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Jarvis Standing Desk 2020

Hi all!! Are you people still doing work sitting continuously? Are you not aware of the standing Desks yet? No worries. Im here to present you the best Standing Desk ever, the Jarvis Bamboo adjustable standing Desk. This desk has entered the world with high new quality. In olden days standing desks were popular in both homes and offices. Now, again these standing desks have regained some popularity. Because we are slowly realizing the drawbacks of continuous sitting.

If you observe clearly, we do more work and that too with more fun, if we perform anything standing. I mean to say, we should stand frequently, without continuous sitting like a robot. Rather than sitting all day staring at a computer screen, surely it would be better to be standing in between(doing the same work). It also improves brain function also. Standing desks have been designed in many styles and variations. Go through the Jarvis standing desk reviews provided below.

Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk Reviews

The Jarvis desk is one of the best standing desk currently available in the market. Fully Standing Desk is available in two shapes, seven sizes, with a selection of accessories. The standing desk adjustable has been fine-tuned and battle-tested for maximum reliability. The assembly of this standing desk is also not that difficult as it comes with clear directions. If you like to keep bundles of stuff on your desk, then this Jarvis standing desk can be helpful for you with its 350 lb lift capacity. The LED Programmable handset of this Fully Jarvis adjustable standing Desk lets you adjust the height of the desk quickly. The height of this best Fully Jarvis Standing Desk is high enough for a tall person of 6’7″ to stand. The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk raises and lowers at 1.25 inches per second.

The warranty period of the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Desk is of Seven years. The wire management bundle of this Jarvis standing Desk has a surge protector with a 15 ft cable, zip ties, two cable trays, and double-sided tape to attach the trays to the back underside of your desk. The corners of Fully Jarvis Bamboo desk are rounded and sealed, hence the desk looks really new. You can observe grommets for the Jarvis Height adjustable Standing Desk that can hold an AC outlet and two USB ports. The standing desk includes a CPU holder that can hold a CPU up to 22 lbs and can swivel to 360°. Bookmark our page, standingdesk.io to get all the latest updates on all adjustable standing desks.


  • Easily Adjustable
  • Reliable and Strong
  • Additional Features

The Jarvis Standing Desk Frame allows you to change the positions from lower to upper with ease and speed. To make this happen, this frame is coming with LED programmable push-button memory handset that has 4 presets which helps you change heights easily. With 25.5-inch of height adjustability and 350 lbs lifting capacity, this Jarvis Standing Desk is easily adjustable and that too with a top height of 51-inches. With a comfortable soft start or stop you can go from sitting position to standing position at 1.3-inch per second.

With 350 lb lifting capacity, Jarvis Standing Desk Frame is strong enough to bear your desk with 2 monitors, laptop, notebook and other accessories or documents or pens, etc. You can adjust the height from 23.25-inches to 49.25-inches. Even at the top height, it can handle the weight of upto 350 lb. It is not only strong but also reliable so you can be confident that your setup is safe with the most highest lifting capacity of 350 pounds around.

  • Simple Setup: With some easy-to-follow instructions you can handle the Jarvis Standing Desk Frame to set-up properly without any difficulties. Even though you are not good at tools, you can easily install it with the simple guide.
  • Perfect top: It suits well for the desk top that are sized from 44-inch to 82-inch wide x 24-inch to 36-inch deep.


Specification Name Value
Fully Jarvis
Item model number
44 x 10.7 x 10.2 inches
Item Weight
65 pounds
Extended Range
Material Type
5 years on Top, 7 years on Frame, Mechanical, and Electrical
LED display
Yes(goes black after 10 seconds)
Operating noise
less than 50dB
Rounded Edge

Overview of the best Standing Desk – Jarvis

  • You have 2 options for adjusting the height of the standing desk. First one is the simple handset, which has a button with up and down options.
  • The second one is the programmable handset. With the help this, you can preset your preferable sitting and standing height of the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk.
  • By using the grommets of this Standing desk, you can plug in three devices per grommet. This is really helpful and convenient to charge your phone.
  • The CPU Holders of this Jarvis adjustable standing desk frees up floor space and looks a lot better. The CPU holders are available in two different colors black and silver.
  • The locking casters of this Jarvis Standing adjustable desk will add 2 inches of height. Hence it could be useful if you’re really tall and also makes the desk mobile.
  • The fully Jarvis bamboo desk contains a pencil tray under your desk and swivels out, that is more convenient for holding small items.
  • The sidekick of Jarvis desk bamboo is painted with grey, white, or black that matches your Jarvis frame.
  • The Standing adjustable desk has also a lock for all three drawers, 5 rolling casters, a pencil drawer, box drawer, and a drawer for hanging all the files.
  • The Fully Jarvis offers an articulating monitor arm, or dual monitor arms, and an optional laptop tray.
  • With the help of the arms of this height adjustable standing desk, you can get your monitors at the perfect angle when you’re sitting and standing by applying very less amount of pressure on your upper back and also neck.

Fully Jarvis – Affordable Standing Desk

The founders of Fully comes with a mission of inspiring others to bring their full, active selves to work and life. The bamboo they use comes from the forests of Thai and Chinese where no pesticides or fertilizers are used to grow trees. The Fully Jarvis Bamboo also made Chairs, Desktop Accessories like Anti- Fatigue Mats, CPU holders, Keyboard trays, Monitor Arms, storage and side tables etc. By the end of the year Fully is going to introduce an everyday chair namely Tic Toc with active seating options.


  • Height adjustable desk
  • Digital display handset
  • 7 year warranty
  • Simple set-up
  • Reliable and Strong


  • The Standing desk adjustable is very well built
  • More Stable
  • Large lift capacity (350 lbs)
  • The Jarvis Bamboo desk looks very beautiful
  • The Tabletop also looks and feels great to use
  • The speed of adjustment is really damn good
  • Nice customization options
  • Free shipping


  • Cable management could use improvement
  • The Jarvis Standing Desk arrives in 2 shipments and that too two different times

Bottom Line

The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk is a really an extraordinary competitive desk. So far we’ve reviewed a number of adjustable standing desks, and this one is one of our favorites. We’ve seen people attach an old door to make their own tabletop. This is the best adjustable standing desk that received a lot of favorable reviews. Hence, I request every one to have this Fully Jarvis bamboo desk at your home to make your life better. This height adjustable standing desk for sale is available on Amazon now. Get ready and grab the offer!!

Al-inclusive, Jarvis Standing Desk Frame is the most innovative and reliable frame that is now available in the market. This frame is not only attractive and balanced but also easy to assemble. With all these features it is still coming in an affordable price.

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