VariDesk Pro 60 Desk Adjustable-Height Desk – Assembles in Less Time and lasts a Long Time!


Easy to operate
Height Adjustability
Large Work Surface

VARIDESK - Height-Adjustable Full Standing Desk

Hi all!! Have you heard about the standing desks? Not yet? So, you are sitting and doing your work from morning to evening. Are you feel tired after finishing your work in the evening? If yes, this is just because of the continuous sitting in the same posture throughout the day. Not only that you may sometimes feel hypothetical and starts shouting at others. Hence comes the concept of Work while walking comes. This is possible with th help of Standing Desks. The Standup desks allow you to stand in between while doing your work sitting. Standing reduces strain pain and the people using standing desk are reportedly facing fewer headaches. One more important thing to notice is standing contnously gives you energy boost which almost equals to a tall coffee. I’m now presenting you Varidesk Pro 60 standing desk 2019. Let us enter into the discussion.

Varidesk Pro 60 Stand Up desk Reviews

Varidesk Pro desk 60 is available in 9 different height adjustment settings. Hence, with help of these variable heights, the Varidesk standing desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing in just a matter of seconds. The Varidesk Pro 60 Standing desk is designed with the spring-assisted mechanism. It allows you to raise your monitors and gear almost effortless. It provides you to feel very smooth and easy to use. The desktop surface of the Varidesk Pro standing desk is 60-inch height. Moreover, the most important thing is it is made out the real bamboo. The table top of this Varidesk Height adjustable standing desk provides you with a lot of workspaces for you to use. This is more than enough to fit more than one monitor and all your accessories and much more.


  • Sit or Stand
  • Easy to use
  • Assembly is not required
  • Large Work Surface & 9 Height Settings

By getting locked in a single position you may face health issues. So, it is better to change the positions from sit to stand or stand to sit while working. Now, you can do it comfortably with Varidesk Pro Desk 60. It allows you to sit or stand and move throughout your day without staying in the same position. Standing all day may hurt but sitting also brings the health issues. Switch between these two positions with the help of Pro Desk 60.

Some desks need the instructions to use it. But, Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Standing Desk is very simple to use and you will face no difficulties while using or adjusting the heights. For this easy operation, this Varidesk Pro is using dual-handle design and spring-loaded boost mechanism. This design and mechanism is particularly used to raise the monitors and gear without much manual effort. So, we can say that this desk is very easy to operate.

You may find that most of the desk need some assembly after delivery. For such desks you need to read the manual and make the set-up. And this is not required in the VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Full Standing Desk. As it requires no assembly, simply take it out of the box after delivery and start using it. This not only saves your effort but also saves time and you can start working on it immediately.

As the Varidesk Pro Height-Adjustable Standing Desk is full-size sit-stand desk, it fits any work place perfectly. The work surface is 48-inch which allows you to use multiple monitors, documents, and other accessories as well. Coming to the height settings, it has 9 different height settings which you can adjust to your required height easily within a few minutes. Also, no tools are required to adjust the height, you just need to attach the legs.


Specification Name Value
Varidesk Pro 60
Weight Capacity
50 lbs
Dual Monitor capacity
spring Mechanism
Air lift Piston
Footprint measures
60″ (W) * 34″(D) or 152.5cm (W) * 86 cm (D)
Number of height settings
1 year
Cable Management tray
Less than 5 minutes
Item Weight
121.5 pounds
Item model Number
Product Dimensions
60 * 34 * 30 inches
Dark Wood
Adjustable height
Designed for
Office and Home

Best Varidesk Standing Desk 2019 Overview

  • Varidesk Pro Desk series sets up in just 5 minutes without tools and goes from sitting to standing in 3 seconds.
  • You can go from a single to multiple monitors set up and still have room for your cup of coffee and some paperwork.
  • The Varidesk Standing Desk is a full-size, sit-stand desk that’s a perfect fit for most workspaces.
  • Varidesk Pro 60 standing desk can adjust to 9 different height settings and sets up in just a few minutes with no tools required.
  • The 60 inch surface of this Varidesk adjustable standing desk 2019 gives you tons of work space.
  • As the Varidesk pro 60 model is made from Bamboo, it is more eco-friendly.
  • This is the best standing desk that does not use any motor, unlike all other exiting standing desks.
  • The Varidesk Pro standing Desk is provided with a button and you can just push that button and your desk will go to your desired height level.
  • It doesn’t make any while you move your desk up and down. Hence the Varidesk Pro 60 standing desk are the best for office use.
  • All the products from Varidesk are well made, solid and look great.
  • With the monitor arms of the Varidesk height adjustable desk, you can raise, lower, and tilt the screens to the perfect angle and height for sitting and standing positions.

Varidesk – Standing Desk for Sale

Varidesk is an American Manufacturer and is the best manufacturer of office furniture and equipment. The brand new company is good at producing Height adjustable standing desks and its related accessories. The Vardidesk was founded in the year 2013 and is now spread its stores in around 100 countries in the world. The prominent customers of Varidesk are National Institute of Health, American airlines, Federal Reserve Bank, United Nations Secretariat, Texas Christian University etc. The main Products of this Top rated Varidesk are Standing desks, mats, monitor arms, chairs, Laptop desks, Active mat rockers, LED Task Lamp, Power hub, storage cabinet, File cabinets, Slim Cabinets, Laptop cradles etc.


  • Durable
  • 9 Height Adjustments
  • Easy to operate
  • Cable Management Tray


  • Minimal assembly
  • Solid, Well made and look good
  • Good width at 60 inches
  • Easily adjustable
  • Standard depth desktop that can handle two monitors
  • The dark model looks professional
  • Easy to use and very smooth when adjusting the height
  • Tons of workspace available 60-inch surface)
  • Promotes good posture
  • Switch between sitting and standing in a matter of seconds


  • Just a 50 pound capacity
  • The legs are significantly inset from the edges of the desktop
  • Desktop support is on the center line making backloading with monitor arms a problem


The Pro Desk series is everything you love about VARIDESK – easy ordering, fast and free shipping, no-tool assembly. If you are really looking for a sleek-looking desk that will help promote a more productive and healthier workspace, the Varidesk Pro Desk 6o Bamboo is the correct solution for you. Overall, The Varidesk Pro 60 standing desk 2019 is a solidly built desk. This best Varidesk Standing Desk is very sturdy, easy to use, appealing to the eye, promotes activity and finally, it will get your job done.  Personally, I had a great experience with this Varidesk Pro desk and I suggest everyone look into the Varidesk reviews that I provided here. I hope u like my standing desk review!! To get latest news regarding Varidesk pro 60 keep in touch with us at

All in one, Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk is the perfect solution to fit your entire office. As it has large work space you can use multiple monitors also. Furthermore, it is easy to adjust to different heights, easy to use and requires no assembly.

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