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What are the types of Standing Desk Converters and its uses?

Standing desk converter is a product that rests on top of your desk where you can adjust or raise up and down so that you can stand on that and work. Standing desk converters are also called as desktop raisers or toppers, which are adjustable. Also, they provide the option of standing without moving or getting rid of the present desk. They generally feature as a desktop surface with a detached keyboard tray. They are usually available in different sizes, budgets, and designs. Let us see what are the Types of Standing Desk Converters.

Types of Standing Desk Converters

From the last few years, these standing desk converters have become a more popular way to make your workspace active. Tilting keyboard trays, VESA, and dual ergonomics are the terms which are important to find the best and healthy standing desk converter. Standing desk converters are usually less expensive and easy option to start standing.

Types of Standing Desk Converters image
Types of Standing Desk Converters image

Standing Desk Converter Types

Raise of standing desk converters from last year in the market was flooded with many options. These standing desk converters are categorized into different types such as Z-lift standing desk converter, X-lift standing desk converter, Post and Base standing desk converter, hover standing desk converter, electric standing desk converter.

Z-lift Standing Desk Converters

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Z-lifts are one of the most popular standing desk converters which include Varidesk along with ZipLift+. They generally offer the best workspace stability while in standing position making them an ideal option for those who frequently work on typing and is very ease in lifting up and down, and is usually available in low to middle price. They are named after their Z-shape architecture. Z-lifts are come in pre-assembled and are easy and quick to lift which makes your transition of standing and sitting easy.

Z-lifts are middle tier when it deals with a price which balances economy and quality. The reason why they are less expensive is that they come without monitor arms or monitor posts which are used to hold the monitor in proper position while you are standing. Without this monitor arms, you are likely to strain your neck by looking down at your monitor while standing.


X-lift Standing Desk Converters

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X-lifts are like cousins to Z-lifts. One of the advantages of X-lift is that they are having is lifting them straight up and down instead of arcing them into the cubicle space. This gives them more stability which means having more space. On the downside of X-lift, X-shape has pinch pints into the frame which means you have to watch your fingers while lifting them up. Lifting straight up and down will save the space and removes the teeter tooter effects which usually comes from the device that has arcs out the standing position.

X-lifts standing desk converters are generally less expensive compares to Z-lift standing desk converters. But even type of device does not have a built-in way to adjust the position and height of monitor while you are standing. Unlike z_-Z-lift the X-lifts do not have the lift mechanism with brakes to stop at certain heights. They only have spring aided lift mechanism along with gas struts and have limited height settings. This type makes some noise.


Post and Base Standing Desk Converters

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There is a couple of primary benefits to buying a Post and Base standing desk converters.

  1. They already come with monitor arm built in so you don’t need to separately buy it to keep your monitor at correct ergonomic heights.
  2. They generally use the gas lift mechanisms which are extremely easy to adjust, no risk of irritating your coworkers while keeping the unit at your place.

These units are generally high expensive because they come with the benefit of monitor arm built in. the one thing you have to consider while buying a Post and base standing desk converters is that the way it handles the monitor. Look that are you able to adjust the monitor up and down and can be able to adjust them back and forth for focal depth.


Hover Standing Desk Converters

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The workers generally who buy hover standing desk converters are either:

  1. People who frequently share their screens with others.
  2. Who wants to access their desktop at any time
  3. Who wants the at most in ergonomic adjustability.

Hover standing desk converters are the most flexible type available in the market. They are excellent to collaborate with coworkers. If you want to show the screen to your coworker then just swing the hover converter over to them so they can easily see the screen. They designed with an extra large monitor arm and along with added workspace for typing. Hovers are great for users who want to access their desktop easily. If anyone works to with a lot of papers and spread them on their desktops to work then hover standing desktop converter will give you the way in a second by accessing the whole area of the desktop.

No need for purchasing an extra monitor arm with hover. Their design itself holds the monitor at the specific and proper height for ergonomic view. These devices are very adjustable and even some have keyboard tray tilt for proper typing at declined angle and monitors can be easily adjustable by panning, tilting and rotating with ease.

Work surface stability not suited for hover so it is not suitable for programmers or writers those who type frequently while they are standing, so it is probably best to look for some other type standing desk converters.


Electric Standing Desk Converters

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It is just like a full standing desk but smaller in size. If you want some luxury sit-stand solution then prefer electric stand desk converters. These generally offer easily height adjustable around. All it takes is to just press the button. Even you can make a program for your favorite standing to make the adjustment quicker.

Most of the electric standing desk converters come with monitor arm built in which we don’t need to purchase it again so it costs high even for the electric motors. Most of the electrics generally come with options for multiple screens but not all the models do, so make sure that your model comes with a simple and easy way to adjust the monitor height while standing. Generally, workers tend to adjust the position of the monitor while they stand verses while they sit, so these adjustments should be done every time they sit and stand.

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