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Exercises while Standing at Desk | Standing Desk Vs Exercise Ball

If you are sitting too long before the computer, then you should know some Standing Desk Exercises. Everyone doesn’t have time to go to the gym or go for a run after work. In these days we live in a busy world with busy lives that demands a lot especially time is one the first thing to sacrifice. So we have to concentrate on the health where we don’t want our health to neglect these busy lives. The fact we all knew is that sitting for a long time at one place results in a major health hazard. Research has revealed that sitting messes your metabolism, accelerates obesity, increases some lifestyle-related diseases, and even there is a chance to potentially shorten the life span.

Standing Desk Exercises image
Standing Desk Exercises image

This is the reason most of the office workers are now choosing to purchase versatile sitting to the standing desk which allows for different movements throughout the day. Sit or stand desks helps to focus better and concentrate on important work, as well as gives the opportunity to stay fit and healthy. If you are using a standing desk then you can see dramatic health benefits. With Standing Desk workouts you have more energy, focus better and you will always be in a better mood compared to your coworkers who always stay seated.

Standing Desk Exercises

Below are some of the standing desk workouts and exercises while standing at a desk that anyone can be able to do throughout the day, so can give best to your both business and your health.

Exercises while standing at Desk

World health organization recommends 30 minutes of activity daily for all the adults between the age group of 18-64. Even though these are easily manageable for most of the people, sometimes your schedule won’t give a single minute to do it. This is the reason some Standing Desk Exercises come in handy where you can have improved blood flow, burn calories, and improve your concentration while you complete your emails and reports. Here are some of the workouts for your standing desks and some exercises while standing at a desk.

  1. Extend yourself: a great way to start standing desk workouts is while you are still seated do some leg extensions.
    • Sitting straight place your feet on the floor with your knee at a right angle.
    • Extend the leg until the leg is straight and quads are contracted.
    • Hold it for 3 seconds and then slowly lower it.
    • Repeat on both the legs for 12-15 times and repeat for 3 sets.
  2. Core values:  while you are in sitting position it is a good opportunity to do some work in abdominal exercises. An office chair which has wheels is perfect because it allows you to tilt with its spin action.
    • Hold lightly on the edges of the desk with the feet and spin from side to side by controlling the movements with your abs.
    • Spin up to 15 times for stronger core.
  3. Stay on your toes: now it is the time to take the standing position from sitting position. Now you can begin by encouraging the circulation from lower extremities with calf raises.
    • Slowly lift your heels up away from the floor by putting the feet hip-width apart and balance on your toes for 3 seconds while your calf muscle contracts then slowly lower.
    • Perform this exercise for 12-15 times and up to 3 sets.
    • If you want it to the extent the next level then perform it on an only a single leg at a time.
  4. Right on point: let us make the legs keep on moving with bend and point exercise.
    • With keeping the legs apart bend the knees a little until you tighten up the quads.
    • Lift the right foot up the ground and extend it forward pointing the toe.
    • Hold it in the same position for 3 seconds then bring the right foot back without letting the foot to touch the ground, extend it again out to the side.
    • Repeat this process of extending the foot back as well, and then bring the foot back and then relax.
    • Repeat the whole exercise on both the legs for 3-5 times depending on the stamina of your leg.
  5. Lots of Squats: the gluts are one of the strongest and largest muscles in the body, as they just behind don’t leave them out of your mind.
    • Perform the desk squat by keeping the feet apart about shoulder width and slowly bend your knees by pushing the buttocks backward.
    • The aim is keeping the knee behind the toes.
    • Perform 12-15 squats, then take a rest for a while and then repeat it for 3 times.
  6. Keep your hands in the air:  put your hands up in the air with a shoulder press.
    • Starting hands at shoulder level lift them above the head.
    • Use a water bottle or small weight to add some bit of resistance.
    • Repeat 12-15 reps and complete it up to 3 sets.
  7. Biceps: give your arms workouts on something other than the keyboard.
    • Holding stapler, water bottle, another heavy small item, then place the arms by your side and palms forward.
    • Slowly lift some heavyweight by bending your arm at the elbow, until the hand is about 5 inches from your shoulder.
    • Slowly lower and then repeat it for 12-15 times on both the arms for 3 sets.
  8. March: with our muscles warming up and strengthened let’s walk into a bit of cardio with the stationary march.
    • If you want to step it up you can jump or jog on the spot.
    • The higher height you lift your knees the more you burn the calories.

These simple workouts for your standing desk will give you a speedy in major muscle groups in the body. Performing standard intervals of moving and exercise while standing at the desk will help to reduce the risk of disease, improve your productivity and your mood, and keep your body function well and gives you fantastic feeling even without having to leave your desk.

Standing desk Vs Exercise ball

Always sitting at a desk throughout the day will lead to a sort of health problems such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, heart attack, and stroke risk. Generally swapping your office chair with an exercise ball or standing desk is one of the good places to start the exercise. Both promote many health benefits but which is the better one for you. Below are some points about standing desk Vs Exercise ball:

Exercise ball: Throughout the day bouncing on an exercise ball not only boots up your mood but also strengthen your health. Here is the reason why swapping the office chair with an exercise ball is the best thing that helps your body.

Exercise ball image
Exercise ball image
  • Good posture: Sitting on an exercise ball will help to align the proper spin. Good posture will make you look confident at office meetings and also allow the body to function properly. It also reduces and prevents injuries, lower back and neck pain.
  • Stronger core: An exercise ball helps to isolate the muscles throughout the day. It works finely on your hip, leg muscles and core. Just 3 times 5 minutes per day will help you to see the results.
  • It’s fun: Putting aside from the physical benefits, swirling and bouncing also bring out the best in us, even in the worst days. Spending time on an exercise ball will help to boost your mood after some stressful meeting and also help you to stay loose and good spirits.

Standing desk: Standing for more than 8 hours may really seem intense but people trying standing desk will never go back.

Standing desk Exercises image
Standing desk Exercises image
  • More energy: Standing desk will make you feel less sleepy and gives you more energy.
  • Reduces the risk of diseases: American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that sitting for a long time can reduce the life span and also increase the risk of dying from cancer, heart attack, and some other illnesses. A standing desk will make the work by standing on your feet and even promote good health in the future.
  • Burning calories: Generally standing for 4 hours will help you to burn 80-200 extra calories per day. This may seem like a small number but over the course of the year, it could exactly take to lose for about 5 pounds.

Both the alternatives will beat sitting in a chair but setting up the office space with a standing desk will help you more to prevent diseases and lose weight over the period of time. Keep in mind that standing for a long period of time can put a strain on your body so do not overdo it. Some of the desks can move between standing and sitting which let you go on your own pace.

Standing Desk Exercise Equipment

There are different types of machines which can be useful at the office with little distraction to your actual office work. Some are small and handheld products which helps you to increase the strength in your muscles without spending the much amount on the bulk products, and some of them are bit more intensive such as ball chair, exercise office chair or a resistance chair. This can be fit in any office but are much larger than handheld products. With the help of these Standing Desk Exercises, you can engage your muscles while working.

Now a day’s more offices are starting to include desk treadmills into their spaces. These treadmills allow the employees to work on computers or does any other desk activity that they would generally do, but walk on a treadmill while doing the work. These treadmills are bigger equipment than any other options so before purchasing it make sure that there is some reasonable use.

Some of the Standing Desk Exercise Equipments are,

Stretch bands

These bands are great for any routine exercise. They can be used for a variety of activities which includes injury recovery and strength training. These bands are expensive and 100% made up of eco-friendly latex. They go through a stretch test to ensure strength.

Stretch bands image


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Easy to travel
  • Can be used for multiple parts in the body.


  • Do not provide any cardio benefits
  • Some of these bands are not sturdy

Small free weights

This weight can be easily held and can be used throughout the day for some light weight training. They generally come in many colors and are ideal for usual exercise.

Small free weights image


  • Flexible
  • Have no vinyl coating.


  • Smell bed
  • Rubber coating may tend to crack
  • Some find that the grip is too thick

Grip training tool

These are a great way to work on the strengths of your arm muscles and grip. This product is generally available in 11 strengths so you may vary the intensity of your workout.

Grip training tool image


  • High quality
  • Calibrated correctly
  • Well built


  • Makes loud noise
  • Not good for people with small hands
  • Some people need to wear the gloves to use this effectively because there is a chance for the grip to tear into your skin.

Yoga mats

These mats are great for practicing yoga. They are available in several colors. These mats are nonslippery so you can use them on any floor.

Yoga mats image


  • Free of DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP
  • Has a beautiful and unique design


  • Emits a mild odor
  • Slippery
  • Not very thick and supportive
  • Do not come with any strap to carry them

Posture improvement stool

This stool helps you to sit in the correct ergonomic position by activating the core muscles. It is very comfortable and easy to use.

Posture improvement stool image


  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light so it easy to transport and store
  • Has an easy way to clean vinyl padding


  • Not great for a standup desk
  • Tiring to sit on it for the whole day
  • It is a bit fragile so it is better for a single user

Stability cushion

This is an important strengthening tool for both children and adults. Sitting on this disc activates your flexor, core muscles and extensor muscles to keep you in balance throughout the day. With the little and continuous motions, you will be the comfort and remain stable on this chair.

Stability cushion image


  • Great for children
  • Its texture helps in concentration
  • Helps in neck and back pain
  • Gives comfort for sitting longer time


  • Takes a while to use it
  • Make you go numb if you sit for a longer time

Ankle Weights

These ankle weights are affordable and dependable. They give resistance to you walking by strengthening your leg and core muscles. You can wear them even to your wrists to activate the muscles in your arms.

Ankle Weights image


  • They are durable because of having double stitching.
  • The Velcro helps to keep them secure so you do not need to adjust them throughout the day.
  • Extra padding gives comfort


  • You cannot able to adjust the weight
  • Not suitable for thick ankles
  • Designed for women in mind so not a great option for men.

Hand Exercise Balls

There are colorful and are great for both increasing the strength in your arms, hands, and wrists and decreasing the anxiety whole the day. They prevent the tension while also alleviating the joint pains.

Hand Exercise Balls image


  • Come in different colors and options
  • Come in various levels of firmness
  • Discreet to use the whole day


  • Not suitable for long hands
  • Some of them are ineffective due to too squishy

Fitness Tracker

With the help of this product, you can track the activity levels and you sleep. It comes like a sleek band with many sensors which helps you to monitor the number of footsteps you take, the stairs you climb, the distance you walk, and the calories you burn.

Fitness Tracker image


  • Removes you to wake up
  • Gives you text, call and calendar alerts
  • Discreet to wear
  • Has a five-day battery life


  • Not user-friendly when connected to the smartphones
  • It may not be accurate in stair count
  • The setup time is long

Balance Ball Chair

This device helps you to activate the muscles in the body the whole day without even knowing anyone that you are doing so. It is comfortable and discreet.

Balance Ball Chair image


  • Have wheels for convenience
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reminds you about the exercise


  • Does not look like professional
  • Some people have back after sitting on this chair

There are still many standard desk exercise equipments which are great to use for any workouts and allow the user to comfort whole the day. For more information on Standing Desk Exercises, keep visiting regularly.

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