Things to consider while buying a Standing Desk image

Things to consider while buying a Standing Desk

The wide popularity of standing desks has exploded in recent years but most of us are confused about choosing the right kind of desk. In this guide, we will try to examine Features to consider when buying an adjustable Standing Desk.

Features to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Standing Desk

Based on our usage, there will be some things that should be considered before you opt for an adjustable standing desk.

Things to consider while buying a Standing Desk image
Things to consider while buying a Standing Desk image

Before we look at them in detail let us learn some basic terms.

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is a term that is used to denote any kind of desk that you can stand up at. This could be a simple, fixed-height desk that you can only stand at or a height-adjustable standing desk. This type of desks allows you to comfortably stand while you work and then adjust the height of the desk to sit.

Why should we go for a Standing Desk?

Sitting has been recently dubbed as the ‘new smoking’. Recent researches reveal that using a standing desk can be highly beneficial but lots of people choose to alternate between sitting and standing. Standing for long hours can also be a tiresome process. Standing at your desk can help you move around more at your workplace.

Researchers assert that standing can help you burn more calories than sitting. Also, usage of standing desks can significantly improve the productivity of employees at least by 50%.

Choosing the Right Standing Desk

How to choose the right standing desk? Let us look at some of the factors to consider.

Your Setup and Nature of Work

The nature of your work and the devices you use at your work station is one of the major factors to consider before choosing your standing desk.

Case #1 Using Only Laptop

Using Only Laptop image

Most converter standing desks do not support the usage of a laptop unless you use an external keyboard, as these types of desks have two separate areas – one platform to place a keyboard and other to place a monitor. You may not be able to safely place your laptop in the keyboard platform so you might need a single surface standing desk. Any electric or portable sit to stand desk can help when you want to use a laptop.


Case#2 Using a single monitor desktops

Using a single monitor desktops image

When you use this kind of set up with a keyboard and single monitor, you can utilize the standing desk to its maximum. Most sit to stand desks are stable and have enough space to support a monitor and keyboard. In this case, all you need to consider is your body shape and height to choose the right desk.


Case#3 Using a keyboard and two monitors

Using a keyboard and two monitors image

When you have a set up with two monitors and a keyboard the only factor to consider is the weight of the equipment. You need to look for a sit-stand desk that is stable, large and strong. Also make sure that it can hold the weight of the equipment and has space large enough to hold any paperwork, stationery, etc.


Case#4 Using a keyboard, monitor and a document holder

Using a keyboard, monitor and a document holder image

If most of your work involves typing or data entry, you might have to handle a large volume of papers and documents. A document holder is essential in such a scenario. You need a larger desk to keep your document holder right next to your monitor. Some converter type desks might have room to keep the document holder above the keyboard, and this can obstruct the view of the monitor.


Your height and shape of the body

Not all type of sit and stand desks might suit every individual. Although most desks designed considering the average height and weight of an adult, if you are taller, shorter, bigger or smaller, then some type of desks might suit you better than others.

While most of the sit and stand desks are ergonomically designed, it should also be adjustable easily. Let us look at some of the factors to consider.

For Tall People

For Tall People image

When you are more than 185cm in height you considered tall. You need to wisely choose the type of sit and stand desk. Some sit and stand desks will not rise high enough for taller individuals to keep their arms at a correct angle. Some converter desks might not be stable enough to hold the weight of the person who leans on it.

People who are tall can choose electric converter desks. Because they can extend high enough and offer the most stability and weight capacity.


For Small People

For Small People image

If you are less than 165cm tall, you considered small or of a smaller build. In this case, it will be difficult for the person to raise and lower the sit and stand desks. Particularly if the sit and stand desks are loaded with monitors and keyboard, it can be very difficult if the gas lift is not of good quality.

When the converter type desk raised to full height, it might stand higher than the shoulder level of smaller people and they might not possess the strength and weight to move it back down. The handle of the desk is sometimes located away from the edge; it will be difficult to operate with smaller hands.

Choosing the right standing desk

While a sit and stand desk might solve your “sitting” problem, you should also consider the factors stated above. Later, carefully choose the right one that will suit your specific needs.

This guide has hopefully given you an insight into choosing the right standing desk for you. But if you are still not sure of which ergonomic setup might suit you, it is always better to try few before ending up with one. This way you can be sure of finding the best choice for your needs. To get more info on Best Standing Desks, keep in touch with our website.

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