iMovR Omega OLYMPUS Sit Stand Desk – Best Adjustable Desk with 4 Height Settings

iMovR Omega OLYMPUS Sit Stand Desk Review 2023

We’ve all heard it before that sitting the whole time is not good for our health. Sitting is the new smoking. Normally office workers spend an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting. Choosing to stand rather than sit lowers cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight gain. Standing also increases blood flow and circulation, which, in return, helps facilitate creativity, boost energy levels, and increase productivity.

If you want to reduce eye strain and improve your posture, a standing desk is the smart option. Standing doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but when your body is continuously sitting most of the day, you will strain your body by standing too much, too fast. iMovR’s Omega Olympus is one of the best Standing desks that is available today in the market. Let us enter into the discussion about iMovR Omega OLYMPUS Standing desk reviews now.

iMovR Omega Olympus Standing Desk Overview

iMovR designed the Omega Olympus Standing desk for people looking for a flexible work setup. This adjustable standing desk is designed with all eco-friendly features, which are all customizable for every user. The Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk comes with a steady type Keyboard tray for comfortable typing and ergonomics hand and shoulder position. It allows you to maintain a comfortable position for the wrists and hands and neutral position for your shoulder while typing and working on the keyboard and mouse.

The Olympus Omega desk can be adjusted to 85° for a steeper angle without moving the keyboard. It is particularly designed to be used in a range of 25° to 40°. Omega OLYMPUS stand up desk is also provided with a pivot bar, which is 10 inches away from lifting legs and desk frame’s crossbar. It keeps away the keyboard from shaking when typing.

Omega Olympus Height Adjustable Standing Desk is available in five different widths (42″, 47″, 59″, 71″, and 83″). The last two can work as full sit-stand desks, as it can accommodate an office chair and a walking treadmill. This best Omega Olympus Standing Desk is available in 11 different standard colors and 3D laminated surfaces with silver powder coat at the base. The adjustment speed of this iMovR desk is 1.4 inches per second, which is far better than many of the standing desks.

The OMEGA Olympus Adjustable Desk makes a noise of 41 decibels when switching to different heights. Omega Olympus Electric standing desk comes with a digital controller and LED display. It comes with four programmable height presets that let you set and save their preferred height settings. Omega Olympus has you great warrant as it comes with all outstanding features.


  • Ergonomic
  • Range of Adjustability and Customizability
  • Design
  • Other Features

1. Ergonomic

Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk comes with a SteadyType keyboard tray which ensures a comfortable position for hands, shoulders, and wrists. You can happily work with the keyboard and mouse without feeling the pressure as this desk has the Ergonomic design. Also, there will be no shaking or vibrations, even when typing rigorously on the keyboard. That is because there is a pivot bar that is 10” away from the desk frame’s crossbar and lifting legs.

2. Range of Adjustability and Customizability

This Omega Olympus Standing Desk is available in 5 different widths, including 42-inch, 47-inch, 59-inch, 71-inch, and 83-inch. If you want to shift from standing to sitting positions, you can go for any of the first three widths. If you want to work as sit-stand-walk workstations, then you can choose the last two. It means the width of the table is more. You can place the chair and treadmill side-by-side. Also, you can choose the color from 11 different standard colors of the desk.

3. Design

Omega Olympus Tabletops comes with a 3D lamination feature to make the desk more reliable and solid. Compared to powder-coated paint that many other desks use, this 3D laminate is far better. As it is moisture-proof, it keeps the quality of the desk over time. Also, there is no need to fear about chemicals, scratches, and dings because it is highly resistant. It is easy to assemble and disassemble the desk because it is made with recessed nuts. These desks are made extra thick to add lateral stability.

4. Other Features

  • While adjusting the heights, it is quiet by making only 41 decibels of noise. That is barely noticeable if an air conditioner is running around.
  • Coming to its capacity, it can hold the weight upto 360 pounds. Means, you can place dual monitor, laptop, notebook, and other accessories that you need.
  • This desk is pre-drilled for other under-desk components like hand controllers, keyboard trays, etc.



  • Manufacturer : iMovR
  • Model : Omega OLYMPUS
  • Weight capacity : 360 lbs
  • Frame Material Type : Powder coated steel
  • Width Adjustment Range : 44 inches to 75 inches
  • Top material type : 3D laminated wood
  • Height adjustment speed : 1.4 inch per second
  • Tabletop thickness : 1.125 inches
  • Standby energy consumption : Under 5.5 Wats
  • Moving Energy Consumption : 1.4 amps = 168 Wats
  • Warranty : Steel Frame – Lifetime, Moving Parts – 10 years, Tabletop – 5 years, Electronics – 5 Years

iMovR Desk – Overview

  • Omega Olympus is the best adjustable-height desk on the market, available in three different modalities: standing, sitting and even walking on a treadmill.
  • The SteadyType design of this iMovR Desk allows you to set your keyboard at an angle of 85 degrees.
  • Atilt angle of 20degrees is sufficient for us for comfortable typing while standing.
  • The angle range of 25 degrees to 40 degrees is good for treadmill desk usage.
  • High-end Keyboard trays of this Omega Height adjustable standing desks often have a separate mouse pad that permits you to raise the mouse’s height relative to the keyboard.
  • The Omega Olympus Standing desk’s keyboard tray has two different height settings.
  • It is the best rigid height-adjustable table we’ve ever tested and more stable than any two-leg desk having a keyboard tray.
  • iMovR Omega OLYMPUS desk comes with a top-end height of 50 inches and 25 inches for sitting.
  • It can be beneficial for the persons with a height range of 6’2″ or below.
  • LED of the Omega Olympus standing desk shows the height of the desk in inches.
  • The four programmable preset is the best feature of the digital controller that you can see.
  • Its exclusive 3D lamination gives you more comfort and durability.
  • iMovR desk offers about 60 custom color choices to choose from.
  • Omega Olympus height adjustable desk comes with an extraordinary weight capacity of 360 lbs.
  • The edges of this iMovR Desk are countered and provided with grommet holes of each 3.15 inch.
  • Grommets are hence used as nodes for power through AC sockets, air charge wireless mobile phone chargers, USB ports, or a simple cable pass-through.

iMovR – Create Your Perfect Workstation

iMovR is the trusted name for high-quality adjustable desks, and the OMEGA OLYMPUS stopped in its all-electric standing desks. They create products that keep your body moving at work. Although the products are a bit expensive, people opt because of its ergonomic features. The main products of iMovR are Desk converters, standing desks, sit-stand tables, accessories, Tread Mill desks, standing mats, etc. The topmost customers of iMovR Omega Everest are Stanford University, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, National Institutes of Health, etc.


iMovR Omega Olympus Electric Desk is a good choice in terms of cost and quality. The digital programmable controller easily makes it one of the best standing desks, as it gives great convenience to anyone’s workstation. We should be thankful to iMovR Omega Desks for its steady type keyboard tray. Finally, all in one Omega Olympus Standing Desk for sale is available at Amazon, and people looking to invest in a sit-stand desk can buy this. I believe the given Olympus Standing desk is more helpful for your shopping. Happy Shopping!!

iMovR Omega OLYMPUS Sit Stand Desk – Best Adjustable Desk with 4 Height Settings image

All together, Omega Olympus Standing Desk is quiet, strong, reliable, and is the best choice for office or home. It is good in terms of both quality and price. With modern design and many special features, it now available at the best price on Amazon.


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