iMovR Thermodesk Elite Stand Up Desk – Quiet enough to use in Libraries!

ThermoDesk ELITE Standing Desk Review 2023

Are you guys sitting all day staring at a computer screen? I hope it would be better to stand in between the work. There’s no doubt that continuously sitting is bad for our health. But standing still for long periods also negatively affects your health. Fortunately, this can be avoided by simply alternating between standing and sitting. That means for every 1 to 2 hours you sit in your office, 1 hour should be spent standing. Everyone should try to alternate between standing and sit for every 30 to 60 minutes. You also start enjoying your work when you continue doing it by standing. We feel boredom when we continuously sit and do the work. Hence, comes the standing desks. Im here going to present you the brand new Thermodesk Elite Standing Desk review. It is the best standing desk at Amazon.

Thermodesk ELITE Standing Desk

The Thermodesk Elite standing desk comes with dual synchronized BOSCH precision motors. The weighing capacity of this iMovR Thermodesk standing desk is to lift 265 lbs. When the motors are moving up and down, fewer than 46 decibels are made, which is barely audible in the typical office environment.

The Thermodesk Elite Height Adjustable Standing Desk can move with a swift of 105 inches per second. The LED provided with this Thermodesk Standup desk shows the actual height of the desk. It also comes up with an option of storing it upto 4 different preset height positions. The iMovR Thermodesk standing desk draws less than 0.5 watts in standby mode and 1.4 Amps when it is continuously lifted.

The base of this adjustable standing desk can expand up to 75 inches. It also accommodates both a full-sized office chair and a walking treadmill. ELITE Thermodesk table tops are built with an extra-thick of a 1.125-inch core. The edges and corners of this best standing desk are contoured to create an eco-friendly “comfort edge,” while rounding off the sharp corners. The chosen laminate is then thermally fused to the core using an advanced process, namely 3D.

It is used to cover the exposed surface of the wood. Hence results in an elegant tabletop that is good for moisture damage and wrapping. The Thermodesk ELITE is provided with 3 inches grommet holes to pass thru the cable. It is also used to insert the power socket modules. The iMovR Thermodesk Elite Stand Up Desk gives an extraordinary warranty period of 10 years on all its moving parts.


  • Packed Reliant Base
  • Technology
  • 83-inch Wide

1. Packed Reliant Base

ThermoDesk Elite Standing Desk base comes with 2 synchronized Bosch precision motors, which helps the desk lift to 265 pounds and that too without breaking a sweat. Also, just like other standing desks, it won’t make much noise. It is quiet enough that while putting out, it makes only 42dB and 46dB when lifting, at a swift 1.5-inch per sec travel speed. Furthermore, the base has a programmable controller with which you can adjust or select the height from four preset height settings. Also, there is an LED to show the height.

2. Technology

iMovR ThermoDesk Elite Standing Desk tabletop is ergo-contoured on precision CNC equipment. Later it is sealed hermetically with Surf(x) 3D lamination. It provides high-performance compared to other powder-coated, conventional high-pressure laminated tops and even the hardwood tops that you will find on other desks. Even using such technology, these iMovR Tabletops are less expensive.

3. 83-inch Wide

The iMovR Elite is wide enough to place an office chair and treadmill side by side. So, we can say that it is perfect for an all-inclusive sit-stand-walk workstation. It is accessible for the tabletops of range upto 83-inch. It is also the best option for the treadmill deskers because of its maximum height and hushed Motorworks. Finally, Elite is the NEAT-certified means it ensures to fight with the health effects of your sedentary lifestyle. 



  • Manufacturer : iMovR
  • Model : Thermodesk ELITE
  • Color : Almond Cherry
  • Size : 30×48
  • Material Type : 3D laminated wood, Powder coated steel
  • Tabletop warranty : 5 years
  • Desktop Material type : Laminate
  • Controller : Up/Down, 4 presets
  • Desktop thickness : 1.125 inches
  • Available Lengths : 60 inches, 72 inches, 83 inches
  • Available Depths : 30 inches
  • Frame Warranty : Life Time
  • Warranty on parts : 10 years

Overview of ELITE Height-Adjustable Standing desk

  • ThermoDesk Elite provides a high-quality adjustable standing desk.
  • Its good for dual monitor or even multi-monitor users, as the table surface is sufficient to support two or more displays.
  • The iMovR Elite adjusts its height without making too much noise. i,e. less than 46 decibels.
  • ThermoDesk Elite Stand up desk can lift upto 220 lbs of weight.
  • 3D lamination technology of this best adjustable standing is giving a beautiful tabletop.
  • Top of the ThermoDesk Elite Standing Desk comes with sealed outer edges.
  • Adjustable Standing Desk of this iMovR Thermodesk Elite comes with precision-contoured edges with fully sealed grommet holes, making it look carved straight from one piece of hardwood.
  • The tabletop is 1-1/8 inch, with a high-density MDF board.
  • The programmable feature of this iMovR ThermoDesk Standing desk is its best point.
  • Apart from the standard up/down controls, the Thermodesk ELITE Desk is provided with four-preset options.
  • With the help of this, we can set and save for convenient switching from standing or sitting.
  • It’s the perfect choice for office use, as users can easily switch from different work positions without disturbing others’ work.
  • This best iMovR Thermodesk Elite Standing desk provides 5 years warranty on tabletop and electronics, 10 years on all its moving parts, and lifetime on the steel frame.

iMovR – Create Your Perfect Workstation

iMovR is the best name for high-quality adjustable desks, and the ThermoDesk Elite is just one of its best products. They create products that keep your body moving at work. This brand new company also gives mass-customize workstations to meet specific employee needs—whether it’s ergonomic accommodation, space and décor matching, or budget constraints. The main products of iMovR are Desk converters, standing desks, sit-stand tables, accessories, treadmill desks, standing mats, etc. The topmost customers of iMovR Omega Everest are Stanford University, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, National Institutes of Health, etc.


iMovR is one of the leading companies when it comes to sit/stand desks. As you can see from this standing review, it provides lots of options that you can choose from. All of them are great. It has everything from great height range, good quality speed, and sound, to sturdiness. I hoped you enjoyed this full review of iMovR’s ThermoDesk Elite standing desks and everything they have to offer. Thermodesk ELITE Standing desk for sale is ready now. To get all the updated information regarding its price and availability, stay in touch with us @ Thank You for visiting us. Happy Shopping!!!

iMovR ThermoDesk ELITE Black Base Almond Cherry Top 30 x 48inches Standing Desk image

With unique technology and design, the iMovR ThermoDesk Elite Standing Desk is an affordable and effective one. It gives more space for chairs and a treadmill as well. So, for office or home, it is the best choice at a low price.


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