, neck, legs, and hips.
  • Brain damage: If you are sitting for the whole time then the brain will be unable to get enough oxygen and blood which it requires to function properly. As a result, the functioning of the brain will slow down. When the brain does not get enough glucose energy then the brain cells will get damage.
  • Anxiety and depression: Another side effect of extended sitting is depression and anxiety. Those who sit for the whole day do not enjoy the health and mood-boosting benefits that come from staying fit and exercise.
  • Cancer: The scariest side effect of extended sitting is the risk of getting colon, lung, and breast, endometrial and uterine cancer. The fact is that sedentary behavior will boost the production of insulin in the body which encourages the growth of cells.  Cancer risks can also link to metabolic dysfunction, weight gain, changes in hormone level and inflammation.

Is sitting bad for you?

The question ‘Is sitting bad for you’ is explained in detail in this article.

Generally, the body goes through some physiological changes when it is not being used. For example, when the bigger muscle present in your lower body is not working, then the inactivity sends the signal to the brain which changes your metabolism. These changes cause an increase in levels of blood sugars and a 90% decrease in the use of the amount of stored fat which is used as a fuel in the body. This, in turn, has a number of ill effects, from obesity to risk of cancer in the future.

When seated the body burns only 1 calorie per minute. Sitting also causes the muscles to slow down. Is sitting bad for you? Yes from the above it is clear that sitting for a long period of time without moving has many risks and effects on the body.

Proper Sitting Posture at Desk

The proper sitting posture at desk depends on a person’s height, an activity they prefer to do while sitting and the chair they are using.

By following some of the proper sitting postures at the desk a person can achieve a proper sitting position and can improve posture:

Proper Sitting Posture at Desk image
Proper Sitting Posture at Desk image
  • Keep the feet flat by resting them on the floor or either on the footrest.
  • Avoid cross knees or ankles.
  • Maintain the small gap between the chair and the back of the knee.
  • Position the knees at the same height or little lower the hips.
  • Place the ankles in front of knees.
  • Relax the shoulders.
  • Keep the knees and forearms parallel to the floor when possible.
  • Hold the elbows at sides creating the L-shape in arms.
  • Sit straight and look forward without strain on the neck.
  • Keep the back against the chair, use some cushion or backrest at some places where the back does not comfortably meet the chair, especially in the lower back part.
  • Avoid sitting for a long period of time; take a break for at least 10 minutes for per hour of sitting.

Good posture will train your body to walk, stand, sit, and lie in positions where the strain least placed on the supporting muscles and ligaments during the movement or weight-bearing activities.  Proper sitting posture at a desk keeps the bones and joints in correct and proper alignment. Also, decreases the stress on ligaments and holding the joints of the spine together, prevents fatigue and muscles are used effectively. For more info on Excessive Sitting Effects, visit www.standingdesk.io regularly.

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