Ikea Bekant Sit/Stand Desk – You can just adjust the table top height electrically!

Ikea Bekant Standing Desk Review 2023

You know one thing!! Excessive sitting slowly kills you. It sounds hyperbole. But it is a serious issue. According to a recent survey, a man who sits for more than seven hours for their work had a 20% death rate than those who sat for two hours or less. When you sit, your body uses a very little amount of energy. Hence, powering down your body for a long time leads to negative health effects on your body. Standing up can also increase your focus in many different ways. First of all, you will come to that sleepy feeling and start doing work with more fun. The standing desk lets you be more active and can release your useless energy. For your sake, I’m here to present you with the Ikea Bekant Standing Desk review. This best sit-stand desk for sale starts now. Let us have a look!

Ikea Bekant Sit Stand Desk Overview

Ikea Bekant is a standing desk that is used to adjust it to a sitting and standing position. The height adjustment range of this Ikea standing desk is pretty accommodating. The height range of this best standing desk is 48 inch which is suitable for people who are 6’5″ or shorter. The table of the Ikea Bekant sit/stand desk is made out of particleboard, and its edge is surrounded by PVC material. The sit-stand desk is also provided with a handy cable management net hidden underneath the desk’s surface. The top of this height adjustable standing desk is covered with veneer coating. The Ikea Bekant legs are rounded-off. The Ikea Bekant standing desk lifting capacity is a maximum of 150 lbs. Please keep visiting our site to get all updates regarding present and upcoming standing desks.

The space between the legs of this standing desk Ikea is 51.5 inches. You could easily adjust the height of this Ikea Bekant standing desk with the touch of a single button. The Ikea desk Bekant entered the world with a variety of configurations having different tabletops. The Ikea adjustable stand up desk can support dual monitors, each with 23 inches. The motor of this Ikea Bekant Sit Stand desk is quiet when compared to any other Sit and Stand Desks I have tested till now. It is a bit shaky at the higher heights. The best feature of this standing desks Ikea is its warranty period. This best adjustable standing desk provides an ultimate warranty of 10 years. The tabletop of this Ikea Standing desk is scratch resistant. The edge of Bekant Ikea is protected with plastic.


  • Height Adjustable
  • Feel comfortable and work better
  • Deeper Work Surface

1. Height Adjustable

Ikea Bekant Sit Stand Desk allows you to adjust the height of your desk from 22-inch to 48-inch. It is not the riser which we can place on our current desk. This Ikea Bekant Sit Stand Unit itself is the desk that comes with an adjustable height feature. There is no need to face any difficulties in positioning your desk manually because it allows you to adjust the tabletop electrically, which ensures an ergonomic working position.

2. Feel comfortable and work better

It won’t take much time to change the height settings of Ikea Bekant Sit Stand Desk. You can easily and quickly do the transition, and that too electrically. So, now you will feel more comfortable and do the work productively by easily changing your positions from sitting to standing or vice versa. Moreover, if there is no desk in your home and planning to get one, you can go to this sit-stand desk rather than choose the normal desk.

3. Deeper Work Surface

As IKEA bekant sit stand desk review from a trusted customer says that Bekant Sit Stand Desk comes with a deeper work surface where you can maintain the required distance from the monitor. You can even keep the monitor closer or can maintain the distance as per your comfort and need. This deeper and generous work surface helps the people to read or watch on the monitors more comfortably.



  • Manufacturer : Ikea Bekant
  • Dimensions : 63″ x 31.5″
  • Table Top : Veneer Coating
  • Desktop material : Particleboard, Ash veneer, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer, Foil, Clear acrylic lacquer, ABS plastic
  • Desktop Edges : Round Edges
  • Underframe Material : Steel, aluminum, polyester powder coating.
  • Maximum Load : 150 lbs
  • Height Range : 22″ to 48″
  • Warranty : 10 Years

More about Ikea Bekant Adjustable Standing Desk

  • The Ikea sit-stand desk tabletop is a Veneer surface table that is more durable, easy to clean and the best stain resistant table.
  • You can easily change the positions of your sitting and standing, which helps you to work better.
  • The height adjustment range of this best Ikea Bekant desk is from 22 inches to 48 inches to ensure an echo friendly working position.
  • With the help of the cable management net under the desk of this Ikea Bekant sit/stand table, you can keep your desk neat and clean.
  • The Deep tabletop of this Ikea Desk Bekant provides you with a generous work surface and allows you to stand at a perfect distance from the computer monitor.
  • Ikea Standing Desk is controlled frame is controlled with a small push-button interface tucked under the right side of the desktop. It is equipped with safety if you want to disable the motor at any time.
  • Motors of this Ikea Bekant Desk are built into the legs and are completely out of view.
  • The motor goes from top to bottom in just under 20 seconds with a little bit noisy.
  • Ikea standing desk can weigh a loading capacity of 150 pounds.
  • It is the best warranty period I have ever seen for Sit-Stand desks nowadays for 10 years.

Ikea Bekant – Standing Desk Converter

IKEA is a multinational group. They headquartered cat Netherlands. The main Motto of the Ikea group is to design and sell furniture, kitchen, and home appliances. It is the world’s largest furniture retailer since the last decade. The Ikea Bekant Group was founded in the year 1943. The company is known for its modern designs for various accessories. IKEA owns and operates almost about 400 stores in around 49 countries in the world.



Follow the steps below to program the IKEA Bekant Sit Stand Desk:

1. Go under the table on one end and locate the Allen head adjustment screw on the center of the table leg.
2. Rotate the adjustment screw counterclockwise or clockwise to adjust the height with the Allen wrench one full turn.
3. Push or lower down the bottom portion of the leg to adjust the height.
4. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to lock the leg in position when the desired height is achieved.
5. Adjust the other leg the same way and level the desk using a leveler.


If you want to go for the best and cheapest Sit to stand desks, I think you should go for Ikea Bekant Standing Desk. I seriously refer to this best standing desk for both office and home purposes. You will surely save your money when you purchase this standing desk IKEA. The desk is cheaply made and hence is low priced. Now, this best Ikea Bekant Standing Desk for sale is ready on Amazon. Moreover, when you’re ready to purchase your first stand up desk, make sure to check the warranty information, desk specifications, purchase options and buying experiences of multiple brands. I hope the given IKEA Standing Desk review is more helpful to you. We recommend taking a look at other sit-stand desk reviews provided. Happy Shopping!!!

Ikea Bekant Desk Sit Stand Black Brown Black image

In brief, Ikea Bekant Sit Stand Desk is a comfortable desk that ensures a better working position. You can work better from changing the positions easily and quickly. Moreover, this unit is extremely cheap with considerate features.


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