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Readydesk 2 - Adjustable Standing Desk

Have you ever heard that too much sitting is hazardous to you? It also reduces the brain functionality in most of the cases. Moreover, the people who work sitting continuously feel irritating and tired by the end of the day. This is because of the maintaining the same posture throughout the day. Hence, comes the Standing Desks, to improve your brain function and also the efficiency of work. 

Standing for at least 5% a day can make your day healthier and happier. But many of us are required to be at a desk for long hours. So, when you move, why not your desk move with you? Hence, comes the idea of Standing Desk. The adjustable Standing desk makes us move even when we are doing our work. I’m here introducing the stand up desk, ReadyDesk 2 Standing Desk 2019. Let’s look at the best standing Desk reviews 2019.

Readydesk 2 Standing Desk Reviews

The ReadyDesk 2 is the best Standing Desk which can convert any desk into adjustable standing Desk in minutes. Assembling Process of ReadyDesk Standing desk is very easy and does not require any kind of tools. This adjustable standing Desk is strong enough to support up to 75 lbs of system equipment on it. The ReadyDesk Standing Desk is made of Birch Wood and manufactured in the USA. 

The best height Adjustable Stand up desk is flexible for all tall and short people from 5’0″ to 6’3″. The ReadyDesk 2 adjustable Standing Desk 2019 has two adjustable shelves. It can also hols up to three shelves sometimes. This height Adjustable standing desk is more versatile to work in any environment. It may be an office space or home space. The shelves of ReadyDesk stand up desk are easy to slide in and out of their slots.

The ReadyDesk desktop riser comes with two work surfaces. One is for the monitor and another one is for the keyboard and the mouse. The ReadyDesk 2 standing Desk can hold up to two 24″ monitors. The bottom surface leaves more space for your arms to work on and can keep your coffee mug, notebook, smartphone etc on it. The Stand up desk light weighted which makes it easy to move around and setup anywhere you prefer. The overall weight of this height adjustable stand up desk is 14.9 lbs. i.e. about 6.75 kg. ReadyDesk 2 is a smart standing desk which is available affordable price and is more functional compared to all other standing desks.


  • Ease of use
  • Simple Design
  • Performance
  • Ease of Assembly

As Readydesk 2 is lightweight it is very easy to move from one place to another. If you want to change the position of shelves or to move the Readydesk 2 themselves, then it is easy. But if you have your monitor or any other equipment placed on the shelves then the moving might be a bit difficult. As keyboards are small and lightweight the keyboard won’t be a problem to move. So, if you want to move the shelves you need to take out equipment first, position Readydesk 2 and again set-up.

Readydesk 2 Standing Desk has very simple design which you can understand from a look itself. In the entire desk, there will be only 6 parts which include 2 shelves, 2 legs, and 2 cross-braces. This desk can hold the weight upto 75 pounds because it is made up of engineered wood which is stronger than the solid wood. For additional strength, they used the glue to hold the pieces together. Moreover, it is not only strong but also looks stylish.

As this desk was made as a standing desk converter it works well in that capacity. You can use it while standing or sitting by adjusting to the required position. Though it is a bit difficult to change the position of the monitor and keyboard to required one with equipment placed on it, you can set-up the position before itself. Just set different positions and check what is comfortable to you and then you can fix to that position. Also, it not only helps you work while standing, but you can also sit and work to improve the working experience.

The design of Readydesk 2 Standing Desk Converter is so simple that you can assemble it easily without much effort. You just need to put the cross-brace together, attach the cross-brace to both legs and slide on the shelves. That’s it the set-up of Readydesk 2 will be completed in less than 5 minutes. As mentioned by the Readydesk, no tools are required to assemble this desk. It is not only easy to set-up but you can also take apart, reposition the shelves and move the desk easily.


Specification Name Value
Material used
European Birch Wood
Number of Shelves
Two Adjustable Shelves
Independent assembling
Monitor Capacity
Holds up to two 24 inch monitors
Height range
fits users with 5’3″ to 6’3″ heights
Cable Management
4 slots for cable routing
14.9 lbs (6.75 kg)
75 lbs
29 inch * 24.5 inch
light Weight

Readydesk 2 Standing desk Key Features

  • This is the simple, straightforward all-wood and best standing desk from ReadyDesk.
  • The ReadyDesk is getting rid all aluminium, steel and plastic components.
  • The best feature of the ReadyDesk 2 standing desk is its easy quick assembly and reassembly process.
  • This Adjustable Stand up desk provides two surfaces. The top one is on the Dual monitor ( it supports two 24″ monitors) and the bottom surface is for your hands to work on.
  • ReadyDesk 2 is made up of wooden parts. When they are put together, it weighs less than a gallon of milk. But this Standing Desk provides strong support for your laptop or a monitor.
  • The European Birchwood ensures hardwearing quality.
  • Two adjustable shelves of this ReadyDesk 2 standing desk 2019 can be positioned in any slots, which helps to find their best working position according to your height.

ReadyDesk For Sale on Amazon

ReadyDesk came into existence in the year 2010. The ReadyDesk standing desks are patented, designed and made in the USA. They did their very first ReadyDesk production in the year 2014. The team of ReadyDesk have taken care to ensure their product easily converts any desk into an adjustable stand up desk. The Readydesks are popular for workers in biotech, engineering, marketing, advertising, editing, government, media, education fields. The key products of ReadyDesk are Standing Desks, laptop stands, standing Mats, Deep Shelves, Cable Straps etc.


  • Readydesk Facts
  • Assembles and disassembles without tools
  • Wide shelves


  • Easy Assembling
  • ReadyDesk 2 standing desk is provided with more Work Space
  • Separate space for keyboard and mouse in this height adjustable standing desk
  • This best ReadyDesk Standing Desk is made out of good wood
  • The ReadyDesk 2 height adjustable standing desk is quite easy to move anywhere you want
  • Dual monitor capacity


  • not possible to switch your desk back and forth between sitting and standing
  • Takes time to adjust the height of your keyboard and mouse shelf
  • A bit expensive

Bottom Line

Many of us know that office work can take a harmful toll on your health. You can spend roughly seven to eight hours sitting each day. Hence, I recommend everyone to have this super inexpensive Readydesk 2 standing desk that converts your standing desk into a standing desk. This helps you to get great benefits of using a sit stand desk. and keep your posture healthy. I hope the above provided ReadyDesk Standing desk review is more useful and helps you to buy the best standing desk. The new Height adjustable standing desk for sale is now available on Amazon. Hurry up, guys. don’t miss this opportunity and makes your life healthier and happier. Check our web portal, to know more about ReadyDesk standing desks reviews.

All-together, Readydesk 2 Standing Desk Converter is easy to use and comes with best design. It is strong enough to hold your monitor and keyboard. It is highly configurable and looks cool on your existing desk.

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