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Standing Desk Buying Guide – What to consider to buy the best one?

Standing Desk is a big term which determines any type of desk where you can stand at. A standing desk is simple and has a fixed height desk where you can stand. So many people prefer to sit-stand desk and height adjustable desk.  Sit-stand desk allows you to comfortably stand while doing the work and then you adjust the height of the desk to sit. Having such flexibility is very important so that you can easily alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day. Before buying this desk you need to consider some factors. So, here we are providing the Standing Desk Buyer’s Guide for your ease.

Standing Desk Buyer’s Guide

Sitting for a long period has many effects on human health. So nowadays people are preferring to use a standing desk and research is still going on regarding the health benefits of using the standing desk. But more and more people are trying to alternate between sitting and standing during the whole day while working. Research has shown that calories burned while standing are more than sitting.

Standing Desk Buyer’s Guide image
Standing Desk Buyer’s Guide image

Standing Desk Buying Guide

This article of standing desk buying guide aim is to modernize your process of buying and choosing the stand-up desk. The standing desk has much variety of options making it difficult for the buyers to decide which desk is suitable for them. This standing desk starter guide will help you to take a wise and informed decision about which type of standing desk is exact to your particular needs by examining and giving the description about the types of sit-stand desks. This guide to buying standing desk will set out the buying criteria, gives you advice about which features you have to look for before buying the standing desk, shows you about which options and accessories are worth of getting, and finally helps you in choosing a standing desk.

Adjustable sit to stand desks

One of the most common forms of a standing desk is adjustable, so users can easily alternate between sitting to standing the whole day. Sitting for a whole day can increase the risk of heart diseases, obesity, type2 diabetes, cancer and even increases the mortality, whereas standing for a long time is also not optimum. The best approach is to alternate between standing and sitting for the whole day. There are many standing desks that meet a lot of different needs so that there are many factors to consider. The first thing to consider is how the adjustable sit-stand desk can change height: manually, with electric motors or with hydraulic.

Manually adjusting desk

Manually adjusting the height of the desk is a pain. It does not take much time to adjust the desk, but if you frequently switch your position from sitting to standing and then back to sitting several times in an hour the time take to adjust will add on. So, for this reason, the user reduces the attempt of switching that they do and they will be back to the old habit of sitting.  The price of standing desks is coming down as they become more popular. So it won’t be that costs if you prefer electric motor or hydraulic sit stand desks. These types have low weight capacity, slow to adjust the height, limited ranges of sizes and even height also, and are difficult to use.

Hydraulic desk

This will be a great option if you need a desk of very flexible and quietly adjustable. These desks do not need any effort or strength to adjust the desk and have many surprising options which are very expensive.

Electric adjustment

This is one of the common types of a standing desk and there are many things to consider with this electric desk. The speed of switching the positions of the desk is around 0.7 inches/sec to 1.7 inches/sec. These desks use electric motors which have push-button controls to up and down the desktop. One thing to look for is quality and motor noise levels.  Low quality and cheaper desks have an only single motor which is quite noisy and also gets struggled with heavier loads.

Weight capacity

This might not seem like important initially but if you are having a lot of stuff at the desk, then it is necessary to consider how much weight can a motor handle. Desks on the low end can only lift 50 lbs. keep knowledge about the weight of all your stuff at your desk. Some of the desks can lift around 700 lbs.


Electric desks often have several memory settings like some car seats. By just pressing the button you can share the desk with friends or family and can adjust the height of the desk preferably.

Minimum and Maximum height

This is the issue especially if you are tall or short. When you are in the standing position the range is generally from 21-56 inches which should be comfortable for typing with the elbows facing at your sides and forearms angled slightly downwards towards the floor. Your monitor should be at the eye level. Check all these positions before purchasing.


For most of the users, the size of the tabletop is the main consideration. This is the reason many people prefer to purchase a frame and built their own table top. If you are having a lot of stuff then make sure that the size of the desk is suitable to accommodate all you need. Know the size of the room you have to keep the desk. Tabletop is generally made from many different materials like plastic, bamboo, steel, carbonized bamboo, walnut.


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Different standing desk companies offer several warranties. The minimum warranty is 2 years and some companies offer a lifetime warranty on frame or base, limited warranty on the motor or the tabletop.


Shipping and assembling

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Some desks are not premade and they may take 8 week period to deliver the desk. So check how long it takes to deliver the desk. Shipping charges may be around 100$-150$ and some companies give you the option like “white-glove service” that is they build your desk in the spot where you would like to use it.


Special features

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For some desks, you can add some extra tray to hold and hide the wires or can add keyboard tray. Along with this, each desk has many unique features that you may not find with other desks like built-in speakers, the desk you can sync with your phone which gives information about how long you are standing or sitting and how many calories are burnt, you can even write on tabletops.


Read reviews

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The standing desk industries are still trying to improve the range of quality, performance issues and add many options. So it is better to read a lot of reviews to know the standard and pay attention to stability issues.


Standing desk converters

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If you are not interested in replacing the current desk then you have an option of placing the converter on the top which will provide you with sitting and standing option. A lot of money is saved with this option. The benefits of converters are they are cheaper and are easy to install and they are lighter. The delivery of converters is also quicker. Drawbacks of the converter are they are not stable and there is some issue with some come converters is that when you lift them up they usually come forward and up so you have to take back a little.


Standing on budget

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Though the standing desks are costly there are many options for people on a budget. Different stores have different prices so check it carefully in all the online sites, compare the cost before you purchase.

The type of work you do and the tools you use to do the job will be the source to determine which and what type of sit-stand desk is best suits for you. Hope this guide to buying a standing desk will give you a much better idea of which standing desk is right for you and your work. To know Best Standing Desk Reviews, keep visiting our website.

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