Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Adjustable Standing Desk – Get true dual ergonomics with it!

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro 2023

Standing Desk!! Are you all aware of this word? No? Don’t bother!! I’m here to give clear details about standing desks and the best stand-up desk available on the market. Nowadays, all the employees are advised to get up and take movement breaks without sitting throughout the day. But it is not possible in all cases. Hence comes the Standing Desks. These allow us to stand there itself without going anywhere and may continue our work by standing.

It is the best option for employees who want to improve their posture and reduce eye strain. Among all, the Kangaroo Pro Standing desk is the best one. You may find the stand-up desk a bit distracting at first, but you’ll likely adjust and learn to focus on your work.

Kangaroo Pro Standing Desk Review

The Ergo Driven Kangaroo Desktop is very popular amongst all the other desktop-risers for many reasons. The assembly of this Kangaroo Pro Standing desk is fairly quick and simple. You can also opt to get the desk fully assembled. The base of this Kangaroo Pro desk takes up a minimal amount of space to utilize most of your original desk’s area.

The workspace of Kangaroo Pro adjustable standing desk is 28″ x 24″ which gives you an adequate amount of space to work with. The Steel Frame of this best standing desk is more sturdy, providing the desk with some extra stability. The base of this Kangaroo Standing desks is made out of non-scratch material, and hence you can move it around.

The 16″ height adjustment range of this Kangaroo Pro Height Adjustable Standing Desk allows users to work comfortably while sitting or standing. The Kangaroo Sit-Stand Desk is fully equipped with adjustable VESA monitor mounts. The adjustable desk monitor of this best adjustable standing desks helps protect your body against the neck, wrist, and shoulder strains.

The lifting capacity of the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro desk is 34 lbs, which is quite impressive. Kangaroo Adjustable Standing Desk can accommodate people up to 6’5″ height. This height adjustable standing desk provides an optionally adjustable stabilization leg that you can prop underneath the front of the work area.


  • Dual Ergonomics
  • Design
  • Other Features

1. Dual Ergonomics

Kangaroo Pro standing desk allows you to adjust the height of both monitor and keyboard workspace separately. It indeed gives you the dual ergonomics. You can see in most of the desks that they can adjust altogether but not monitor and keyboard separately. They are called ergonomic design. But here as you can adjust separately, it is called as dual ergonomics. Not everyone is comfortable with the distance between the keyboard and the monitor the desk provides. So, here you can adjust them as per your comfort.

2. Design

The main work surface of this Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Standing Desk is 710mm wide by 610mm deep, which will be sufficient for most monitors. You can adjust this main surface up to 410mm above your existing desk. VESA bracket is included in the product, which helps to hold your monitor. This mount comes with pan, tilt, and rotate adjustability. Furthermore, regardless of the work surface, the monitor has 165mm of adjustability.

3. Other Features

  • With the “stopping bolt” feature, you can raise the work surface of adjustable height desktop to the same location.
  • Height adjustment settings make it easy to move from sitting position to standing position.
  • This standing desk converter can be placed on your existing desk, and it is lightweight and won’t take much space.
  • You can place the monitors of upto 15 lbs without the base attached.
  • The base of Kangaroo Pro is very stable and won’t damage your current desk.



  • Manufacturer : Ergo Desktop
  • Model : ED-KP-BLK-5B
  • Package Dimensions : 31 x 27 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight : 46 pounds
  • Colors : Cherry, Maple, Black and Putty
  • Work Surface : 28 inches (W) X 24 inches (D)
  • Monitor Support : 15 lbs
  • Weighing Capacity : 34 lbs
  • Height Adjustment : 6’5″
  • VESA Mount : 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 hole pattern

Kangaroo Pro Standing Desk Focus Points

  • Worksurface and monitor the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro standing desk and adjust separately, giving you dual ergonomics.
  • With the help of the stopping bolt of this stand-up desk, our adjustable height desktop’s work surface can be raised to the desired location.
  • The Kangaroo Pro Model is larger than the Kangaroo Pro Junior.
  • Kangaroo Pro Model can hold your monitor on a VESA Bracket (included)
  • VESA mount of this Ergo Kangaroo Pro sit-stand desk has 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 hole pattern.
  • The VESA mount also has “Tilt, Pan and Rotate” adjustability, which provides more comfortability to us.
  • Monitor has 6.5″ of adjustment independent from the work surface provided by Kangaroo Desktop Pro.
  • Without its base attached, it can supports monitors up to 15 lbs.
  • Solid Steel Base plate of this Kangaroo Pro Desk makes is stable enough and measures 17.5″ wide by 16″ deep.
  • All units of this Best Kangaroo Standing Desk have one stabilization leg included
  • The colors available for this Kangaroo Pro models is cherry, maple, black, and putty.

Ergo Driven Kangaroo

The brand new Ergo started developing the Kangaroo Standing Desks to satisfy the need of those who would like to enjoy alternating between sitting and standing without discarding their existing desk. All its products are made in the USA and result in high quality. The major products of Ergo Driven Kangaroo are standing Desks, detachable side surfaces, Bluetooth adapters, monitor extension cables, bubble mats, desk mats, Ergo Stools, stabilization legs, footrests, stand chairs and all other accessories, etc.



Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Adjustable Standing Desk has a capacity to handle weight upto 15lbs. So you have to consider monitor weight before buying it.


Solid Steel Base plate makes the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Adjustable Standing Desk very stable and measures 17.5″ wide by 16″ deep, it will not damage your existing desk in any way. All units come with one stabilizing leg.


You can mount two monitors on Dual Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Adjustable Standing Desk.


Kangaroo pro-Standing Desk is rock solid and steady and is one of the strong contenders among desktop all other desktop risers. Its unbeatable combination of remarkable lifting strength, high adjustability, and unbeatable stability, gives a boost for all standing desks lovers. The low entry price of the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro standing desk coupled with fantastic performance specs. This best standing desk is provided with the wide variety of options makes it a compelling choice for users of almost any need. I believe the above Ergo Kangaroo standing review is more helpful for you. For more updates, please keep visiting our page This Height adjustable standing for sale is ready now at Amazon. Hurry Up!! Happy Shopping!!

Ergo ED-KP-BLK-5B Desktop Kangaroo Pro in Black image

All-inclusive, the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Standing Desk is the best converter with dual ergonomics design. It is comfortable and gives great work experience for you at home or office. You can place it on any of your existing desks and start working with it.


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