Flexispot Sit Stand Desk Converter – Stylish and Compact design that fits your Modern Home

FlexiSpot 32″ Standing Desk Converter Unit Review 2023

Say Good-Bye to back pain due to continuous sitting!! The brand new Standing Desk has come to reduce all your health issues. You know what? Sitting too much is not good for your health. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that you should stand for the whole day!! Recent searches suggest that one should spend standing for every 2 hours of sitting. Hence, standing at regular intervals improves your health benefits.

Even though standing is better than sitting, you should take regular breaks to stretch and move your complete body. So, you should better use a standing desk to avoid all those health issues. This Adjustable Standing desk converter is really good for your health. Try the new Flexispot standing desk converter, which is more portable and easy to use. Let us look at the standing desk converter reviews to know more about it before going to buy.

Flexispot Classic Standing Desk Converter Overview

Are you guys ready to transform your existing desk into an ultimate sit to stand desk? Then the best choice is FlexiSpot Adjustable Stand up desk. We are here providing the complete FlexiSpot reviews for your convenience. It would help if you placed the entire desktop workstation on your current desktop, and you are ready to sit or stand.

This height adjustable standing desk converter is designed with an intuitive counterbalancing mechanism that provides smooth transitions when you raise or lower the desk. I can strongly say that this is the best sit to stand desk converter for people who want to maintain their existing desk and save time with the quick assembly. The 12 height settings of this FlexiSpot standing desk converter make it easy to adjust the sit-stand riser to fit your height perfectly.

This sit to stand desk converter also has a separate keyboard/mouse deck. It is more helpful to elevate your computer monitor to eye level, and you can keep your hands in a comfortable position for the better usage of keyboard and mouse. The deeper work surface of this best standing desk converter provides a more comfortable reading distance.

It also gives more surface area for your monitor, laptop, tablet, paperwork, etc. The wider & removable keyboard tray pf the FlexiSpot Classic Standing Desk Converter offers ample space for a full-sized keyboard, mouse, and mousepad.


  • Removable Keyboard tray
  • Compact
  • No Pre-determined Heights
  • Spacious

1. Removable Keyboard tray

You heard it right. You can remove the keyboard tray and use the monitor when required. Just like normal tables standing desks won’t come with a keyboard tray that goes in and out. It might be annoying for some people while reading or writing. So, FlexiSpot 32-inch Standing Desk is designed with a quick-release keyboard tray, which you can easily remove when you think it is coming into your way.

2. Compact

FlexiSpot 32” Standing Desk is in a compact size that you can lift and place it easily on your existing desk or any other current layout. It’s Futuristic look and streamlined design suits any modern house and any of the devices (computer or laptop). So, if you are looking for a desk that is both comfortable and stylish, then FlexiSpot 32″ Standing Desk Converter is the perfect choice for you.

3. No Pre-determined Heights

You can raise or lower the unit simply with one-touch adjustments. Means, with a single touch of the lever, you can change from sit to stand positions or vice versa. Coming to the main topic, here in FlexiSpot Standing Desk, there are no pre-determined heights. Means, in many standing desks, there will be limited pre-determined heights which you need to select from. But with this FlexiSpot 32-inch Stand Up Desk, you adjust the height of the unit easily that matches your specific height requirements.

4. Spacious

The work surface of this FlexiSpot 32” Height Adjustable Standing Desk is very spacious that you can place a laptop or notebook along with the monitor. Furthermore, this oversized surface area of FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk Computer Riser gives space for notes, documents, etc. along with devices. You can get the comfortable reading distance with its deeper work surface.



  • Manufacturer : Flexispot
  • Model : F3MB-FLEX
  • Dimensions : 40 x 38 x 12 inches
  • Product weight : 54 pounds
  • Dimensions (Flat) : 6.7″(H) x 31.5″(W) x 20.5 “(D)
  • Extended Dimensions : 16.9″(H) x 31.5″(W) x 28.9 “(D)
  • Work surface measures : 31.5″(W) x 28.9 “(D)
  • Keyboard tray measures : 26.8″(W) x 8.46″ (D)
  • Extension Height : 16.9″ (Footprint Surface) & 11.3 ” (Keyboard Tray)
  • Movement when raise it up : 5.35″ back at the highest height

Highlights of Flexipot Standup Desk

  • Flexi Spot’s standing desk converters contain a gas spring hovering system which allows the workstation to adjust smoothly for both sitting and standing with just a little squeeze of the handles.
  • The Wide Keyboard tray of this FlexiSpot standing desk offers a deep, wide surface. It also contains a room for your work materials and sufficient space to put your monitor at a comfortable reading distance.
  • 12 height levels of this sit to stand desk converter provides a transition between sitting and standing throughout the day.
  • Adjustable Standing Desk converter’s workstation rises and folds vertically within its footprint. Hence, it would help if you no made any spatial accommodations, unlike other products.
  • The FlexiSpot standing desk Converter supports up to 35 lbs. It has undergone extensive testing for balance, stability, and movement.
  • With the help of this best standing desk converter, you can easily adjust the height of the standing desk to match your specific height requirements.
  • Futuristic look and streamlined design of FlexiSpot Standing desk converter make it easy to integrate into your current layout.
  • You can easily remove the keyboard tray of an adjustable standing desk converter whenever you need your desk for reading or writing.
  • One can raise or lower the platform of this best FlexiSpot Standing Desk converter with just a single touch of the lever.
  • The height-adjustable standing desk converter’s compact design is ideal for corner cubicles and occupies limited space.
  • Tablet groove design of this sit to stand desk converter makes it easy to support your phone or tablet.

FlexiSpot – Compact riser Standing Desks

The founders of FlexiSpot are very passionate about transforming the conventional workspace into a highly active environment. They design products that help people to lead a healthier life. The entire team of FlexiSpot is innovative enough to use the latest technology to give feasible products that make productivity healthier. Their main products are Standing Desk Converters, Height adjustable desks, Desk bikes, Standing Desk accessories, etc.



No, the keyboard can not go below the height of the Flexispot Sit Stand Desk.


The FlexiSpot standing desk converter is extremely reliable. If you are looking for a solid work surface that provides the stand-up and sit-down capability, you should go for this Adjustable FlexiSpot Desk Converter. The surface area of this standing desk converter adjustable is large enough to accompany photos, pencil holders, and small paper file holders, etc. Most of the customers often choose the FlexiSpot desk for the same reason.

If you want to have the ability to stand up while working, without disrupting their normal workflow, you should go for this FlexiSpot Classic standing desk converter. This best sit to stand desk converter comes with a comfortable product. This Standing desk for sale is available on Amazon. I hope the given standing desk reviews are sufficient enough to buy.

FlexiSpot F3MB-FLEX 32-inches Standing Desk Converter image

Overall, FlexiSpot 32” Height Adjustable Standing Desk is the best compact and modern desk that suits any limited workspace perfectly. No pre-determined heights is its best selling point in the market. More special features like a removable keyboard tray and a deeper work surface made it the best desk.


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