SDADI Mobile Stand Up Desk with 2” Carpet Wheels – Kill neck & spine pain with this Standing Desk


Reduction of body ache
Ease of setting up

SDADI Mobile Stand Up Desk Review 2020

There is nothing as bad as having a terrible back ache after working all round the clock. Sdadi Home and Office Standing Desk is here to rescue you. The adjustable height of Sdadi Computer Standing Desk allows you to adjust the height of the stand and reduces the pressure on your neck and back. You may use it as per your height. Want to know more about its amazing features, you must refer SDADI Mobile Stand Up Desk Review. This quality allows female and male users to make sdadi adjustable height standing desk Computer Workstation change. Another issue that most computer users are often worried about is the safety of their computing device. SDADI Adjustable Stand Up Desk has very well tackled this issue as well. This Sdadi Adjustable Height Mobile Desk‘s holding structure allows you use a stopper to the safeguard your computer.

The wheels were earlier 1.5 inches but have now been upgraded to 2 inches due to the recommendations and feedback of the users. This Ergonomics Standing Desk can also be moved across a carpet owing to its wheels. The wheels can be locked when needed to keep the computer safe and stable. Another feature that attributes to the safety of the system you are using is the presence of hidden power cord holder which reduces the wires on your desk and prevents any mishandling. Therefore, you can easily translocation it from your office to room and vice versa. Its light weight also adds to this capability. It is of an appropriate size and therefore fits easily inside a lift (27.5*23*4 inches). You can use it across devices like computer system, tablet or laptop. It has lower and upper tiers which offer multiple workspaces.

Sdadi Home And Office Standing Desk FEATURES

The height of Sdadi Adjustable Height Mobile Desk can be set from 27.5-45.3. If you want to use it while seated in the chair, you can use the optimum height of 23.6*23.6 inches. This is the table height of Sdadi Adjustable Desk. Therefore, Sdadi Stand Up Desk allows for a variety of heights that can be adjusted across users and by the same user throughout the day.This reduces fatigue and is sure to increases the efficiency of people working. 

SDADI Adjustable Stand Up Desk can be easily dismantled and taken to another room/ office. It easily fits inside an elevator after dismantling and can be moved over by one person. The smooth finish of the Ergonomics Standing Desk makes it the best looking table at your place. It also has a rustproof coating which helps in maintenance.

The reason behind the presence of so many features related to Sdadi Computer Desk is that it has been developed as per feedback that was collected for about a year. This model is the 3.0 edition which has developed from the recommendations of users.

Sdadi Stand Up Desk is protected by steel which makes it more durable and is also has locks at the wheels that save your device from accidental falls. It also has a hidden special cord holder. This holder reduces the clutter on sdadi mobile standing desk and prevents you from pulling any wire that can lead to the fall of your device.

The 2 inch wheels allow you to move the Sdadi Adjustable Height Mobile Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation across a carpet smoothly, It add to the convenience of the product. It Allows you to use multiple devices as The tires developed on Sdadi Standing Desk allow you to have multiple workspaces in the stand. It also allows you to use tablets, laptops and computer systems.

Sdadi Ergonomics Standing Desk SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
21.2 x 21.2 x 45.3 inches
Item Weight
26 pounds





Does SDADI Mobile Stand Up Desk fold flat for easy storage?

No, the SDADI Mobile Stand Up desk can not fold flat.

Can an external keyboard tray be added to Sdadi standing desk on wheels?

 It depends on the depth of the keyboard shelf. If an external keyboard tray can be added or not the dimensions for the desk are 46 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches. SDADI Mobile Stand Up Desk has an inbuilt keyboard tray.

Is it quick and easy to readjust the SDADI Mobile Standing Desk?

It is pretty easy and fast to readjust the SDADI Mobile Standing Desk as all you have to do is loosen 4 knobs and then raise it up or lower it down.

Do the wheels affect the safety that the product provides?

No, the wheels can be licked as per your convenience. Therefore, your device is never at a risk of falling or

How can one use more than one device on Sdadi Adjustable Height Standing Desk?

The Sdadi Adjustable Height Mobile Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation comes with multiple tiers which allows you
to use more than one product in the space.


Sdadi Adjustable Height Mobile Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation Is a table that helps you be more productive at work. It enhances comforts and is therefore the best to increase efficiency. It keeps your device safe and can be moved from place to place easily. Though some people have found it inconvenient and uneasy to use, once assembled it offers several things to the user. The hidden cord is a very unique addition to the product which makes it the best for use. The fact that it is based on customer feedback has made it very suitable and convenient to use. The 3.0 edition promises to bridge any earlier problems that people faced related to the product. Make sure to read complete SDADI Mobile Stand Up Desk Review before buying it.

The Sdadi Standing Desk also comes with a smooth finish which makes it suitable to your workplace as it adds on to the look of your desk. It is also protect by the rustproof coating and 16mm environmental MDF panel. The SDADI Adjustable Stand Up Desk is easy to install and easy to move from place to place as it can be easily dismantled

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