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All about Ergonomic Chair – Requirements for best Ergonomic Chairs

Today in many industrialized countries most of the people sit for prolonged time since from the time they awake. Although sitting needs less physical effort than walking or standing still they put a lot of stress on the lumbar area. Combined effects of sitting in a sedentary lifestyle and job will lead to many health issues. Now in this article, we are going to see What is Ergonomic Chair.

What is Ergonomic Chair?

The word Ergonomic is defined as the scientific study of people and the working conditions of them in order to improve their effectiveness. Having a very comfortable and ergonomically designed chair is particularly important in the workplace because the people spend long hours sitting on work. It is important to have the chair which delivers comfort for many hours and adjusts to fit the body of yours and the way you are working. For a chair to consider as ergonomic chair it should need to have some minimum requirements.

What is Ergonomic Chair image
What is Ergonomic Chair image

Minimum Requirements for a Chair to consider as Ergonomic Chair

Many of the office chairs look very nice but not all are ergonomic office chairs. If you want the chair to be more comfort then it should be adjustable to fit the body and the way you work.

Seat height adjustment

The seat of the chair should be adjustable so that your knees are a bit lower than your hips, with the feet resting flat on the floor.

Depth adjustment of the seat pan

This helps you to adjust the depth of your seat so that there is a gap of 1-4 inches between the front edge of seat and back of your knee which gives support for both the legs and blood flow.

Backrest height adjustment

It should have the ability to adjust the height of the chair back which allows you to pose the contour of back cushion for finest back support.

Swivel base

It should have the ability to turn while seated.

Back angle adjustment

This will help you to fine tune the back for a comfortable position. It is better to change your position throughout the day or leave the back unlocked so that you rock back and forth.

Arm support adjustment

It should provide the height adjustments to arms so that you can place your arm pads where you feel comfortable while typing.

Stable wheelbase

It should have a minimum of five spoke caster base.

Ergonomic office chair with lumbar support

Ergonomic office chair with lumbar support image

The lumbar support should be adjustable to place in the correct position. An ergonomic office chair that provides the correct lumbar support means that the back of the chair is swilled out, so back when placed correctly should provide the following benefits

  • The shoulders, ears, and pelvis are all aligned
  • The spines natural curvature is maintained

When seated the spine should be kept in natural position and comfort to the chair.

Encourages posture changes

An ergonomic chair will give you more comfort even if you change the positions occasionally. Movements will help to increase blood flow and alertness. Rocking and changing the back angle will help you often.

Choosing the correct ergonomic chair is very crucial for long term health and comfort.

Guide to buy standing desk chair

Certainly there are a number of other things to consider before buying the standing desk chair. Below are certain factors which will guide to buy Standing Desk Chair:

Guide to buy standing desk chair image
Guide to buy standing desk chair image
  • Build Quality: the build quality of an item will be the reflection of components used to manufacture the desk and aesthetics of products. The products which have high-quality components like fabrics or cylinders will long last be compared to low-quality components. For a lot of buyers, it is important to have a good look for a standing desk chair. Products with the attractive design will score higher than with the products that don’t.
  • Warranty: this is very important because it gives the guaranteed time for standing desk chair to be in working condition. This is the reflection of manufacturer confident on their products. It also gives you peace of mind that your chair has a certain period of time. A long period of warranty is generally provided on high-quality products.
  • Mobility: it is the category to show how easily you can move the chair to some new location or some other place for storage. Lightweight products can be easily moved from one place to another place with one hand and have a higher ranking. Heavy products require two hands to move and take more space which has the lowest scores.

More factors

  • Seat comfort: the seats on standing chair are very different when compared to the seats you find in normal office chairs. They are smaller and generally have some type of shapes. The most distinctive shapes are: concave to form bottom or saddle seat, convex with rounded seat. These chairs will not give the same experience as normal chairs. The seat comfort is based on the level of support the seat provides and the period of time the seat will allow you to sit before you feel discomfort and numbness.
  • Range of motion: the range of motion is used to measure how active you will be while sitting. An active chair can produce many different types of motions that are some chairs tilt, others wobble and some bounce. The chair with more motion has the capability of being more while working.
  • Adjustability: standing chairs have a very limited number of adjustments but still there can be an obvious difference in adjustability between them. Adjustability score of the chair can be determined by the chair with the number of adjustments and the range that these adjustments provide. A wider range of adjustments means that a chair fit for more people and it deserves a higher score.

The above factors will guide to buy a standing desk chair which is more efficient and which suits you the best.

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

The known fact is that people hardly get some enough time to spend at homes and taking care of themselves. So it is mandatory to look for proper equipment and facilities for employees in order to get rid of some health issues.

Nowadays all the equipment are chosen very carefully to ensure employee comfort. One such item in the office is the ergonomic office chair which is very important. These are specially designed office chairs which help to reduce the pressure on several nerves of spinal cords, there reducing the chance of nerve and muscle diseases. These ergonomic office chairs help to keep the correct body posture.

Below are some of the top and best ergonomic office chairs in the market which gives the reader accurate knowledge so when they wish to buy it becomes easy for them to choose the correct ergonomic chair.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair image
Herman Miller Embody Chair image

This is listed as one of the top best ergonomic office chairs which are designed by Bill Stumpf and helps in keeping you very relaxed and stimulates the blood and oxygen flow. It has a design which looks like a human spine attached at the back and is known as an exoskeleton. This exoskeleton will move along with the posture of your body which helps to keep the body posture correctly. This chair has covering like human skin which helps in proper circulation of oxygen and air and keeps you cool no matter how long you sit.


  • 12 years of warranty
  • Made from renewable energy and 95% recyclable
  • The exoskeleton will help to reduce the muscle aches, posture to be in the correct position, reduces the pressure on the spine and back.
  • Helps in stimulating the blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.


  • Very expensive

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair image
Steelcase Gesture Chair image

This ergonomic office chair is specially designed to adapt various positions of the body. It accommodates all types of shapes and sizes at affordable prices. This ergonomic office chair has unique live back techniques which copy the movements of spines and necks and make adjustments to the posture of the body. The armrest can also be adjusted with various positions of the body. The height of the chair can also be adjusted and readjusted according to your working table.


  • Adjustable height of chair ensure very comfort
  • 100% steel case warranty
  • The immense scope of adjustments
  • Provides the scope of aligning your armrest in any way as your wish


  • Very expensive

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair image
Herman Miller Aeron Chair image

This chair is the first ergonomic chair with woven seat and back design in the place of soft foam cushions. This chair contains high back and head cushion which helps you in both resting the head and maintain the body posture. It is constructed with high technology mesh fabric.


  • 12 years warranty
  • Affordable price
  • The head cushion and high back helps to maintain proper body posture
  • Available in different sizes


  • Size charts of this type are not always accurate

Haworth Zody Chair

Haworth Zody Chair image
Haworth Zody Chair image

This has acquired a certificate as well as a recommendation from the American Physiotherapy center. It gives more importance to functions than its forms. It has attached pelvic pad helps in perfect alignment of the spinal cord and prevents from the disease like slip disc. If you need a reclining position then a different headrest is available with this ergonomic chair.


  • It has 3 point tilt mechanism
  • It can be easily adjustable and can be easily fit in any room
  • Has adjustability in both height and armrest
  • It has pelvic pad helps in proper alignment of the spine


  • The arm-slide cannot stay in one place if you bump them

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair image
Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair image

This type uses live back technology. This technology ensures that the chair will be ready for a different position that the body has a tendency to attain. In this way, it reduces the pressure on vulnerable points like the neck, head, and spinal cord. It has a gliding technique which gets adjust to your straight, relaxing and reclining position. The attractive feature of this chair is its flexibility.


  • The adjustability and flexibility of this chair are fantastic.
  • Affordable price with high quality.
  • This made from recycled material so 99% eco-friendly products.
  • Live back technology makes it very comfortable and gliding mechanism helps in adapting several body postures.


  • For some people, it seems like expensive
  • Some consider armrest shifting feature as complicated and consider it a negative aspect

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