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What are different types of Standing Desks?

Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives in this era. We all spend multiple hours a day in front of them. Most of that time of course with poor posture. Over a period of time, it takes a toll on your spinal health causing unbearable pain in your neck and spine areas. In this article, we will discuss in detail, the various types of Standing Desk.

Types of Standing Desk

The revolutionary standing desks are a boon when many of us are trying to find a solution to improve our posture. They offer numerous health benefits and can help you get a sense of accomplishment that we are doing something other than sitting around all day.

Types of Standing Desk image
Types of Standing Desk image

Standing Desk Types

There are four major types of standing desks

  • Fixed standing desk: This type is usually fixed at a certain height and cannot be adjusted. It is usually made as a customized one or as a countertop desk.
  • Manual sit-stand desks: This type of desk is adjustable and manual as the name suggests. It does not have a motor set up to help with height adjustment. Some of these come with a lever for height adjustment.
  • Electric sit-stand desks: Electric desks have an electric lift to help adjust the height of the standing desk. They also come with a preset menu to adjust to preset heights at the push of a button.
  • Adjustable standing desk converter: One of the most economical ideas is to convert an existing table to a standing desk converter. This is especially useful in offices, where there might be budgetary constraints to replace all desks.

Let us diagnose the types in detail.

Fixed Height Standing Desks

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As seen earlier a fixed height standing desk is one that always at a certain height. On the plus side is that they are the best looking desks as they have absolutely no restriction on the design. They also have certain options as detailed below:

  • Drafting desks: This desk may not be used for drafting as such, but can be of fixed height and can be fixed seamlessly with your already existing work station. They have an adjustable tilt, which can be used in some cases.
  • Regular desks: These are your typical executive style desks with drawers, metal fixtures but with an increased height. Some fixed height portable options can be customized in this type.

Height Adjustable Standing Desks

These are the real deal when it comes to standing desks. In this type you have a flat surface and options for you move it up and down. While there are many types of sit to stand desks, a few points need to be considered.

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  • The stability of the desks is very important. Since there is a lot of mobility involved. if the desks are shaky, then it does not solve the purpose.
  • Check for the durability of the gears and internals. These types of desks have a lot of wear and tear and if the desk is made with cheaper parts, you will need a replacement sooner.
  • Measure your chair and elbow height and compare them with the height range of the desk. You would need a desk that provides sufficient height adjustment to comfortably sit and stand.
  • If your desk is going to involve a lot of effort and time to adjust the height, then it might not serve the purpose. If it’s going to take a longer time, we might be so irritated that we will switch back to a normal desk.
  • The standing desk that you choose should have a weight limit of 150 lbs to 300lbs. This would be the ideal weight limit to hold a desktop comfortably, considering that you will also be resting your elbow on the surface.
  • Make sure to buy a standing desk with a larger surface area to hold all your office supplies and equipment.
Types of Adjustable Desks

Height adjustable standing desks use two different types of mechanisms.

  1. Manual or mechanical type desks which use the manual lever to adjust the height. The internal mechanisms can be moved with a lever and the desk surface is fixed at a certain height.
  2. Electric-type desks use an electric lift to adjust the height. They are expensive than the previous type but are extremely easy to use. The height can be adjusted at the push of a button. Some desks also come with adjustment panels to add preset height options.

Standing Desk Converters

There are few types to consider in standing desk converters. These are also portable desks and can be easily shifted from one desk to another.

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Freestanding lever type platform

These types of desks are usually come assembled right out of the box and can be set on top of your existing desk. It is usually ideal if you cannot afford to change your desk at the workplace. They have a lever which will raise the surface from your current desk height to a standing height. Some models also have a keyboard platform below the desktop surface.

Column-based platform

This type doesn’t use a lever. They have a base with a weight attached to it and that is attached to a column. It works as a sliding mechanism and the surface can be moved up and down. They are available freestanding types as well as mountable types.

Choosing the best standing desk

As discussed throughout this article, there are many types of standing desks to consider. While some of them are cheaper, go-to options, others are expensive and ergonomically well designed. The major point to consider is that either way shifting from sitting to standing will benefit you a lot. It is better to start with a type that would suit your need and budget the most. You can always upgrade to better options later. For more information on Standing Desks Reviews, keep visiting our portal regularly.

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