Fully Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk Reviews 2019



Transform your existing workstation, or even your entire office, with the help of the Standing Desk Converters. Dentists, physicians, corporate executives and office assistants are using these standing desks to reduce or eliminate back, shoulder, wrists and neck pain. So, the only way to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of prolonged sitting is avoiding it. Hence, working at a Standing Desk will accomplish that for most of the employees. Moreover, Standing all day puts stress on your entire body just as sitting all day does. Hence, we recommend you start your day standing and can sit for a while when your feet get tired. Even a one-hour standing per day will relieve a large amount of stress caused by sitting all day. Among all standing desks, Fully Jarvis is the best Adjustable Stand Up desk. Let us have a look at the Jarvis Standing Desk Review.

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk Reviews 2019

The Jarvis Standing desk is the latest entry from Fully. Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing desk is an extremely sturdy, beautifully designed Stand up desk that makes you sit-to-stand with the single press of a button. Fully Jarvis desk is one of the best Standing desks for sale currently available for the money. It is a solid and well made Sit and Stand desk that is easy to adjust. The top of this Fully standing desk is heat resistant, scratch resistant and water resistant to powder coated MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Jarvis Sit Stand Desk comes with various Width and L shapes, great height adjustment encouraging you to move throughout the day. Some desks from Fully Jarvis comes with Treadmills. Various models of Jarvis Standing desks are available on Amazon. The best Fully Stand Up Desks Reviews are discussed in this page.

Jarvis Sit stand desk

The Best Fully Jarvis Desk Reviews 2019

Jarvis Bamboo is one of the top rated standing desk available on Amazon. Fully released various models of sit Sit Stand desks undeJarvisis. I’m presenting you the best Jarvis Standing Desks which are suitable for both office and Home purpose.

  1. Jarvis Electric Adjustable Standing desk.
  2. Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable standing Desk.
  3. Crank Powered Sit Stand Desk.
  4. Jarvis Evolve Standing Desk.
  5. Fully Jarvis Adjustable Green guard Laminate Desk.
  6. Jarvis Frame only.
  7. Hardwood Sit and Stand Desk.
  8. Jarvis Atwood.
  9. Jarvis3 powder coat L Shaped Desk.
  10. Jarvis Treadmill Desk.

1. Jarvis Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis is a Sit and Stand Desk which is more helpful for your static working environment. With the single press of a button, you can convert your standing desk into sitting position without any effort. Jarvis Electric Standing desk has 350 lbs lifting capacity, which has plenty of strength to lift multiple monitors. The height adjustable range of this Jarvis electric standing desk converter is 23.25 inches to 48.75 inches. jarvis Electric deskJarvis Sit Stand Desk supports table top from 44 inches to 82 inches wide and 21 inches to 36 inches deep that will extend beyond the edges of the desktop.

Jarvis Electric standing desk also provided with a telescoping crossbar. Fully Jarvis desk comes with programmable memory digital handset which includes four preset options. This best Jarvis Standing Desk can be raised or lowered in just 1.5 seconds. The Jarvis Electric Stand Up Desk requires assembling. Hence, it comes with an assembly manual, which helps you to assemble it easily. Finally, the warranty period of this Electric standing desk from Fully Jarvis is seven years.

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2. Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Stand Up Desk is truly sustainable. The material is harvested by the hand preserving root structure. This Jarvis Bamboo Stand up Desk has 350 lbs lifting capacity. Height adjustable range of this Jarvis stand up desk is 26.5 inches to 45.75 inches (without top). The adjustment speed of this Fully Jarvis Desk is 1.3 inches per second with soft start/stop. This best stand up desk also provided with four programmable memory presets. The desk height LED display is also included in the Jarvis Bamboo sit and Stand Desk. This Auto dark LED display goes after 10 seconds.

Jarvis bamboo adjustable desk image

The adjustable foot levelling studs of the Jarvis Bamboo stand up desk is good for uneven flooring with 0.25 inches adjustment. The operating noise of Fully Jarvis sit stand desk is less than 50 decibels. An optional wire management grommets are situated on the back left and right corners of this best Jarvis Standing desk.  Jarvis Bamboo Sit Stand workstation comes in three different colours, Black silver and White. Moreover, two more colours are also available namely, Alloy and Red. Sometimes, Jarvis Sit Stand Desk also offers powered grommets for Black and White desks.

3. Jarvis Crank Powered Stand Up Desk

Crank Powered Sit Stand desk from fully Jarvis is the replaced version of Electric Standing desk. You can quickly place this Jarvis Crank powered desk in any of your desired places. With the Sturdy hand crunk of this Jarvis Stand Up Desk, it can be easily adjusted from 27 inches to 46 inches. This Jarvis stand up desk moves an inch with every three rotations. The weighing capacity of this best standing desk from Fully Jarvis is 150 lbs capacity.

crank desk image

The lifting column of Fully Jarvis standing desk is wider at the bottom of a more stable desk than many other adjustable height desks that are available on the market. The thickness of Jarvis  Crank Powered Stand Up Desk is 3/4 inches. Jarvis Sit Stand Desk core material is a medium density fiberboard. This Crank Powered Standing desk Jarvis surface is Thermotech powder coat and hence it is Scratch resistant. The Stand Up Desk moves 3.25 revolutions per inch of travel. The number of Cranck rotations of this best Standing Desk is 57 to travel full height range. Jarvis Crank Powered Sit and Stand Desk makes a noise of fewer than 20 decibels.

4. Jarvis Evolve Standing Desk

Evolve Stand Up desk from Fully Jarvis is the best standing desk with drawers. This is the new stylish adjustable standing desk. Fully Jarvis Evolve Standing desktop is made of solid maple and birch plywood. The top dimensions of this Jarvis bamboo adjustable standing desk are 48 inches wide, 27 inches deep and 6 inches tall. The available top dimensions of this Fully Jarvis Standing Desk are 48 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches.

Jarvis Evolve desk image

Inside drawer dimensions are 16 7/8 inches wide, 16 5/8 inches from front to back and 2 1/2 inches deep. The front panel of Jarvis Evolve Adjustable Sit stand desk measures 19 5/6 inches * 4 3/16 inches. The back of this Sit and Stand desk is solid maple with hinged door panel and a combination of handle/cable channel. Door panel that is presented on the back side opens onto a built-in cable management area that comes with three interior cable channels which are on the left, right, and centre and opens to the underside of the desk. The weighing capacity of this Jarvis Evolve Stand up desk is 350 lbs.

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5. Jarvis Greenguard Laminate Adjustable Desk

This is the most eco friendly Stand Up Desk from Fully Jarvis. The outside material of this Jarvis standing desk is waterproof, scratch resistant, GreenGuard gold certified laminate. This eco friendly Jarvis Stand up desk is available in 12 colours and 7 sizes. Inside material of this Fully Jarvis bamboo sit and Stand desk is a heavy duty, high density particle board core which is 100% pre consumer recycled wood fibre.

Greenguard laminate desk

The thickness of this Fully Jarvis desk is 0.8 inches. Width from 48 inches to 2 inches custom tops are available for Jarvis Greenguard laminate sit and stand desk. The surface material of this Jarvis Standing Desk is  HPL (high-pressure laminate) which is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. Jarvis Desktop is rectangular in shape that is available in 48″, 60″, and 72″ wide options. This best adjustable stand up Desk also have wire grommets on left, centre and right side of the desk. The price of this Jarvis GreenGurad Laminate adjustable desk is 460$.

6. Jarvis Frame Only

You can add this Jarvis Frame to your adjustable standing desk. It is simply an amazing product from Fully. Jarvis Frame only is the attractive, durable, stable and easy to assemble the desk. The lifting capacity of this Jarvis Frame only desk is 350 lbs which is more enough to handle more than one monitor. This best Jarvis desk comes with 25.5 inches height adjustability. It comes with an impressive top height of 51 inches. This Fully Jarvis desk comes with heavier steel feet plus a lifting column which is wider at the bottom and hence more grounded. The Standing Desk price of this Fully Jarvis Frame model is $425.

jarvis frame only desk

The desk comes with rubber grommets and hence less vibration. Jarvis Frame only workstation has a height adjustable range of 26.5 inches to 45.75 inches, without a top. The adjustment speed of this best Sit stand Desk is 1.3 inches per second. This Fully Jarvis Frame only comes with four programmable memory presets and with desk height LED display. The Frame only desk from Jarvis is provided with Adjustable foot levelling studs for all uneven floors with 0.25 inches adjustment. Finally, the sound made by this Jarvis Standing Desk frame, when it moves up and down is just 50 decibels and hence won’t disturb others.

7. Jarvis Atwood Standing Desk

The Atwood Desk top is designed after classic household desk. This new Jarvis Atwood desk is suitable for any space and is available in five beautiful finishes, seven different for drawers, and three colours for the frame. The Fully Jarvis Atwood, desktop raiser, is made of maple wood and probably fairy dust. Top dimensions of this Atwood desk are 30 inches x 60 inches x 6.5 inches. The Top shelf dimensions of this Jarvis standing desk are 11.8 inches x 60 inches. Jarvis stand up desk Atwood from front edge to drawers depth is 15.375 inches.

Jarvis Atwood desk

The opening space of this Jarvis Atwood standing desk is 22 inches x 11.8 inches. Inside drawer dimensions of this best standing desk measures 15 inches x 9.25 inches x 3 inches. The front panel of Fully Jarvis desk measures 17 inches x 3.25 inches. Jarvis Atwood weighing capacity is 350 lbs. Height adjustable range of this Fully Jarvis bamboo sit stand workstation is 23.25 inches to 48.75 inches. This best Jarvis adjustable desk’s adjustment speed is 1.5 inches per second. Like all other Fully Jarvis Standing desks, Atwood desk comes with four programmable memory presets. The operating noise of this Jarvis Atwood desk is less than 50 decibels.

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8. Jarvis Treadmill sit Stand Work Station

Jarvis Treadmill Sit Stand desk is the best ever desk from Fully. This Jarvis Bamboo Top is truly sustainable with no pesticides or fertilizers. The thickness of this Fully Jarvis Desk with 48 inches width, is 5/8 inches. And all other tops of 60 inches and 72 inches width is 3/4 inches. The overall thickness of Jarvis Standing desk is 3/4 inches. The core material of this Sit Stand desk is medium density fiberboard made from 100% recycled wood fibre. The surface area of this Sit to Stand Desk is scratch resistant.

tread mill desk image

A treadmill that is attached to this Jarvis Standing desk has USB charging port on the console. The Walking speed of the Treadmill attached to this Sit Stand Desk is 0.4 – 4.0 miles per hour. Weighing capacity of this Jarvis Treadmill sit Stand Desk is 350 lbs. Overall dimensions are 70 inches x 29 inches. And the belt dimensions of this Jarvis Standing desk are 56 inches x 20 inches. Finally, the warranty period on the frame is a lifetime, Motor is three years, Parts of the desk is two years and Labor is one year.

9. Jarvis3 powder coat L Shaped Desk

The 3-legged Jarvis Standing Desk is the newest member of the Jarvis family.  Jarvis3 L shaped sit Stand workstation has same features as the remaining desks, but with a few major differences. Moreover, this the best Standing desk is stronger than the remaining standing desks, with its additional third leg. This adjustable desk can lift up to 535 lbs. The Jarvis L shaped top is made from two rectangular pieces and hence can be assembled in either a left or right facing configuration. Tops of this adjustable desk are available in three different sizes and fifteen environmentally friendly finishes. The Width adjustable frame of this Jarvis3 L Shaped adjustable sit stand desk comes with telescoping upper and lower crossbeams which make both extensions of the frame adjustable.

jarvis3 L shaped desk

One way of the frame comes with 45 inches to 72 inches and the other way with 55 inches to 78 inches. Hence, you can use the same frame for L tops up to 86 inches x 86 inches. This desk has a motor on each leg. The upper supports and lower crossbars ensure that all three legs of Jarvis3 L shaped standing desk. Powder coating of this L shaped Jarvis Stand Up desk is thicker and more durable than paint, and much cleaner, too. Height adjustable range of this Jarvis Sit stand work station is 24.5 inches to 50 inches with a top. The adjustment speed of this best adjustable standing desk is 1.5 inches per second with soft start/stop. The input voltage of this Jarvis Desk is 110 volts, and that of output is 31 volts. Finally, the operating noise less than 50 decibels which is audible enough.

10. Jarvis Junior frame Only Standing Desk

Jarvis Junior is a lean, mean up-down machine and it’s just pretty Stand up desk. This is a true standing desk which occupies an economy of space. This best Jarvis Standing Desk occupies a little space of 26 inches x 27 inches of floor space. Hence, those who have limited floor space, this Sit Stand Workstation suits a lot. Jarvis junior Sit Stand desk can lift up to 350 lbs and can adjust from 27.8 inches to 47.9 inches. This StandUp desk can accommodate tops with 16 inches to 48 inches wide and 26.5 inches to 32 inches deep. Height adjustable range of this best standing desk is from 27.8 inches to 47.9 inches.

Jarvis junior desk image

Jarvis Junior standing desk’s adjustment speed is 0.8 inches per second. Like all other Jarvis Standing desks, this desk is also provided with four programmable memory presets, with desk height LED display. The operating noise of this Jarvis stand up desk is less than 50 decibels, without any top. If the desk comes with a Bamboo top, the thickness will be 5/8 inches. If the top of this is Jarvis Junior desk is a laminated one, the thickness will be 0.8 inches (for standard) and 1.25 inches (for clearance). Jarvis junior electrical desk input voltage is 110 volts, and that of the output voltage is 31 volts.


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How to Choose the Best Standing Desk?

Are you going to buy a Standing Desk? Then, you should decide a desk that fits your lifestyle. That may be for office use or for home purpose. You may be in the middle of search trying to know the difference between an Electrical Desk or a manual desk. One thing to remember is, the desk you are choosing is just a Standing desk or a height adjustable desk. People are choosing standing desks, not because they are tired of sitting. Moreover,  sitting down while you work is simply not a cause of poor posture and back pain. It may lead to many nasty diseases and sometimes changes in your body lead to an early death. You may take it as a joke but it is true. Because our bodies are not built to sit all day long. Hence, we are giving the best features that you need to consider before buying a Stand Up Desk.



The foremost important feature of any standing desk is its adjustability. You should not choose a desk that is stuck in a particular position. First of all, it is not a matter of height, that is customized to your own needs. Hence it won’t feel as comfortable as a desk that you can adjust to your desired level. Secondly, your standing styles may change as you get used to the desk, and sometimes you may want to make some adjustments later on. The ability to shrink back down to traditional height is very important for any standing desk. In most of the cases, desks without adjustability option might be cheaper, but they miss out many of the benefits.


Structure place an important role in choosing a stand up desk. When you decide to choose a regular office desk, then you should go for a rectangular workspace which can hold a computer and perhaps a laptop perched upon it. Of course, not every office set up is not all the same. Moreover, standing desks can be manufactured as a regular straight desk or as a corner workstation, and some might be custom-made to fit your exact home, office, reception, or room requirements. In some cases, the desks are custom made, and hence they’re designed to suit the size and shape of the desktop. So, no risk of knocking knees on desk legs.

Height memory

height memory image

This is a great feature that makes your desk switching between sitting and standing an easy task. By the way, you won’t get height memory on manual height adjustable desks. Hence you are advised to choose a motorised desk, that contains a motor below the desk. Multiple memory positions of the standing desk let you transform your workspace from sitting to standing,  with a slight push of a button within seconds! In case of manual desks, you have to physically adjust the desk height. And electric desks without memory features, you cannot able to find the sweet spot you lost when you moved the desk back down to a sitting height. Hence, being able to program your preferred sitting and standing heights will make you switch up your positions throughout your workday without wasting time and energy.

Multi-Level Surfaces

Many of the standing desks are completely flat. This feature looks dependable and also a simple design. Sometimes you want to choose a stand up desk that includes multi-level surfaces or accessories. This gives you valuable shelf space for a variety of items and is a boon to the organization. Higher and lower sections of the desk can also prove valuable if you need to port your desktop to a monitor from your laptop. You can also perform other technical feats while working on your latest project.

Cable-Friendly Design

cable friendly desk

In most of the cases, you don’t like all the cables to drop off your standing desk. Hence, go for a desk that has an option for cable management. All that you need is a simple hole in the desk for routing all the cables. Some Stand up desks also come with cable trays to run your cables along to avoid the messiness and hence gives you more workspace and also a good looking Sit Stand Workstation.

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Enough Support

This is a minor feature if you are using for home purpose. But in some cases, it is very important based on what you are using your sit and desk for. Most of the standing desks support anywhere from 200 to 300 pounds and sometimes even more. Moreover, that capacity is sufficient for the average desktop, speakers, and some items. However, some professional work may use multi-monitor scenarios and some seriously heavy equipment like keyboards, large-scale printers, amps, and so on. Above all, make sure the Sit Stand desk you choose is made to support any extra weight.

High-Quality Materials

The best sit Stand Desks use a high-quality material that gives it a professional look. Some standing desks use real bamboo and some aluminium. Others offer neat metal and glass combinations that give a great look at the desk if you can stand the fingerprints.

Lift Technologies

lift mechanism

Some standing desk comes with lift mechanisms. With the help of this, you can change your entire computer desk or workspace to new heights. There are three different lift types that come with a stand up desk.

  • Deluxe Electric Bases (Standard or corner). This is the most popular option, which is the easiest one and gives you a fast range of motion at the push of a button. It also includes a programmable remote.
  • Pneumatic Gas Lift Base – It is an Ultra-smooth adjustability with an easy lever release. This is best suitable for desks that are placed away from electrical outlets.
  • Crank Lift Base – This is the most economical, durable and highly reliable lifts proved in a wide range of work environments.

Above all, no matter which base you choose, your Sit stand workstation must be easy, quick, and quiet to operate.

Standing desk price and warranty

Standing desk Cost

Of course, the price is an important factor for everything to buy. Cost of Standing desk can vary significantly depending on the type of desk you choose. It typically depends on the desk size, product specifications and country of origin. Some important specifications like weight capacity, adjustment range,  speed, and materials used will play an important role in the overall cost of standing desk. Entry level standing desk bases can be available below  $349. But some high end models, being manufactured in the USA, can sell at higher prices. Hence, one should choose the best standing desk that is available at low price smartly. Moreover, don’t forget to look for the warranty period of the best standing desk.

Why to choose Fully Jarvis Standing Desk?

jarvis standing desk image

The Jarvis is a mid-tier stand up desk sold exclusively for office purpose. Jarvis Standing Desk is the perfect choice for both environmentally and aesthetically conscious sit and stand desk users. The bamboo they used for the Sit Stand desk is very sustainable and harvested without pesticides or fertilizers. This best Jarvis standing desk comes with beautiful colours from the Kiln and not from any chemical dyes. The main reason why Jarvis become the most wanted standing desk is its desk’s frame. Fully Jarvis desk is available in seven sizes, two shapes, and a selection of accessories that are fine-tuned and battle tested.

Most of the Jarvis standing desks comes with wire management grommets, that are situated on the back side of your desktop. They also offer powered grommets that include one AC outlet and two USB ports, so that you can plug in up to three devices per grommet. Jarvis sit stand desk is available with a standard up / down switch or sometimes an upgraded programmable memory handset option that auto-darks after 10 seconds.

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We’ve accumulated more experience with the Jarvis Bamboo than with any other desk, and hence it remains the best standing desk. The Fully Jarvis desk rises and falls smoothly with no shuddering and is stable, even when it is raised to its maximum height. This Sit and stand Desk is particularly resistant to front-to-back wobble. The Jarvis accommodates the height of 95.5 percent of American adults and can support up to 350 pounds, including the top. You can customize a Jarvis that fits your space and looks just the way you want. The Jarvis Standing desk will arrive fast, with easy-to-follow instructions and quality parts. I hope, the above given Jarvis standing desk review is more helpful for you. this Jarvis standing desk for sale started and hence get ready to grab the best desk.

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