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Necessity of a Standing Desk Chair in Office or Home

For many people question ‘Why get a Standing Desk Chair’, here is the answer. In today’s world, there is a growing societal movement toward having a healthier life. We often see now people crawling towards Gym memberships, healthier diets, and full-blown lifestyle changes and people becoming educated about potential health risks. This behavioral change has also extended into the workplace as on average 60% of working professionals’ are spending everyday life in offices.

Why get a Standing Desk Chair?

People are getting aware of the adverse effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time which can be detrimental to health. This has caused a revolution in the usage of standing desk category. Most of the companies within fortune 500 & home office users have started buying standing desks. The popularity of standing desks has created the opportunity for entirely new product categories. One of them is standing chairs & standing stools for leaning desks.

Why get a Standing Desk Chair image
Why get a Standing Desk Chair image

What is Standing Chair?

The name “standing chair” itself shows that it suits perfectly for the Standing Desk. We can’t take normal desk chairs high enough to use along with our standing/leaning desk. Also, they don’t allow for movement. There comes the idea of developing a new style of sitting pattern that fits the standing desk. Standing chairs or standing stools are the ones that address this concern. These chairs, unlike stools, have a proper design with arms or backrests.

What is Standing Chair image

Compared to standard office sitting chairs, these Standing Chairs have taller height adjustment. They also have the tilt forward feature which helps us to sit either in a perched position or in a leaning position. And of course, this makes us work more actively. As you can see in the picture, most of these standing chairs come with the back open. Means, you have to sit on the front part of the seat to let your hips to open.

In standard chairs, users sit all through back on the seat with the knees at 90°. But here the users stay more upright with the standing chairs with their legs closer to a 135° angle. That is the best position to have the seating for a prolonged time – open angle 135 degrees for the trunk-thigh position.

The posture used on a standing chair is generally described in two terms, one is leaning and the other is perching. Leaning means we will be almost in a fully upright position. Perching refers to a position that makes the knees bend more compared to a fully upright leaning position. Both positions help users to reduce tension on feet, legs, and back from standing. I think this gave the answer to your question Why get a Standing Desk Chair.

Standing Desk versus Standing Stools

Standing Desk versus Standing Stools image
Standing Desk versus Standing Stools image

Standing stools serves a similar purpose as standing chairs. However, by design and comfort, they are different. Standing chairs comes with the resting arms and spinal support, whereas standing stools don’t have back support and armrests. Both of these come with height adjustable feature to fit with the standing desks. Most of the standing desks also come with height adjustable facility to cater the user needs.

Standing stools come with ergonomic design to have better movement on the floor so that one can move while they work. Most of the models come with a rotating wheel at the bottom that enables free movement. However, the users need to have foot support to use these stools, as the position would be closer to leaning than sitting. The seat pan in the standing stool tilts slightly to accommodate the different angles and leg rest position as one leans over the standing desk. In fact, the idea behind having standing stools is not to have a permanent sitting/standing position, but to change the position so that the users don’t sit or stand for a prolonged time of their day.

Why should we use a Standing Desk in Offices?

Why should we use a Standing Desk in Offices image
Why should we use a Standing Desk in Offices image
  • Standing desk helps the users in lowering the blood sugar levels. People who sit for hours after their lunch tend to have more calories unconsumed within the body and thereby their sugar levels get high. These people are prone to diabetes at the early age of their lives. In a study conducted by 10 workers, standing for two and a half hours after lunch reduced their blood sugar level by 43% compared to others who sit after lunch. The harmful effects of sitting after lunch lead to sedentary life thereby high chances of type 2 diabetes. Leaning over the desk actually helps the users to have the flexibility to sit and stand providing a better working position for long hours.
  • Using a standing desk lowers the risk of obesity and weight gain. Sitting at desks for longer hours lead to unconsumed calories in the body thereby increases the calories within the body than what we burn. Hence, workers who sit for long hours have a high risk of weight gain and being obese. Exercise is the best thing to do to reduce calories in the body, however standing while work would help to some extent in avoiding the risk of obesity. While compared to the usual desk work life, using the leaning stool would help the user burns at least 170 additional calories, which means at least a thousand calories burned each week just by replacing the traditional desk with the leaning stool.

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  • Standing for hours than sitting would reduce the risk of heart diseases. Jobs that involve physical movement or standing found to have less risk of heart attacks, heart-related deaths than who sit for longer hours. In addition to the lower risk of heart problems, using the leaning stool reduces the spine problems, especially the back pain which has become very common in the people who are leading a sedentary life.
  • Most of the leaning desks are designed in such a way that they reduce the strain on the user’s knees. It also reduces the risk of lower limb circulation problem. Most of the traditional desk users complain of having blood circulation problems and the effects of numbness in legs due to prolonged sitting. The leaning stools help in better circulation of blood within the body thereby avoids the risks of irregular blood circulation.
  • In addition to the physical health benefits, usage of leaning desks helps the users in productivity and make them mentally alert. The brain works better as the blood circulation in the body, reflexes are better with the usage of leaning stool


Understanding the benefits involved, the corporate world today is moving from a traditional desk to a standing desk/leaning stools providing their employees with the benefits of better health and improved productivity. In today’s market, leaning stools are available in different designs and based on the usage requirements, so that one can select the kind of leaning stool they need and start using them.

Most of the leaning tools are now equipped with ergonomic designs and with the seat adjustable feature enabling more comfort leaning onto the desk and work for longer hours. Apple has set an example for the rest of the world making their new facility equipped with standing desks and leaning stools. Organizations are encouraging their employees towards better health and in these directions, they start deploying leaning stools replacing their traditional desks. With the new invention of leaning stools, most of the organization come forward and start using these in the near future. For more useful info on Why get a Standing Desk Chair, stay tuned to www.standingdesk.io

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