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Mount It Sit Stand Workstation Review (2020)

This is not a fact hidden that sitting all day in front of a desk or doing jobs which do not entail moving around is harmful to the body in so many ways. It develops stress around the neck area. Your back becomes stiff. And your eyes hurt almost all the time. You are more vulnerable to obesity and cardiovascular problems leading to it. Not to mention of the boredom that comes along. It also affects mental health as the workload and difficult- to- achieve targets adds on to the stress.

The question here is what should one do to avoid these health hazards? Should you quit the job? Or should you stay and let your health deteriorate? Now that I stated little facts to you, it might start causing you to worry. What if I tell you that you can manage the wellness of your health without escaping from the job? You heard it right. There is way out with the Mount-It! Stand Up Workstation With Dual Monitor Mount. Not only your health issues would be minimized but you will also have an updated style of working in your workstation where everything is handy and easily manageable. Take wise decision whether to buy it or not after reading our complete Mount It Sit Stand Workstation Review.

Mount-It! Sit Stand Workstation (Mi-7914) FEATURES

The most highlighted feature of this Mount-It! Sit Stand Workstation (Mi-7914) is its adjustable height. It takes not more than seconds to change the height of the monitor handles according to the height of the user. Also, you can move the handle in a range for your comfortability.

This workstation is fitted with monitor holder and that too, two! Now, multitasking at your desk, without having to roam around to different computer systems is as easy as said. It can hold up to 22 lbs for each monitor with complete swivel and rotating range of 360 degree. 

The dimensions of this Mount-It! Standing Desk is such that it can fit almost anywhere; be it your office desk or your cubicle. Its adjustable height allows you to correct the alignment of the monitors to your eyes.

Perfect for notebooks and office essentials: Mount It Stand Up Desk workstation has a workspace where you can keep your office essentials like notebooks, pens and all little stuffs. 

The ergonomics of this Mount It Dual Monitor Stand is commendable as I have already mentioned above. It is not just about working while sitting as well as standing, it is also about adjusting to the eyes alignment which majorly depends on user’s height. Now, even if you don’t have a height- adjustable chair, you can be comfortable like never before.

Talking about flexibility and time value, you don’t have to waste your precious productive time doing the adjustments in the desks. Dual Monitors Mount-It Stand Up Desk takes only just a few seconds to change its height according to you, sitting and standing. The built in keyboard tray is large enough to accommodate your keyboard and yet leaves a lot of space for the mouse to work giving to ample space to work freely.  

Soft wrist pad in the keyboard tray: Not only this Mount-It! Stand Up Workstation With Dual Monitor Mount is versatile to fit your every work need but also provides the comfort you need to work efficiently for longer hours. The soft wrist pad in the keyboard tray takes care that your wrists are not over- stressed by working on uneven surface.

Easy set-up: As already said, Mount-It! Monitor Desk Mount is super easy to setup. All you have to do is unpack the sit- stand workstation and let it sit on top of your desk. 

Integrated cable management: There are clips along with your package that hides and bundles the bunch of cords for a more clean and functional work area.

Mount It Sit-Stand Converter Specifications

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
29 x 9.5 x 21 inches
Item Weight
47 pounds
Standing Desk +Dual Monitor Mount

Dual Monitor Arm Specifications

Specification Name Value
Dual monitor arm
holds 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27 Inch
VESA compatible
75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm
Weight Capacity
22 lbs for each monitor
-45 to +45 Degree
360 Degree
360 Degree





How does the Mount-It Sit-Stand Workstation attach to the desktop?

The Mount-It Sit-Stand Workstation simply sits on the top of your desk with the help of gravity and does not require drilling to attach it.

How do I know if the Mount-It Sit-Stand Workstation will fit the back of my monitors?

Most modern monitors have a standard 4 point mount so you probably would be able to fit your monitors on the Mount-It Sit-Stand Workstation.

How high does the keyboard tray sit above the desktop or can the keyboard tray sit below the existing desk surface?

The keyboard tray on the Mount-It Sit-Stand Workstation sits a few inches under the monitor tray and on top of the desktop surface.

How is the Mount-It Sit-Stand Workstation mounted to the desk?

It isn't mounted to the desk except by the sheer weight of it. You can move it wherever you like but it's heavy.

Does Mount-It Sit-Stand Workstation come with the monitor mount?

Yes. We noticed that some of the pictures in the instructions look like the monitor mount attaches to the actual
desk and not the Mount-it Workstation. Ignore those pictures. Clearly the monitor mount attaches to the

Can the dual monitor mount be used with a single monitor?

The monitor arms are full motion and it can be used as you plan. However, there is also a single monitor mount
version of this standing desk available.

What is the max height of the keyboard tray?

Up to 11 inches from the base level.

Bottom Line

We have reviewed this Mount-It! Sit Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter after testing it for 48 hrs. It is very comfortable and quick making our work easy while standing or sitting. You can simply take it out of the box and use it as it doesn’t require any complicated installation. Furthermore, the surface area is larger than expected and we can easily place monitor, laptop, documents, etc. on that working surface. You will defenitly be impressed with the Unique gel wrist pad that lets you rest your wrists comfortably. Hope the reviewed helped you to know the required info on Mount-It! Sit Stand Workstation.

Overall, Mount-It! Sit Stand Workstation is an easy-to-use and compact sit-stand desk which helps to improve your posture as well as your health while working or playing or studying. You can quickly adjust the height of the desk that suits your height.

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