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All about Standing Desk Stool or Leaning Stool

What is a Standing Desk Stool? Let’s see… With the revolution in Information technology around the world, the number of jobs using computers and laptops have exponentially increased from the early 21st century. The number of organizations getting increased each year, providing wide increased desk jobs making most of the employees work with computer and laptops. As per one of the polls conducted in the US, a desk worker spend at least six and a half hours per day sitting in front of a computer/laptop to do his/her daily business.

What is a Standing Desk Stool?

With improved economies of the world, the Information technology also had an adverse impact on the desk workers as they had to work most of the time sitting in front of the computers. This has led the employee to have a sedentary work life and impacted their health through obesity and other critical health concerns like diabetics, spinal issues, etc. To address this issue, some of the discovery led searching for a better alternative to the working position and found out that Leaning/Standing Desk is the better option to solve this problem. However, the leaning desk is not a new concept that was recently invented. It has a long history and this helped many to address the current problem.

What is a Standing Desk Stool image
What is a Standing Desk Stool image

In addition to the benefits of standing desk/leaning stool, one cannot say completely that standing desk is 100% reliable, as people who work sitting in front of computers cannot use the standing desk in a stretch. Standing for a long time also lead to health problems like spine tissue sprains, and other bone-related problems. So, we would need a solution that enables us to sit and stand while using a desk.

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Here comes the leaning stool which enables the users to sit and lean over the desk providing comfort while working for longer hours. These stools are called height adjustable desk or sit-stand desks. These stools help in having many health benefits, and also improve one’s productivity. Apple Company’s new office in Santa Clara is equipped with standing desks & leaning stools to enable their employee to avoid health risks by sitting longer hours and enhance productivity. Tim cook opined that sitting is new cancer, and brought the idea of standing desks to be equipped in the new office setup.

Standing Desk Stool or Leaning Stool

Standing desk stool/leaning stool is the best way to use the standing desk to address the effect of either sitting or standing for long hours. The leaning stool will have a seat with adjustable height and the base will have an ergonomic design. This provides the flexibility of position while leaning over the standing desk, thereby provides more convenient and improves productivity. Some of the leaning stool models are equipped with kind of footrest that helps the users to have comfortable seating. These are height adjustable through the lever provided under the seat pan. This seat pan tilts slightly to accommodate the different angle one need when they lean against it.

Why should we use Standing Desk Stools?

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  • Standing desk stool helps the users in lowering the blood sugar levels. People who sit for hours after their lunch tend to have more calories unconsumed within the body. Thereby their sugar levels get high. These people are prone to diabetes at the early age of their lives. In a study conducted by 10 workers, standing for two and a half hours after lunch reduced their blood sugar level by 43% compared to others who sit after lunch. The harmful effects of sitting after lunch lead to sedentary life thereby high chances of type 2 diabetes. Leaning over the desk actually helps the users to have the flexibility to sit and stand. It provides a better working position for long hours.
  • Using standing desk stools lowers the risk of obesity and weight gain. Sitting at desks for longer hours lead to unconsumed calories in the body. Thereby increases the calories within the body than what we burn. Hence, workers who sit for long hours have a high risk of weight gain and being obese. Exercise is the best thing to do to reduce calories in the body. However, standing while work would help to some extent in avoiding the risk of obesity. While compared to the usual desk work life, using the leaning stool would help the user burns at least 170 additional calories. This means at least a thousand calories burned each week just by replacing the traditional desk with the leaning stool.

Other Uses

  • Standing for hours than sitting would reduce the risk of heart diseases. Jobs that involve physical movement or standing found to have less risk of heart attacks, heart-related deaths than who sit for longer hours. In addition to the lower risk of heart problems, using the leaning stool reduces the spine problems. Especially the back pain which has become very common in the people who are leading a sedentary life.
  • Most of the leaning stools are designed in such a way that they reduce the strain on the user’s knees. It also reduces the risk of lower limb circulation problem. Most of the traditional desk users complain of having blood circulation problems and the effects of numbness in legs due to prolonged sitting. The leaning stools help in better circulation of blood within the body thereby avoids the risks of irregular blood circulation.
  • In addition to the physical health benefits, leaning stools helps the users in productivity and make them mentally alert. The brain works better as the blood circulation in the body, reflexes are better with the usage of leaning stool

History of Standing Desk

It is still unknown on who invented the Standing Desk, however, it is being used from the late 1400s. As per history, Leonardo Davinci used the standing desk to paint the world-renowned Monalisa painting. Not only this, many sketches related to new inventions done using a standing desk. Those include parachutes, flying machines, and armored vehicles, etc. The standing desk was used in the library in 1626. Also, the idea of writing while using a standing desk was placed as the epicenter of intellectual thought.

History of Standing Desk image
History of Standing Desk image

Thomas Jefferson also used the standing desk while composing documents, one of such is the well-known “the Declaration of Independence”’. The mental and creative advantages of using a standing desk identified by Napoleon Bonaparte through quick thinking and strategizing for battle while working traveled from England to France. Through the 19th century, the use of a standing desk continued to grow. Also used by many authors to write their books. Few of the classics written using standing desk are Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, and A tale of two cities.

A famous author George N Comer opined once advising the usage of a standing desk, recommended the learners to practice the standing position. Because ninety percent of business writing done on standing desks. The technology got wider acceptance globally. So, Many doctors and researchers across the world connected that prolonged sitting leads to the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and cancer.

They termed this threat as “Sitting disease”. Nearly seventy percent of the people confined to sit for six or more hours per day. With this, the sedentary life has been identified as more threat than smoking- and would affect everyone. Many have decided to avoid sedentary life by using the standing desk. And the advantages they see is overwhelming and fruitful towards better health.

Bottom Line

Understanding the benefits of a standing desk and leaning stools, the corporate world today is moving from a traditional desk to a standing desk/leaning stools. They are providing their employees to enrich the benefits of better health and improved productivity. In today’s market, leaning stools are available in different designs and based on the usage requirements. So that one can select the kind of leaning stool they need and start using them.

Most of the leaning tools now equipped with ergonomic designs and with the seat adjustable feature. This enables more comfort leaning onto the desk and work for longer hours. Apple has set an example for the rest of the world making their new facility equipped with standing desks and leaning stools. Organizations are encouraging their employees towards better health and in these directions. They start deploying leaning stools replacing their traditional desks.

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