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Rocelco ADR Standing Desk Review 2020

Humans are not far away from becoming machines. As they have been working day and night like robots without any care in the world to touch the sky with their achievements. People often tend to forget about their health and keep ignoring it until it becomes necessary. What you need is a proper work station which will fulfil your needs and aid you in working efficiently without any hindrance in between you and your work station. With a perfect work station which fulfils your needs and help you work efficiently without any obstacles in between. 

If you have a work station which makes you uncomfortable while you are working on an urgent presentation, research paper or an important assignment. This could be distracting and taking away your focus from the work while making you more prone to make mistakes despite your best efforts. But with a good and comfortable work station you can be organized with your work and work leisurely without any threat to your attention. A healthy person can reach heights if he tries. But a person will get sick with unhealthy habits resulting keeping them away from work and hence away from achieving their goals at work. 

Sitting on an uncomfortable work desk or station for an entire day can be tiring leading to neck, shoulders and back pain which will get worse with time if you don’t take a step to make a change right now. Some small and little changes in your routine and making some modifications can lead to a healthy you. And one such thing that you can do is install a work station which is comfortable and will keep you active even while working. It will not only benefit your healthy but also make you feel less tired at the end of the day.

Rocelco Adr Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk FEATURES

Rocelco ADR Standing Desk has been very thoughtfully and carefully designed while keeping in mind to provide comfortable posture to their users while working. This Rocelco ADR Ergonomic Standing Desk has been given a very sturdy and strong built with a quality polyester and metal used to provide the work station the support needed to hold all the weight on it. It has been provided with very solid legs to the work station for aiding the height adjustability of the desk to set the desired height and position on which the person is comfortable. Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk is a great choice for your home, offices, lecture halls, libraries and etc.

Rocelco Adjustable Desk Riser is a good choice for all the people out their who have a whole day sitting job which gives them stiff and aching body. The wrong type of work station can keep tiring you until you have become completely exhausted. The work station doesn’t require much energy or time to change the position and sit in the posture you like.

Rocelco Adjustable Standing Desk Riser will help you enhance you working experience completely which will keep you active even while working. It depends upon the consumer however they want to work. Also, this desk will help you increase your work efficiency as you will be more active than before and this will automatically result in improved & better productivity.

Rocelco Adjustable Desk is one of the most sold work station on the Amazon for the amazing quality work station they offer to their consumers and users. It has been built while keeping in mind the convenience of the people and provide them best possible high quality work station with comfort and for their better well-being.

Rocelco Height Adjustable Desk comes with recently improved height adjusting mechanism with which you can go from sitting to standing in just a second, all you have to do is squeeze the handles. It allows you to quickly and easily set the desired height and with help of height lockers you can fix it at particular height only. It offers height ranging from 6 inches to 16.5 inches which the user can set according to their need and requirement.

Rocelco Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk comes with many health benefits because standing for a specific time will keep you active and will also increase the blood flow inside your body which will keep you more energized throughout the day. It comes with many health benefits which will keep you fit and away from sickness.

Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Standing Desk reduces stress with better sitting posture and risk of getting fat while sitting. It will also help burn some number of calories and reduces the risk of diabetes & also many metabolic health problems. Not only this it also known to lessen the risk of getting cancer but also increases overall mortality rate. With all these features leads to increased efficient and productivity. 

Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk comes with an extension of a very Ergonomic keyboard with space of mouse pad with a mouse. The product is quite spacious to handle two monitors and other necessary supplies which can be organized. The ergonomic tray extension rises with the work station to avoid ant kind of bad position or strain in neck. For comfort of the users while typing, working, playing games or anything else you can adjust the keyboard accordingly to measure your own comfort. The key board tray dimensions 23 inches Width x 11.8 Inches Depth.

This Best Ergonomic Rocelco Standing Desk is very easy to install and wouldn’t require hours to work on to set it up and bring it to a using position. Rocelco brand understands the importance of your time and energy. So, keeping that in mind the manufacturer has offered out of the box set for the workstation which will be ready to use in not more than 5 minutes and there you’re ready with the work station to be used. It doesn’t require any need to assemblage of any kind.

Rocelco Adjustable Desk Riser SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimension
20.5 x 32 x 16.3 inches
Product Weight
26.7 pounds
1 Year Manufacturery Warranty
Key Board Tray dimension
24W x 11. 8D inches
Weight Capacity
Not given
Height Range
6 Inches – 16.5 Inches
Material Type





How easy and fast is it to switch from the lowest position to the highest standing position of Rocelco ADR Sit-Stand Desk?

It is rather easy and fast to switch the position of Rocelco ADR Sit-Stand Desk from lowest to highest standing position. Just unlock the desk and pull up to the highest position and lock it or unlock the desk and push it to the lowest position and lock it.

Would Rocelco ADR Standing Desk support Dual Monitors?

Yes, the Rocelco ADR Standing Desk can support Dual Monitors of size 24".

How wide is the keyboard drawer of Rocelco Sit-Stand Desk?

The retractable keyboard tray of Rocelco Sit-Stand Desk is 24" wide by 11. 8" deep.

Is it possible to remove the keyboard drawer of Rocelco ADR Sit Stand Desk?

 No, it is not possible to remove the keyboard drawer of Rocelco ADR Sit Stand Desk.

What are the benefits of optional accessories dual monitor mount and standing pad?

The optional accessories you will have to buy separately with its charges.

These accessories benefits in the following ways:

  • The monitor mounts will help you to allow the perfect height for avoiding the risking of taking a bad posture.
  • The mounts for monitor will not only offer aid in good posture but also increase the space on the work station that can be used.
  • The standing mats which have many health benefits such as reduces stress and strain on neck, back and legs.
  • With help of standing mats, you stand comfortably for long period of time than usual.

Bottom Line

Rocelco Standing Desk Reviews has been good so far and has very satisfied consumers so far with its quality and services it provides. It offers all the necessary features and even more health benefits at such a reasonable price. You will find many other work stations from other brands that are quite expensive offering the same features or even less sometimes. It is a real steal with all these features, health benefits, and price. This best Ergonomic Standing Desk has been given a four point one out of five and been ranked 382 in Home Office Desks.

Whether you work in office, school, home office, lecture hall or even study at your home you require a personal work space to help you focus on your work without any external distractions. It is mandatory to have a perfect working station making you achieve all your goals with any struggle because of the work environment. And, Rocelco ADR Standing Desk will fulfil all these qualities and even offer you extra health benefits which will keep you healthy in a longer run. I would totally recommend this work station to people who want to stay healthy and keep their loved ones around healthy. This desk can also be a perfect good option for gifting it to a family member, friend, or relative showing then how much you care for them to stay health. Hope this Rocelco ADR Standing Desk Review helped you to own the best desk for your home or office.

This Best Rocelco Sit to Stand Desk is a good product with decent features at such a reasonable price. It is very spacious and can easily handle dual monitors and others office supplies. It comes with many health benefits and keep free from diseases and better mortality rate. It will enhance your work experience and make it more comfortable and less tiring and exhausted. The height adjustability mechanism is pretty easy and you can go from sitting to standing or vice-versa in seconds.


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