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Vivo Desk-V000B Review 2020

Vivo – Desk-V000b Height Adjustable Standing Desk Riser will improve your work skill with the changeable standing workplace. With Vivo sit to stand desk, you will obtain much required healthy balance by shifting between sitting and standing during the whole working day. By changing the positions of sitting and standing right through an entire workday will give the quite a lot of health benefits like improved posture and better blood flow.

Vivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Monitor Riser Desk-V000B takes place on the crest of your present working desk. The height of the desk can be adjusted within seconds with the help of a creative lock mechanism which gets in progress by pressure knobs present on both sides of the desk. When you are in sitting position the top platform of Vivo desk is about 6.5 inches from your present desk’s platform and when standing at the utmost height it is about 16 inches. The Vivo 36” sit to stand desktop monitor riser ergonomic workstation is provided with large extended space which is capable of accommodating single or two monitors whereas in the  lower deck you can place mouse and keyboard one after the other. If you decide not to buy, once check the below Vivo Desk Riser Review that may change your decision. 

Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Monitor Riser Desk-V000b FEATURES

Vivo height adjustable standing desk sit to stand gas spring riser converter is designed with innovative and high quality that helps to alter your positions. Vivo desk is placed on the top of your present working desk and you can easily change your pose of sit to stand according to your convenience.

With the help of Vivo Dual monitor gas spring mount, you can easily and with a smooth motion shift from sitting to standing position. With the creative lock mechanism, you can simply alter the position of the desk to your comfort level. Adjustable choice varies from 6.5” to 16”.

The size of the desk is 36”*22”, which provides an abundance space for placing a single monitor, two monitors, and a laptop along with computer system setups. Mouse and keyboard are placed at the lower desk one after the other and raises accordingly along with a top surface making a relaxed workspace. On the front of the top surface, there is little space for keeping your notebooks, mobiles, writing utensils, pens, pencils, and many more.

It needs only less assembly when taken out from the box. Place the Vivo desk on the old desk and begin arranging the Standing Computer Desk. Vivo Desk-V000b reviews have shown that this desk is lasted for a long period due to its steel surface construction and gas springs that are austerely tested. This Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Monitor Riser Desk-V000B comes with 3 years limited warranty and has great technical service and support.

Dual-tiered design helps the monitor to be placed at 6.5 inches on  top of the desk helps in avoiding sprawling which usually seen when the monitor is placed at a low level.  Sturdy stability among sitting and standing in the entire day helps to keep the mind alert and even provides many health benefits for a long period.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product dimensions
40.9 x 25.1 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight
52 pounds
3-year Manufacturer warranty
Base dimensions
36*24.5 inches (W*D)
Dimensions of keyboard tray
24.5*9 inches (W*D)
Maximum height for keyboard tray
11.5 inches
Minimum height for keyboard tray
1.25 inches
Maximum height of the monitor platform
16.5 inches
Minimum height of the monitor platform
6.5 inches
Dimensions of the monitor platform
36*22 inches (W*D)
Distance between the monitor platform and keyboard platform
16 inches
Space at front part of the monitor platform
24.5*6.5 inches (W*D)

More Info on Vivo Desk-V000b

Removable keyboard:

Vivo desk also has second platform that is detachable and useful for people who are looking to use top surface for placing laptop or as writing floor.

Steady steel surface that has gas bounce power

Steel frame is connected with creative gas bounce power that has capacity of holding weight of 37.5 pounds. Gas bounce proffers you with smooth and simple height adjustment just by pressing the handle. You can adjust the height at 8 points based on your wish and comfort level.

Cable management:

Keep cleaning the power cords and AV and arrange them with a glue cable clip that is connected to a steel frame below the desk floor.


The Vivo desk-V000B needs very little gathering. You just require connecting the feet to the bottom and inserting 4 stoppers made of rubber. Each foot is connected to the bottom using three screws. It is not required to use your tools to connect the screws as this Vivo desk is provided with Allen wrench. The rubber stoppers have glue just by pressing them they get connected into the 4 notches located at the bottom.  It just takes 10 minutes to complete the whole process of assemblage.





Is the keyboard adjustable where it can be moved further towards the user?

You can not adjust or move the keyboard tray of Vivo Desk-V000B Height Adjustable Standing Desk like other ergonomic keyboard trays, but the entire desk, along with the keyboard tray, can be moved up and down together. Also, you can set the keyboard tray height or lower on the desktop during installation itself.

What is the difference between desk-V000B vs. V000V?

 The DESK-V000V can hold up to 33lbs, whereas the V000B can hold up to 37.5lbs. Also, the V000V features a small tray for tablets, phones, and other devices.

Does the desk is wobbled when it is typed a lot?

This Vivo desk is extremely stable so it never wobbles. When rising up and down the monitor may wobble but the
Vivo desk itself is sturdy.

Does this desk have brackets to connect it to the office desk with screws?

It is not given with any screws to be mounted, the desk is provided with rubber feet to place on the desk.

Can I accommodate both keyboard and Wacom tablet on keyboard tray?

There won’t be sufficient space for placing both tablet and keyboard on the keyboard platform.

Bottom Line

Vivo dual monitor gas spring mount is constructed with steel frame surface and the height is easily adjustable with the creative gas bounce mechanism that is capable of holding 37.5 pounds of weight. The black color frame can fit with any background. Though there are some disadvantages based on Vivo Desk-V000B reviews still it is suggested to choose this Vivo desk as it provides many health benefits, easily adjustable height, high-quality crowded with many wonderful features at an affordable price tag.

Vivo dual monitor stand, height adjustable transforming among sitting and standing converter with gas bounce power| 36 inches surface platform that accommodates double screens and many other accessories, a lower platform to place keyboard and mouse and the surface is made with steady steel that offers high durability.  Height can be adjustable at 8 positions that provide preferred comfort level.

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