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Original Stand Steady Adjustable Standing Desk Reviews 2019


Sitting too much

Hi Folks! Have you guys heard about Sit and Stand Desk? Not yet? So you are still sitting and doing your work. Come on.. Let us stand and continue the work. American Heart Association suggests everyone move at least 10,000 steps per day. The Stand Up Desk makes you feel like walking even when you are performing your work. These are ruling the world nowadays. People using the adjustable standing desk are doing their work perfectly and that too with pleasure compared to the sitting employees. Now I’m here to introduce the best standing desk, the Stand steady Desk. It is the most affordable height adjustable Stand Up desk available in the market. You may not be aware the benefits of these Sit Stand Desks till now.  Hence, I’m here to present the best Stand Steady standing desk review 2019 for your convenience. Let us jump onto the topic now.

Original Stand Steady Standing Desk Reviews

Standing desks have become most popular in the recent years. Giant Companies like Apple, Google, Intel etc have already started providing these standing desks to their employees to get perfect output. Even they too enjoy the work using this adjustable stand up desks. In general, Sit stand desks are very expensive with a price range of $200 to $2000. But when you come to this Stand Steady Standing Desk 2019, it is very cheap and best Stand Up Desk in the market. Assembly of this adjustable standing desk is quite easy and takes less than 5 minutes. You don’t even need a screwdriver. The height of the Stand Steady desk can be adjusted from 11.25″ to 15.25″. You just need to push the button on each leg and move it to its adjacent hole to set the correct height of this Original Stand Steady adjustable desk.

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The Desktops of this Stand Steady desk are made with MDF board and finished with water-resistant veneer. The top size of this stand Steady best standing desk is 24*20 inches. Another great advantage of this Height Adjustable standing desk is you can keep your existing desk. This Adjustable Stand up desk is large enough to hold your keyboard, monitor, mouse and much more as it increases your desk space by 3 sq feet. The original Stand Steady Standing desk comes in four different colours Cherry, American maple, Black, and White. The brand new standing desk from stand Steady is now available on Amazon at a price range less than $100.

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Lowest price Product: Stand Steady Original Standing Desk – Large Surface (23.5 in x 20 in) – New Taller Model with Non-skid Feet. Instantly Convert any Surface to a Standing Desk! - $64.99

Stand Steady Desk Features

  • Taller Design.
  • Large Ergonomic space.
  • High Quality.
  • Reduces Neck and Back Pain.
  • Height Adjustable.
  • Compact Size.
  • Modern and Clean Design.
  • Correct Eye Level.
  • Best Elbow Position.
  • Correct Feet Placement.

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Overview of best Standing Desk – Stand Steady

stand steady desk image

  • The taller design of this Stand Steady adjustable standing Desk 2019 allows you to adjust upto 6 different height levels.
  • It provides a perfect range of height to people with all heights ranging from 5’4″ to 6’7″ tall.
  • Original Stand Steady Desk contains a smooth desktop surface with 23.5 * 20″, that is approximately 3 sq feet. That space is sufficient enough to place your monitor, keyboard, mouse, snacks etc. without any doubt.
  • This Adjustable Standing Desk is steady and sturdy enough to hold up to 75 lbs, which almost equal to 3600 comic books or an average of 11-year-old boy weight.
  • The built-in slide resistant feet of this Stand Steady Height adjustable Standing Desk will reinforce your desk stability.
  • With the help of this Original Stand Steady Desk, you can alleviate your back and neck pains.
  • This perfect stand up desk adjusts to your height with a simple snap of it is inbuilt buttons.
  • The Compact size of this Stand Steady Standing Desk is designed to fit in your cub perfectly.
  • The Stand Steady’s sit stand desk allows you to keep this on your existing desk and enjoy a healthier lifestyle with your stand up desk.
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Specifications of Original stand Steady Adjustable Standing Desk

Stand Steady Standup Desk Desk Specs
Manufacturer Stand Steady
Desk Legs Material Alluminium legs
Buttons Yes (to adjust Height)
Non-skid feet Yes (ensures disk not to slide)
Footprint 15 inches * 15 inches
Height Adjustments 6 preset heights
Height adjustment range 12 inches to 18 inches
Max weight limit 75 pounds
Desktop Dimensions 23.5 inches * 20 inches
Assembly Easy assembly in 5 minutes
Material type Laminated particleboard
Item model Number SSLGBL0313
Colour Black
Item Weight 13 pounds

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Last update was on: July 15, 2019 6:26 am

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Stand steady adjustable standing desk Pros and Cons


  • Clean and nice look
  • very industrial.
  • Large Float Work area.
  • No assembly required.
  • The table is very stable.
  • Better posture.


  • It works, but look over priced.
  • Not really designed to move back and forth.

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stand steady standing desk

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Stand Steady – Height Adjustable Standing Desk

stand steady logo

Stand steady was founded in 2012 to help improve people’s health and comfort with ergonomic, affordable and adjustable standing desks. The brand new stand Steady is located in northern Virginia, which is just miles from Washington, DC. Thee offer a full suite of innovative eco-friendly office products which are helpful for today’s workers. The products of Stand Steady provides your workspace better, healthier and safer ever before. The main products of Stand Steady are Standing Desks, Stand Desk converters, Monitor arms and many more Accessories like Chairs, Stools, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Height adjustable Monitors, Keyboards, Medical Carts etc.

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There are a huge number of benefits that can come with using a sit stand workstation. But every good thing in life comes in case of a price. I suggest every one to have this Stand Steady Desk, as it is the cheap and best standing desk that I have ever seen before. I hope the above-provided standing Desk review is more helpful for you to make the best decision. The Original Stand steady adjustable standing desk for sale is made available on Amazon. Hence, check it once before making your buying decision. Moreover stay tuned to us @ standingdesk.io, to get latest updates on Adjustable stand up desks.

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