Vivo DESK-V000V Dual Monitor Standing Desk – Make your Work Area more Spacious!

Vivo V000V Standing Desk Review 2022

In everyday hustle is becomes quite impossible to pay attention to your own health and health of your loved ones. Everyone is so busy in earning their livelihood and reaching the heights of achievement in their profession they tend to forget to focus on their health. It could be very stressful on your mind as well as your body while working day and night in unhealthy circumstances and environment. You don’t even have to make any modifications in your schedule.

All you have to do is just install a comfortable workstation and work on it the way you work just with more blood circulation and increased productivity. In this way you don’t have to compromise either on your health nor on your work goals. Moreover, it will provide you many health benefits, keep you active even while working and work efficiently with productive results. So, in today’s review article we will review the Vivo V000V Standing Desk Review without delaying it any further. Let’s get started!

The Vivo brand has been working since even before 2003 to come up with new and innovative designs of all kinds of things for home improvements, digital and etc. They strive to provide the best quality products and services to their millions of customers and users. The Vivo Electric Stand Up Desk is a comfortable workstation which will enhance your working experience completely with its unique and impressing features. It comes with a height adjustable feature which allows you to work both way standing or sitting you prefer at the time.

It can hold up to two desktops and comes with an extension a keyboard tray with an extra space to keep mouse. Moreover, the keyboard tray is removable if the user doesn’t want to use it depending on his preferences. It doesn’t require much energy and time and also it comes many health benefits such as increased blood circulation in your body, active mind & body and decrease in body aches and pains. Hence, the combination of the active mind and body gives very productive results with efficiency.


  • Sturdy design with Steel Frame
  • Effortless Elevation and De-elevation
  • Spacious and Organizable
  • Warranty
  • Easy Installation with a Pre Assembled kit

1. Sturdy design with Steel Frame

The Vivo Desk-V000V Height Adjustable Desk has been designed with high quality first rate polyester material along with a very strong & solid steel framework conjoined with very unique and creative spring power holds to support the workstation. The design is very modern looking and will easily compliment with a any kind of environment without seeking much attention. It has been given a very smooth and lustrous black finishing makes it look sleek and attractive.

2. Effortless Elevation and De-elevation

The Vivo Sit to Stand Table top Dual Monitor Rise has been designed by engineers with a easy and smooth height adjustability without any problem in going from sitting to standing or vice versa. The Vivo Electric Stand Up Desk makes use of the dual gas spring force to adjust the height of the workstation smoothly. The height of the work station ranges form 6.5 inches to 17 inches easily. Another feature is the height locking mechanism which helps you to set the work station on your desired height. You can go from sitting to standing in less then a minute by just squeeze of the handle and working while standing in no time. Vivo Sit Stand Desk can be adjusted to the comfort, needs and position of the user and consumer.

3. Spacious and Organizable

The Vivo Sit to Stand Table top Dual Monitor Rise is very spacious with space f 36 inches x 22 inches offering space for two variable screen desktops along with their set up and one laptop on the work station. It also comes with an extended keyboard tray which hold a keyboard of 10.5 inches x 25 inches dimension along with some extra space of a muse and mouse pad. The keyboard tray also rises with the workstation for easy typing and work without any discomfort. Moreover, the product comes with an extra slot for keeping devices such as tablets, smart phones, iPads and etc to save some space on the table top of the work station. It has the capacity to hold the weight of around 33 pounds easily.

4. Warranty

The Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk has been three year manufacturer warranty which is a great deal with such a reasonable price with all the amazing features it offers. It is great investment which comes with a three year warranty with it and it marks that how durable and useful the VIVO Black Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk is going to be for you in the coming future.

5. Easy Installation with a Pre Assembled Kit

The Vivo Desk-V000V Height Adjustable Desk with very minimal work effort to keep set it up and start using it. It comes with a already pre assembled kit including all the tools that will be required to set up the work station for get it ready to use. It won’t consume much time to set up and is quite easy to access set it up in just 2-3 minutes only and bam you have your work station ready.



  • Manufacturer : VIVO
  • Model : DESK-V000V
  • Product Dimension : 39.2 x 25.8 x 8.8 inches
  • Product Weight : 43.3 Pounds
  • Desktop Dimensions : 36 Inches x 22 Inches
  • Keyboard Tray Dimension : 25 inches x 10.5
  • Base Dimension : 31 inches x 26 inches
  • Height Adjustment Range : 6.5 inches – 17 inches
  • Keyboard Weight Capacity : 33 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity : 4 Lbs
  • Warranty : 3 years



The keyboard of Vivo DESK-V000V Dual Monitor Standing Desk will adjust in sync with the height of the standing desk or you can remove the keyboard tray completely if you don’t want.


The keyboard tray sits 5.25 inches below the monitor tray on Vivo DESK-V000V.


The DESK-V000V can hold up to 33lbs while V00B can hold up to 37.5 lbs. Also, DESK-V000 features a removable keyboard tray.


If you are looking for an affordable standing desk with ergonomic design, then VIVO DESK-V000V Stand Up Desk Converter will be the right choice for you. It is a Quick Sit to Stand Tabletop Riser which sits on your current desk. So, you don’t need to throw out your present desk. Even if you want to work with 2 monitors you can happily place them on the spacious area of this best Vivo DESK RISER. Along with monitors you can also place laptop and work comfortably. I hope our Vivo V000V Desk Review is useful for you to choose the best desk.

VIVO-DESK-V000V Black Height Adjustable 36-inch Stand up Desk Converter image

In brief, VIVO DESK-V000V is an excellent Dual Monitor Riser that comes in an affordable price. With many special features, you will find that this standing desk is very economical. Check out the price and buy online before this Vivo Sit To Stand Tabletop Dual Monitor Rise goes out of stock.


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