iMovR Omega Electric Standing Desk – Now place multiple screens on its Large Surface

iMovR Omega Electric Standing Desk Review 2023

Have you ever heard about this? Sitting Less is a Key Component of Healthy Living. Standing for at least One-Fourth of the day reduces your obesity risks. Day by day, people realize the health risks of prolonged sitting. However, slowly understanding the benefits of standing and physical activity. Hence the Adjustable Stand Up Desk is becoming more popular than ever before.

By standing up, you can engage your entire body, including your mind, leading to the best output. Moreover, standing in between sitting leads to more efficient brain function. Just imagine how your future will be when your brain is working efficiently than others around you!! You will start enjoying your work without any pressure. Hence I’m here now to give the most efficient Standing Desk Review. The brand new Omega Everest Electric Standing Desk for sale is available now.

Omega Everest electric Standing Desk

Standing Desks are the most wanted devices nowadays for all the employees, who work continuously on systems sitting. Omega Everest is one of the best Standing Desks I have ever seen. Omega Everest’s electric standing desk is the best product for anyone looking for an excellent sit-stand desk that can accommodate a treadmill desk. The tabletop of this Omega Electric Sit-Stand Desk is wide enough to support both standing and walking. It is the best electric height-adjustable sit-stand desk available in the market so far.

The Omega Everest electric adjustable standing desk is provided with a 3D laminated MDF tabletop, with a separate keyboard platform. The edges are gentle enough with rounded corners, making more comfortable than many regular height adjustable standing desks. The tabletop of Omega Everest stand up desk electric is 1.125-inch thick, which is sufficient for all types of office use.

The iMovR Standing Desk provides all three work positions. Hence, feels comfortable for users with variable heights. The keyboard tray of the Omega electric stand up desk works as a lever attached to the desk, rendering and emphasizing the swaying the human body feels like we walk. This adjustable standing desk is good at its height as it can move 1.5 inches per second and can operate at 46db in ascent 42 decibels in descent.

The weight capacity of the Omega Electric standing Desk is 220lbs. The height adjustment range of the best Omega Everest Standing Desk is 50.5 inches (including tabletop). The assembling process of Omega Everest Electric Standing Desk is pretty simple and easy.

Omega Standing Desk Overview

Using the up and down buttons of this iMovR Electric sit-stand desk, you can easily adjust the height of the desk. The built-in keyboard tray of this Sit Stand Electric Desk makes the Omega Everest unique and simply perfect than many other standing desks. There are two settings available for the keyboard tray. One is at 3/8 inch height, and the other is at 1-1/8 inch height. Hence, by making use of this, we can feel the best tilt angle and is more helpful for treadmill users. The 48-inch Omega Electric Stand-up Desk comes with a single grommet hole. There are three pre-drilled holes for this iMovR Standing Desk, which are dedicated to the hand controller mount.


  • 3D Laminated Tabletop and Design
  • SteadyType Keyboard Tray
  • Impressive Capacity of the Desk & Height Adjustment
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Other Features

1. 3D Laminated Tabletop and Design

Generally, height-adjustable tabletop desks use high-pressure laminate top or vinyl strips on the edges of the desk. But for better durability, quality, and ease of use, Omega went a step forward by designing 3D laminated MDF tabletop in iMovR Omega Electric Standing Desk and that with a separate keyboard platform. As you can see in the images, it keeps the wood grain design on its edges. Furthermore, the material they used to design the table resists the moisture and even keeps the surface free from the damage. Its rounded corners and gently-sloping edges make it more comfortable to use.

2. SteadyType Keyboard Tray

iMovR Omega Everest Electric Standing Desk provides optimal ergonomics with SteadyType Keyboard Tray. It suits all three work positions of hands over the keyboard, i.e., while sitting, standing, and walking. The Keyboard tray is adjustable, which you can even position in the negative angle through which you can rest your wrist in a neutral position. It indeed reduces the tension and flexing on the wrists, forearms, hands, upper back, and shoulder. Also, the tray is larger enough to keep a keyboard of any size.

3. Impressive Capacity of the Desk & Height Adjustment

This Omega Electric Standing Desk is built strong enough to support up to 220 lbs of weight. You can place 2 monitors, laptops, notebook, books, documents, papers, and other accessories. Generally, people may not place weights on the desk, but this capacity can determine the durability of this desk. You can easily adjust the height of the desk (1.5 inches per second) and is even quiet while adjusting the positions. Coming to the range, you can adjust upto 50.5 inches.

4. Easy to Assemble

Omega Everest Standing Desk is very easy to assemble and set-up. Because the unit itself comes pre-assembled, and the base uses twin Bosch motors. By reading the instructions manual, you can set up the desk without the help of a person. Even if you are not good at using the tools, the guide itself helps you with assembling easily. If you want to customize or change the settings in the future, you can easily do it.

5. Other Features

  • It is durable and comes with an ergonomic design with twin Bosch motors.
  • Its steady type of design is more beneficial for treadmill desk users as it eliminates anchoring stresses.
  • Four programmable memory presets: Using the up and down buttons of the electronic controller, you can adjust the height easily. Using programmable presets, you can set to the required height and save the preferred height for sitting, standing, and walking.
  • Puts out only 46″ decibels when lifting, which means it is quiet, and the noise is barely noticeable.



  • Manufacturer : iMovR
  • Material type : Powder-coated Steel
  • Weight capacity : 220 lbs
  • Height Adjustment Range : 24 inches to 49 inches without extenders,28 inches to 53 inches with extenders.
  • Width Adjustment range : 44 inches to 75 inches
  • Noise Signature : 41 decibels
  • Height Adjustment Speed : 1.4 inch per second
  • Tabletop thickness : 1.125 inches
  • Available Sizes : 30″42″, 30″47″, 30″59″, 30″714″, 30″ * 83″
  • Controller type : Programmable container and shelf stop
  • Energy Consumption : Stand By: Under 0.5 Watts Moving: 1.4Amp=168 Wats
  • Warranty : Lifetime Warranty on Steel frame, 10 years on moving parts, 5 years on the table top, 5 years on electronics

Stand up Desk Electric Omega Everest Highlights

  • The material of Omega Everest Si-stand desk is almost impervious, which resists moisture, keeping the surface free from damage.
  • Its electric height adjustable mechanism takes the tabletop a different level.
  • The Omega Everest Standing Desk also keeps the woodgrain design over the edges.
  • We should be more thankful for the adjustable keyboard tray.
  • The keyboard tray of the Best Adjustable Standing Desk reduces the tension on the wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders, and upper back of the body.
  • This best Omega Everest Electric Standing Desk is damn easy to use and very difficult to stay away from since we all get addicted to it if we start using it.
  • The Electric Standing Desk provides an impressive load capacity of 220 lbs.
  • The new iMovR Stand up desk has a height range of 50.5 inches.
  • Omega Everest’s electric sit-stand desk comes pre-assembled.
  • The Omega Standing Desk width is telescopic, which means you can switch the size of the desk in the future if you want.
  • There are four programmable preset heights for Electric best sit-stand desk helps you to set your preferred height for sitting, standing, and also for walking.
  • iMovR Omega Everest Standing Desk has a most traditional keyboard tray that can offer 5° forward and 20° backward tilt.
  • The Holes of this Omega Electric standing Desk are 3-inch wide and fully wrapped with 3D lamination, which exposes the beautiful natural color of the wood.

iMovR – Moving Toward Health

The preferred supplier of office fitness gears to thousands of Government, Corporate, and Educational institutions. They create products that keep your body moving at work. This brand new company also gives mass-customize workstations to meet specific employee needs—whether it’s ergonomic accommodation, space and decor matching, or budget constraints. The main products of iMovR are desk converters, standing desks, sit-stand tables, accessories, treadmill desks, Standing Mats, etc. The topmost customers of iMovR Omega Everest are Stanford University, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, National Institutes of Health, etc.


The Omega Everest Standing desk is the most advanced height adjustable desk in the present market. To know more about the best standing desks, stay in touch with our web portal. The best feature of this best standing desk is its digital controller with 4 presets and quietly moves at only 46 decibels. If you are looking for a great comfort, this is the perfect and better choice. This brand new and best Standing desk for sale are available now on Amazon. By using the above provided Omega Everest electric standing desk review, you can make a proper decision before going to buy the product. Hence, I suggest everyone make use of this Omega Everest sit-stand reviews and start shopping.

iMovR Omega Electric Standing Desk – Now place multiple screens on its Large Surface image

All together, Omega Everest Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk is one of the best standing desks in the market. Though it is a bit expensive, it brings value to your money. The features and design of this iMovR Desk is worth your money.


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