Flexispot M3B Standing Desk – Spacious enough for your Two Screens

Flexispot M3B Standing Desk Review 2023

The life in today’s world has become so fast and hectic that people don’t have time to even stop for a second and do things what they loved to do before. People don’t even have time for themselves, their health and fitness. The excessive and everyday increasing work load completely stresses out the people, leaving them various health issues. In your very busy and tightly packed schedule the little you could do, to improve your health is to add small habbits in daily routine which will help in numerous ways and keep you healthy.

People working day and night like human machines to achieve their goals and touch the sky without caring about their health unless it becomes compulsory as it will affect their work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, teacher, boss, office worker lecturer or anything you require a good personal work station for yourself to work efficiently and effectively.

It will aid you all the possible ways and avoid getting you stiffed back, shoulders and neck. It will allow you to easily change positions in between while you’re working without creating any hindrance in you work. The wrong kind of workstation can be very uncomfortable and keep you distracted from your as you try deal with an important presentation, project, or assignment. But with a good work station you can give your undivided attention to your work and also keep yourself health.

Just a good work station will enhance and improve your health. You won’t be able to achieve the heights, if your health doesn’t support you and falling sick is not going to help. Now, there are many work stations which will keep you active while you’re working and in a second you can go from sitting to standing and work unhindered with positive & increased results. In today’s article we will discuss about Flexispot M3B Standing desk review with all its glory and unglory to help you choose from plethora of work stations available in the market.


  • Convenient Ergonomic Design
  • Compact Built
  • Smooth Height Adjustment
  • Quick Release Key Board Tray
  • Easy Installation
  • Increased Efficiency and Production
  • Performance Level

1. Convenient Ergonomic Design

The Flexispot M3B Standing Desk work station has been designed very carefully for use of convenience and comfortably by its designers and made by the manufacturers. The good quality material used in its making makes it very sturdy and the strong legs to support the whole work station and the height adjustments easily & quickly.

The height of the product can be adjusted according to your desired height and preference. Sitting all day long could be very agonizing, but with this work station you can stand anytime and work while standing. The Flexispot M3B Electric Standing Desk is a compatible product for offices, home-offices, classrooms and libraries. The Ergonomic design of the product is made while keeping in mind the comfort level of the users and consumers.

2. Compact Built

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk has used high quality polyester fibre for the frame work and to provide the very solid legs to aid the whole work station. You can trust the work station and all your things will be will be safe on the work station. This Electric Standing Desk has the holding capacity of 44 lbs for the entire desk which can easily hold two desktops of different sizes and other office supplements such as dairy, stationary, notepads and other supplies.

The product is spacious enough and will allow you manage and keep your belongings in a very organized manner and help increase your work efficiency & productivity. The product is very easily portable and reliable to trust your things and work with it. The product doesn’t make any kind of noises as you changes its height, as it would be quiet disturbing for people working around you and, even for you.

3. Smooth Height Adjustment

The Flexispot M3B 47” Adjustable Standing Desk offers very easy and quick height adjustment which require just some effort to adjust the height of the work station of your Flexispot M3b Adjustable Standing Desk according to your desired height. All you have to do is to lightly squeeze the handle bars as you get up and the desk will rise with you. Now, reaching the desired height you can lock the notch to your preferable height. When elevating the desk, you need force of 13 lbs and while de-elevating you just require force of 3 lbs only.

The mode of change is quite easy and even easier with minimal effort to raise it without spending much time and energy on it. It will keep you active and you will find increased productivity and efficiency of in work and improved health free of all the stiffness from sitting. Now, you longer have to deal with back, neck, legs pain, after installing this work station.

4. Quick Release Key Board Tray

The Flexispot Standing Desk Converter comes with an extended quick release large keyboard tray for accommodating large keyboards, mouse and a mouse pad for you to easily type and work on the desktop. The desk easily holds two desktops and a laptop of varying screen sizes and other things such as notepads, files, and other stationary supplements. You can keep your things in an organized way and manage it properly. The work desk looks clean and organized making it more useful and spacious.

5. Easy Installation

The Flexispot M3B 47 Adjustable Standing Desk comes with a very easy assembly kit which included all the tools require to set up the work station for to get it ready to use. It won’t much time or energy from your busy day. Hardly 5-10 minutes, following the instructional manual. If you by chance face any problem, you can call their customer service number for help.

6. Increased Productivity & Efficiency

The Flexispot Standing Desk Converter is an amazing product for all the people out there who have an all day long sitting job which could give you aching stiff body. The uncomfortable work stations will make you tired and exhausted. But in this work station you can change your posture according to your convenience which will enhance your working experience while sitting as well as standing.

You don’t even have to spend much time & energy; you can go from sitting to standing in a second or two and vice-versa. You will have complete control over how and in what way do you want to work. You can give all the undivided attention and focus on your work optimally and with hundred percent increased productivity. You can remain healthy and work hard towards achieving all your goals without compromising on your health.

7. Performance Level

The Best Flexispot Desk Riser is a great product offering quality features and services which would not only help improve your health but also completely enhance your working experience with better and great results. Now, you no longer have to complaint about stiff body and pains. It offers very beneficial performance making hundred and thousands of people are happy and satisfied customers today.



  • Manufacturer : Flexipot
  • Model : M3B-FS
  • Product Dimension : 50.5 x 26.2 x 8.7 inches
  • Product Weight : 66 pounds
  • Size : 47″ (M3B – size variable)
  • Height Range : 5.9-19.6 inch (M3B)
  • Height Settings : 12 height settings
  • Availability : In three sizes and two colours (Black and White)
  • Height Adjustment : 5.9-19.6 inch



You can buy Flexispot M3B Standing Desk Amazon. It always has great deals.


It is easy to set up the Flexispot M3B Standing Desk. All we have to do is fix this on a regular desk so that it can be used as a normal computer desk but with a little squeeze at the handlebar present at one side of this Standing desk you can convert into a standing desk in the very same place.


The keyboard tray of Flexispot M3B Standing Desk is attached five inches below the desktop and can not be adjusted, and so the height of the keyboard depends on how high the desktop is raised. The maximum height of the keyboard from the floor can be 44 inches, not more than that.


In case of a flat/folded position, the Flexispot M3B Desk is about 6 inches from the top of your desk. Also, your keyboard measures at less than one inch off the desk’s surface in sitting position.


As much as I know, the dimension of the foot print of the work station is approx. 31 x1/4″ x 22 ¼. I hope this helps.


That is quite easy all that have to do is to squeeze the handles on the to elevate it as you stand and the same as you sit. It doesn’t require much energy and runs very smoothly without getting stuck in between. Once you reach your desired height you lock the handle with the notch to stay put of the height you want.


The Flexispot M3b Standing Desk is a very salubrious product for people working of all ages. You can gift it to your closed ones who are working, studying or even like playing games or watching movies on a desktop. It will keep them active and health even while they just sitting or standing working, nothing else. The product will become your aid in achieving your goals that too without compromising on your health. It comes with a feature with straight rise up and downward of the work station. I would definitely recommend the product to everyone whose requirements are fulfilled by it and are looking for a healthy work station. Flexispot Adjustable M3B Standing Desk has been given 4.7 stars out of 5 in the Amazon for Flexispot M3b Reviewers happy from the product works. In addition, the Flexispot M3B has been ranked 6th in Computer work stations and 1817 in Home & Improvements.

FlexiSpot M3B-FS 47-inch Wide L-Size Black Standing Desk image

The Flexispot Electric Standing Desk has a great compact ergonomic designed keeping in mind to offer maximum amount of comfort level and satisfaction to its consumers worldwide. The smooth height adjustments are very easy and quick within seconds you can change your position from standing to sitting or vice-versa. It comes with great health benefits and keeps you active even while working & helps burn calories to some extent. The very easy installation kit will take just five to ten minutes to set it up for use.


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